New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(2)

June 21st, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


It is true that the mortal soul is not created with any of the Divine of the Father within it in its initial creation. The soul of a mortal is only bestowed with that attribute of Natural Love and soul related attributes which the Father has created and the mortal soul with this attribute incarnates from the Pre-Incarnation Sphere into its human beginnings. Those who follow the teachings of the New-Birth as revealed by Jesus with the help of James Padgett will understand the working of this natural attribute of a soul’s Natural Love.

When Jesus lived as a man on Earth all those years ago, his life in essence was to provide the Way so that men and women could find the Father by way of opening their soul to the Father for a bestowal of Divine Love. Jesus perfected the New-Birth of his own soul whilst living as a man in the flesh and this was the result of the Divine Love that was now available for him to receive from the Father. Whilst there are other aspects to the life of Jesus, the shining light in and amongst it all that helped him to perfect his knowing of His Father, was the presence of the Father’s Indwelling Spirit. Many will know this as a Thought Adjuster or Mystery Monitor or many other given names, yet its presence was nonetheless present, acting in accord to the workings of the New-Birth. This understanding of the New-Birth is central insofar as to understanding the workings of the Indwelling Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth can interact with the spirit body of an individual. The Holy Spirit conveys the Divine Love of the Father into a mortal soul and this is also known in the teachings of the New-Birth. The Indwelling Spirit can interact with the spirit body for it is an attribute of Spirit in its own essence, however it does not interfere with the Holy Spirit and Its workings to convey the Divine Love of the Father into a mortal soul. The essence here is that the natural soul in its own attribute in rapport and in communication with the attribute of the Indwelling Spirit will not make a mortal Immortal. Whilst the Indwelling Spirit may have communication directly with the individual and the individual with it, no amount of contact or familiarity will in fact generate the New-Birth of a mortal soul into an Immortal soul. The objective of the soul is not just to become At-One with its own Indwelling Spirit, for this Spirit is not the Divine Love that is from the Soul of the Father and it is this Divine Love that commences the New-Birth that enables an individual soul to become At-One with the Father, which also will be reflective in an integrated awareness of the workings of the Indwelling Spirit. Jesus in his life understood this Truth and recognised that whilst his Father’s Indwelling Spirit helped teach and guide him greatly and intimately throughout his life, it was the reality of the Inflowing of the Father’s Divine Love that completed his own soul’s transition from merely the Natural Love into his soul’s New-Birth in Divine Love and from the mortal into the Immortal.

The key here is that as the condition of the soul changes from the effects that the Divine Love causes, the rapport with the Indwelling Spirit becomes clearer and the Indwelling Spirit can interact with the soul to help the adjustments that do transpire as the soul experiences its New-Birth and the attributes of that soul begin to develop. A simple form of communication between the Indwelling Spirit and a soul in Divine Love is through the workings of the attribute of soul perception and soul reflectivity. Jesus recognised and understood that to be At-One with the Universal Father was to be At-One in the Divine Love that the Father had made available for all of mankind at the time of Jesus’ arrival and birth in Natural life on Earth.

With love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel