Messages 2003

God’s Love.

April 10th, 2002

Received by PJR.

New York City.


I am here, your Dad, (PSR).

Let me tell you about Love.


Love flows out of God in an unending stream or river — a river with no bottom: deep as the ocean, wide as the sky. There is no end to this Love. Its Source has no end, and as Love is always flowing from this Source: It as well has no end either.

This Love has a purpose, or rather, there is a purpose behind it. And the purpose of it is to change things.

God’s Love of creation — that is of creating things — has produced all that you can see or perceive; all that you know, yourself; and all you have heard of. But things are not just left alone there. God loves His creations. He just loves them. And this Love, as I said, pours out of him endlessly in all directions over everything. How can He be doing this and still be the God of each soul and each little sparrow?

When you drive your car, you step on the gas pedal and the car goes. Are you able to do other things as well? You are watching the road and the traffic. You are — or you make the car — obey traffic signals. You have in mind, always, a plan as to where you are going: and even plan details about stops on the way: and respond, all the while, to what other drivers are making their cars do — say nothing about (remaining) ever mindful of those on foot, not the least of which are the four legged critters and deer in flight. With all that going on, is your foot on the gas that much effort?

So God loves profusely and without effort. He has a plan about where things are going, ever mindful of the details regarding stops along the way. And He is, all the while, responding to what the other “drivers” are doing — you know who I mean: the ones with the free will He gave to them: the free will that permits them to attempt anything. All the while watching out for the four legged critters, including the deer who cut across the meadow — even meadows with roads built through them — roads that have those “drivers” on them — you know: the ones with the free will.

God’s Love is as effortless to Him as He is eternal. It’s not hard for Him to Love you. He just does. He just loves you. The only thing hard is for you to accept His love. His love of you is unconditional, and it is yours to accept when and where you are able.

And you have.

You have accepted God’s Love, already, to a degree greater than you, heretofore, had ever imagined (you would).


Yes. We can see it.

And so, I say to you today that, wonderful as it is, take heart: More is there to be had. Keep trying. Remember it is hard only for you. God’s love: effortless for him, hard for you. Keep trying to accept His love. He appreciates your effort and helps you on your road toward success.

Oh yes, for you success will come in small steps. But it matters not their size, when steps towards God’s Love they are.

You are dissatisfied with your meager accepting of His Love up to now. You’ve accepted some in a small way, and fully experienced it. Now you want more. You feel your “little” desires, and hear your little, bleating voice asking God for His Love, asking for Faith, for wisdom. But don’t you know these desires are little only to you? — that your “voice” is small and squeaky only to you?

He KNOWS you — what you must overcome to reach for him: to accept His love. He knows, better than anyone, how your desires, how the little voice that seems so small to you actually Roars in shattering waves over the tumult your desire stirs up.

So much to overcome. So much holding you back. So much He appreciates your turning to him in whatever way you can. So responsive He is to your pleas.

If your voice seems weak, you once heard it strong. If your desire for him seems chained, (it once) exploded forth. Don’t judge these things. Just walk the path always asking for His love, always seeking His Guidance, His Light.

Never despair that you don’t measure up in how you approach the Father. Just turn to him, as you have, in your own way—in whatever way you can. You will have the benefit of His Help.

Do not concern yourself over your dissatisfaction. It is a measure of your progress that you are dissatisfied with your progress. You have had enough to see what it could be.

God is Love. Be accepting of it in your own way — in whatever way you can. He will help you with the rest. He knows you are so willing.

You are worried about, upon rereading this message, just what love of God I’m talking about. Is it Love or love, Divine or ordinary, regular or Premium. For this message, just set those issues aside. Just know that I am talking about God’s love, what he is made of, what issues forth from him in unending rivers.

God is Love. You can be Love too,