New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(4)

June 21st, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


I am with you now and you are in good rapport to receive more insight on the Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth. Let us commence in love.

Whilst the Indwelling Spirit is present with individuals, of its own accord the Indwelling Spirit does not have the capacity to reveal to mankind or to an individual, the teachings of the New-Birth. The realisation of this Truth is a fact in the mortal experience in the history of man insofar as it was Jesus who revealed to mankind through the help of James Padgett, the foundation of Truths that form the New-Birth. The New-Birth in its initial teachings required Jesus the spirit to be present with James the mortal, for the teachings and awareness of the New-Birth to be revealed as a Second Coming of Divine Revelation to mankind. The Indwelling Spirits did not have the capacity to reveal this New-Birth in all its beginning prior to Jesus working with other Celestial spirits and making known to mankind through James Padgett that the Divine Love of the Father was available for all mortal souls and spirits alike. The continuity of teaching and living the Father’s Way in Divine Love was Jesus the man and then Jesus the now spirit, who resides in the Celestial Heaven. This clearly illustrates that all mortal souls inclusive of their Indwelling Spirits follow the teachings of Jesus to find the Father for their own individual soul’s New-Birth and Immortality. Simply communicating with ones’ own Indwelling Spirit in the attribute of Natural Love is not sufficient to make the soul of that man Divinely perfect or for that matter to transform the soul from its natural condition of Love into a Divine condition of soulful living with the Father.

In the Padgett Messages the Celestial spirits did not openly convey and reveal insight into the nature of the Indwelling Spirit and Its workings in the New-Birth of a soul in Divine Love. The purpose of these teachings in the Padgett Messages was to introduce the New-Birth and to confirm the existence of Divine Love so that a greater image could be afforded to mankind, that contained the substance of Jesus’ revealing Truth. The time is different now and many are familiar with their awareness of Divine Love and the teachings of the New-Birth as contained in the Padgett Messages. Individuals today may also be aware of the existence of the Thought Adjustor - the Indwelling Spirit - who may be aware or who may be unaware of the Padgett Messages and the teachings of the New-Birth. The beauty is that now a true correlation can be established which places the Indwelling Spirit and Its function in direct context and correlation with Jesus’ teachings of the New-Birth which involve the Divine Love of the Father.

The emphasis in the teachings of Jesus is for the soul to hew out its individuality with the Father in Divine Love through life’s experiences and in this, for the individual to become reliant on their faith in the Father as their soul condition changes from the Natural mortal love into the Divine Immortal Love. This awareness provides the understanding that an individual need not become solely attached to the emphasis of the Indwelling Spirit as the Living Love of the Father for in essence, it is not the Living Love of the Father, but a unique creation of Spirit activated to help and adjust and assist the soul in its life with the Father. The Truth here is that in the Padgett Messages the whole emphasis is on the New-Birth in Divine Love and this is the binding soul-to-Soul relationship with the Father and had the Indwelling Spirit been revealed in the Padgett Messages, individuals may have deemed this Spirit as greater in attraction or importance than the very Divine Love and Substance of the Father. James Padgett’s service was to receive the teachings of the New-Birth which was fulfilled and he did this most suitably. To introduce the concept of the Indwelling Spirit at that time, the Celestial spirits deemed that the work would have been too complicated. It may be in some people’s experience that the Indwelling Spirit and the Divine Love are seen to be one and the same thing. They are not the same thing and have separate functions created by the Father to assist and complete the soul in separate and distinct manners as the soul learns to live in love with the Father.

This has been a beautiful experience with Divine Love present and White Feather is present too. With much love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel