Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Walking on the water…..

March 5, 2000

Santa Cruz, CA

Received by K.S.


Dear God, We pray to elevate our thoughts to higher levels. I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love into my soul. I do believe that the angels are aware of the questions which have been presented, so I pray that I will be able to put aside my thoughts and allow the angel to express their own clearly, without blocks or limitations.


I am here now to write, and I come in answer to your desire to receive a writing from the higher spirits who have greater perspectives on the workings of God’s Laws over His children. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and it is my privilege to come to you at this time to answer some of the questions posed by followers of our messages.

I was with you when you were expressing thoughts about why I didn’t walk on the water and I, too, am aware of the fact that levitation of the material body through the exercise of higher thoughts and desires is a reality and can happen in this material world. But in the case in point, where I had embarked in a small boat with the purpose of catching up with my disciples, who had left previously, this was not an occasion of serious and deep meditation for the purpose of levitating my body, and it would not have served a good purpose had I done so. The “miracles” attributed to me were so called because they are outside the normal and/or natural workings of material laws with which people are familiar, so they presume some super natural event was taking place. But, when humankind progresses to a condition where many of its members have been transformed by Divine Love, these happenings will be commonplace, and then it will be known that there are higher laws which have precedence over lower, natural or material laws, and these will no longer be called “miracles”, but will be expected to occur just as frequently, just as naturally, as the working of gravity does in these days.

As you are aware, there will be many people who will continue to believe that I walked upon the water because I was a “divine man”, because I was able to perform other feats which defied reason, and I would suggest that you do not put too much time or energy into trying to convince them otherwise, but instead emphasize the Divine Love, as you see that we do; for It is what will save their souls. If they believe I walked upon the water or that I am God, this is an error in judgment or a misunderstanding about the facts of what is the truth, but will not interfere with the reception of the saving Love, when It is prayed for with sincerity and humility. There are many erroneous conceptions which are in the minds of millions of people throughout the world. Some of these are more detrimental to the acceptance of truth than others, but God’s Love and Mercy in a person’s soul will eventually allow the person to erase all erroneous concepts, and they will not even be aware of when these “ideas” (which they had held so dear and held onto so tenaciously) had left them, leaving only clear understanding of truth to guide them on and upward in their spiritual development.

But here I would like to add that, without a sincere and prolonged desire for truth from a humble soul, the mind can stay in ascendancy, and erroneous beliefs will cling to the mind into the 6th sphere, and will never leave as long as the person wants to believe in them. So, without the power of God’s Love in a soul, and the power of truth residing there, the mind can remain in ascendancy, and the truth will be overridden by free will.

When _____, who believes in the truths of our messages, is asked a question by her friends and loved ones, she will be guided in her answers. Oftentimes you’ve found that one answer might be more clearly expressed one way to a certain person, while expressing it in a different way to another would make it more palpable and easier to grasp by their confused mind’s conceptions. So, guidance, in these cases, serves the purpose well, and even though our disciple may not believe she has the gift of channeling our thoughts, all she needs to do is desire the truth, want to present an acceptable answer to her friend or student, and leave her heart open - we will be able to get through to her the answer she wants and needs to give.

Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts on this subject. It is one which is ongoing, but many answers are not satisfactory to many people. So the main teaching which needs to be emphasized is to desire to know the truth with a sincere and contrite heart, because if people are unwilling to change, if they tenaciously hang onto their preconceived ideas without considering the possibility that these might be incomplete or even absolutely incorrect, then they won’t be able to hear the truth, they won’t be able to change their thinking on the subject. It is like two things (that) cannot occupy the same place at the same time; and as long as they are firmly hanging onto one particular idea which they believe is accurate and true, it makes it almost impossible for the truth to sway their position.

I will leave you now with these thoughts and, as you can tell, it is a problem we have been dealing with for centuries, and one which can be very frustrating for us.

I love you each and every one, and leave you with my blessings of love,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.