The Celestial Messages 1914 to 2015




"My truths are plain and my teachings can be understood by the simple. Any religion which requires the exercise of the mental faculties to an extent greater than what is required in the ordinary affairs of life, cannot be a true religion; because God has designed that all his children shall understand His truths without the necessity of having a highly developed mind."

Jesus of Nazareth.


Here are the "facts" of Truth as we know it, contained in over 2,465 different messages from the spirit world. These are provided to satisfy the typical desires of mortal minds to know "truth". But please understand our knowledge that God is not known through the mind, but through the soul. This is probably another way of saying God cannot be known, but He can be experienced, and the vehicle to achieve this, is the soul. And no "facts" are required for this, only LOVE. It will probably not make any practical difference whether you die with a mind that has 100% Truth or a mind that has 100% untruth. What will make a difference is whether your soul has found God through Love, and that you have lived that Love. That every act you execute, is executed in Love. (However, it should also be accepted that man cannot progress to perfection without getting rid of untruths.)

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