New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(3)

June 21st, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


Let us continue presenting this subject.

Every Indwelling Spirit must follow the teachings of Jesus. The Indwelling Spirits understand the Truths which are formed from the Spirit of Truth which resides within the soul of Jesus. This Spirit of Truth is now liberated for all men and women and Divine Love and Celestial spirits. It is not present in the Natural Spheres for individuals commence their New-Birth in the Spheres that the Father has created for this New-Birth of their soul. The Spirit of Truth is present for men and women on the Earth for their New-Birth begins with Divine Love whilst still remaining of the Earth, if one in fact chooses to participate with the Father and to become aware of the Father in this way and to accept the teachings of the New-Birth. The Holy Spirit as it has been already been conveyed to you in previous messages is available throughout all the Spheres so that the first prayer for Divine Love is fulfilled for that individual.

The Indwelling Spirit also understands the Father’s Laws in context with soul-related matters in the workings of Natural and Divine Love. This makes the area of free will easy for the Indwelling Spirit, for this Spirit being a Spirit of the Father whilst being independent of the Father, still acts according to these workings of the Laws of Love which the Father has determined. This is another insight to gain a better understanding of the Indwelling Spirit for the Laws that determine a mortal soul’s experience are entirely dependent upon whether the individual chooses to remain in their Natural condition of love or chooses to accept the Divine Love which then results in the beginning of a soul’s New-Birth.

The New-Birth and the existence of Divine Love places the Indwelling Spirit and Its communication and experience with a mortal individual into its true perspective and light, for in this way, the New-Birth is not negated and the Indwelling Spirit does not becomes the sole subject of perfection and Father attainment by a person. The Indwelling Spirit really comes into its own when the soul is underway in its New-Birth and the condition within the soul begins to change and these adjustments need to be made. The effect of this is that when the Divine Love and Its workings are unknown to the individual, then the individual is purely subject to their own will and the condition of their own natural soul and even though communication between the Indwelling Spirit and the individual may occur, the condition of that soul remains in its natural condition until the Holy Spirit conveys the Divine Love and this becomes resident within that soul. This is why the revealing of the Way to the Father by Jesus is first and foremost, for it requires this revealing of the Way of Divine Love so that all individuals can choose to participate with this Love and embark upon their New-Birth with the Indwelling Spirit helping to guide one in their New-Birth.

I will come soon to write more so that this most interesting subject can be expanded upon. With love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel