New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(10)

June 24th, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


It was a beautiful experience last night when Jesus confirmed to you both the love of these messages in all body and substance, that so help to create the awareness of the gift that is Our Father’s Divine Love. We will continue in this message on the Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth. Once again, the emphasis is on the Divine Love that causes a mortal soul’s New-Birth. I am a resident high in-Sphere in the Celestial Heaven and know Jesus very well and like yourselves, I once heard the teachings and the revealing Way to first obtain this Divine Love from the Father and so began my own soul’s New-Birth.

The Indwelling Spirit is a remarkable attribute created by the Father however mortals should never place value of more import and significance than the Divine Love. A clearer perspective is to view the Indwelling Spirit in the same way that one learns about the true working of the Holy Spirit and Its relationship with Divine Love and the mortal soul. The Father has created many attributes that from a beginning are in essence, very far-reaching. Whilst an individual perfects their understanding of the Father and their New-Birth is being completed to become of Celestial condition of soul, the Indwelling Spirit can continue to communicate and reveal intrinsic workings of the Father to the soul which means that an individual can never out grow in knowledge the Source of Divine Love and the Indwelling Spirit, being the Father.

The Indwelling Spirit as I have mentioned does adjust the soul as the soul changes from the influences of the Divine Love and these adjustments are intricate and require the Father’s handiwork. The Indwelling Spirit understands the living energy of a soul and what happens when the energy of Divine Love interacts with the energy of a mortal soul. These adjustments continue for the eternity of a mortal soul’s life. These adjustments involve the attribute of soul-mind and this infusement of mind with spirit and are an advanced condition of soul, and even small changes begin when a soul begins receiving Divine Love. It is to understand the workings of Divine Love, the soul and the Spirits and how a soul needs adjustment as the workings of Divine Love create causes and effects that gave rise to the name … the Thought Adjustor.

Here in the Celestial Heavens, spirits can participate with their Indwelling Spirit and this Spirit can illuminate some very advanced workings relating to the workings of the Father’s Eternal Spirits that service such refined places and it is from this help, that individuals participate with the Father creating beautiful environments of love that individuals reside in. The Indwelling Spirit has original blueprints into the intrinsic creations of the Father and souls can learn how the origins of Fatherly creations happened into first Universal life. This to a Celestial individual is wonderful learning for once the origin is known then all that is subsequent to it is seen and experienced as it is.

It has been a delight to communicate this message with you this evening, and this subject - the Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth - is a definitive and intrinsic one in the experience and vision of Divine Love.

Your loving friend and Celestial spirit, Ezekiel