New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(6)

June 22nd, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


I am present with you now to present more on the Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth. We have made good progress with the emphasis consistent in the sharing of information that helps in the study and experience of Divine Love. My desire in this message is to convey to the reader that the New-Birth of the soul in Divine Love is of the utmost importance and that communication or contact with the Indwelling Spirit in no way determines the outcome for an individual who is sincerely praying for Divine Love and who has become aware of this Love. It may well be that an individual does not experience communication with their Indwelling Spirit as a direct experience and this in no way diminishes the soul condition in its New-Birth. This Truth places the individual in the understanding that to obtain the Divine Love is the only way for the individual to be At-One with the Father. This also causes one to realise that the revealings that Jesus has given to mankind with regard to how a soul can be with the Father is consistent for all men and women and spirits alike.

With much love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel