Messages 2003

Become Lights of Spiritual Power.

October 23rd, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear guardian angels, I know that you love me and want to help me develop my mediumship abilities so I will be able to channel truthful and helpful messages. Please help me put aside my forethoughts and preconceived ideas so I can be a clear channel for your message. Amen


Thank you for preparing yourself to receive a writing from us. We are ever-ready to deliver our thoughts of love and helpful suggestions.

As you are aware, life has its ups and downs as part of the process of growth and change. Even though it may not be a pleasant experience to go through the down times, it is part of the process of change. The saying, “roll with the punches,” means not to put up resistance to change; it’s like fighting hard to stay where you are, which means that you don’t want to progress. That can’t be right. Do you just want to maintain the status-quo? That doesn’t seem right either.

As much as possible just flow with the changes so they can process more easily without stress or discomfort. Pray more. Think about the blessings of God’s Love being able to raise you up to peaceful strata in the ionosphere, wherever that is. You can go to places you’ve never been through letting go of your earthly ties. You, of course, don’t go there physically, but you can perceive the peacefulness of these outer spaces through your sincere desire to do so.

With your mind, which is the energies of your soul, you can decide that you want to reach out beyond your present limitations. There is a danger that you might not want to come back and deal with the “normal” everyday requirements of life on earth. But you can program yourself to know that you are only allowed visitation rights and that someday you will get to stay there and progress even higher, but for now you want to serve God by being here now and exemplifying the Love through the physical part of your being. You can do it! You have been doing it! In this way, as the future unfolds it will not feel foreign to you.

Just keep taking your steps one by one; keep having good motives to serve God and show others the Way to His Kingdom of Love. When you hold loving and good intentions as you pray, the way will be opened for you to proceed and progress. The only obstacles in your pathway are your apprehensions and doubts that you may not be “perfect.” Yet you do realize that when you see people who are “human” and admit to making mistakes, you are more inclined to trust them and believe in the things they tell you. So from having this awareness of your own reactions, why then would you not see these same “sensitivities” would also be operating in others? Self assurance is good to a point. Listening is helpful. Humility is necessary as you embark upon the important journey of helping seeking souls open up to trusting their instincts.

It can be tricky because the mind can be led astray. There are many levels of spirits who like playing tricks on peoples’ minds. So prayer is paramount. The angels can help with protection, if they are asked to help. They can’t interfere with a person’s free will to believe in what-so-ever they choose to believe.

I know it may sound to some that we don’t care, but this is not true. There are certain laws that cannot be crossed, that must be followed, and one is that we cannot impose upon a person’s free will. Not even God will do this. He cannot and will not force His Divine Love upon any soul who does not ask for It.

We cannot force someone to follow our suggestions; only by their free will, and their desire, will we be able to help them. If they desire to “be guided” and want to believe in what they receive, and if they have faith that God will provide a way for them to improve their condition and come up to a higher state of awareness, then we may be of help.

The point is that even after prayers have been said and intentions established, people can still decide to not follow their “intuition.” They can decide “they know best” and disregard what we’ve been trying to tell them. We keep trying and never give up. We are very accustomed to having our suggestions second-guessed and put aside. We guide our charges around the mulberry bush back onto the pathway again, in the direction they were originally headed. We have greater vision and can know which avenue will bring them the greatest joy and fulfillment. We know which ways they can serve best to have the greatest influence upon God’s children who are seeking a spiritual pathway in life.

It will happen. More enlightened souls will be coming forth, out-of-the-woodwork, to coin a phrase, to serve God in the best way they can. They will be enlightened as to the Power of God and how It can change peoples’ lives for the better when this is the desire of the individual. When people want to develop their spiritual potential, they will know that this Power comes from God through them, and is not a material power, but a Love energy. And the many exemplifiers of this Spiritual Power around the world through peace, love, kindness, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, helpfulness, will become Lights to follow.

It may seem like a fantasy, or a “wish” or something not likely to become true to those wallowing in negative emotions such as self-pity, anger, hatred, wanting revenge, and the like, but it is the Way, and the only way God’s Kingdom of Love will become established in the world. It is a powerful and important message, but it will continue to fall upon deaf ears until the world is ready to hear it.

There are thousands of souls becoming enlightened with the Power of Love energy from God. So when they are ready and strong enough to reach out with this Love and to show others the Way greater changes will begin to take place on the planet. It won’t be effortless. There are millions of dark spirits who will be fighting the Light that is wanting to become established in the hearts and souls of God’s loving children. Love is more powerful than hate and It will win out in the end. Keep up your good work and prayers, and don’t ever give up.

You have been quite clear during this writing and I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to write.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit, James, the brother of Jesus, and a true follower of his teachings about the transforming Grace of God’s Love.