New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth. (11)

June 25th, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


I have been with you most of this morning and now we can resume our work together on this subject. Both you and Zara are in the presence of Divine Love and your respective soul condition is very good to receive. In receiving these Messages it is also important to note that you are not in a trance nor do I take control of your physical attributes to convey my message. You are cognitive and for the most part it is a shared communication where your soul and its perceptions listen to my discourse which you then communicate. This is the way you have received all your messages from the Divine Love spirits.

The Father loves nothing more than individuals learning about the individual and Eternal nature of the Father. The Divine Love begins this learning in a definitive way and this continues as the soul condition changes with the receipt of Divine Love. The Father’s Soul is the existence of an Absolute Eternal present with attributes that create all that has become the Realms in all their expression and experience in Universal creation. The Indwelling Spirit helps the Father reveal more of the Father to individual souls so that what is absolute and Eternal can be communicated with so that the Father is not inanimate and unknowable. The simplest way for a soul to begin knowing the Father is through the Divine Love.

Celestial spirits who have a real understanding of the effects of Divine Love in their soul move into the way of spirit love. Celestial spirits are in the Divine Love of the Father actively participating with the Father's Spirit that has become personalised and relates to the mind attribute of their soul. Spirit love is a reality because the physical environment that exists on Earth is not present. The Indwelling Spirit helps us to engage in the greater spirit realities that are pertinent to our existence and these realities increase as we progress in towards the Father. We do communicate with each other in a soul-to-soul spirit-to-spirit form of exchange which does not involve the construct of Earthly mortal language, it is a spirit language which we learn as we progress in soul condition, and the language of spirit becomes more realised. When the Indwelling Spirit communicates with us, it is instantaneous and active as a spirit-soul experience and so, we understand that the voice of the Father is actively communicating with us in the language of spirit and our soul accepts and understands this for our rapport with the Father is solid in Divine Love and our own soul’s personalisation of this Love.

To provide a definitive understanding that defines the attribute that is the Indwelling Spirit and why this attribute is distinct from the Divine Love of the Father is in the teaching that Jesus has conveyed in the Padgett Messages that the Holy Spirit conveys into a mortal soul the Divine Love and the Holy Spirit, as an attribute given by the Father, works solely in this way. The Indwelling Spirit in its function does not convey the Divine Love into a mortal soul nor does it interact with the Holy Spirit that excludes the Divine Love of the Father. The Indwelling Spirit helps adjust the spirit body as the changes occur as the soul condition of the individual is progressively transformed by the Divine Love. This Truth is essential insofar as understanding the Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.

With love, Your Celestial friend, Ezekiel