New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(5)

June 21st, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


Let us continue. In the New-Birth experience one learns that there are external elements that become inclusive and for the most part, internal when our soul commences it’s New-Birth. These external elements that do not form the attributes of our own soul upon its initial creation by the Father are the Spirit of Truth, the Indwelling Spirit (the Thought Adjustor), the Holy Spirit, the Divine Love and of course, the Father. These external elements and attributes of the Father place into context the environment of our own natural love that is an internal attribute of our soul. This also helps to define the progressive development of our individual will and its relationship when learning about our internal environment of soul in all its natural make-up of love with the external elements that the Father has created and provided to assist in a soul’s New-Birth. The defining essence here is that the Divine Love of the Father that is external to our soul, upon prayer becomes an internal experience in our soul so that we can intimately and individually experience and begin personalising the Father.

The Indwelling Spirit actually becomes present when a soul incarnates so that identification is established at the time of a soul’s incarnation. The very reason why this happens is to ensure that the soul in its life is established with this Indwelling Spirit, no matter how long the individual’s life is on Earth, the individual will have the opportunity and ability to find the Divine Love and the Father. Some souls spend such a small time in a physical environment and thus the individual’s life is predominantly the life of a spirit, that to be isolated in a Natural Sphere and separated from the Indwelling Spirit simply does not happen. The Indwelling Spirit having already established it’s presence with the incarnated soul has the identification to still remain with the individual whose life is a life lived in a Natural Sphere. This means that the unseen helper of the Father - the Indwelling Spirit - can always interact with the mortal soul to be of service so that eventually the leadings from this Spirit may be the catalyst for that soul to seek the Father. It is speculated that the Indwelling Spirit at the time of Its arrival from the Father, that is perfectly timed with the newly incarnated soul, and that this Indwelling Spirit may assist with the inner energy of the soul to instantaneously create the spirit body.

When Divine Love is obtained the soul condition begins to grow in its New-Birth, and this can be felt physically as illumination of light. The Indwelling Spirit has such luminosity in Its Divine presence that when reflected into a soul that is in the Divine Love of the Father, such energy is activated and this causes the spirit body to be in the light of the Father. This is a beautiful experience and a warming experience to feel the Fatherly presence of the Divine Love, the Indwelling Spirit and the Holy Spirit. This truly sublime experience is a true feeling that we Celestial spirits derive great pleasure from and individuals in their faith-filled experience can take great pleasure in too.

With much love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel