New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(7)

June 22nd, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


To continue on this subject I would like to make mention that many individuals refer to their Thought Adjustor - the Indwelling Spirit - as Father. This is a beautiful expression and a soulful expression of love in the recognition and awareness that a part of the Father is very close and with them in their life. Whilst the Indwelling Spirit is of the Father and a Divine Spirit, it is a most wonderful experience to personalise this Spirit and to refer to it as Father. This Indwelling Spirit is not the absolute Soul Father, however the Indwelling Spirit does recognise and acknowledge this personalisation and delights in such rapport between the personality of the person and Its’ own independent Spirit existence.

The Indwelling Spirit can and does reveal insight to the individual about the nature and Soul nature of the Father. This is very helpful for as the soul condition experiences its New-Birth, more awareness and realisation can be given by the Indwelling Spirit to the individual soul to gain a first hand and personal understanding into the personality of the Soul Father. Celestial spirits receive clear communication from their Indwelling Spirit in this way and understanding the source of this information can work with their soul perceptions with the Indwelling Spirit to actively participate in the revealings of the Father. The Indwelling Spirit is of such Divine and perfect origin that when it reveals a Truth or insight relating directly to The Father, the individual can experience such overwhelming love because the expansive awareness creates a soul-recognition of the reality of the Living Father.

The Father can appear distant and almost at times, unknowable - however with the influence of Divine Love and assistance from the Indwelling Spirit, the active Living of the Eternal Father becomes more attainable for the individual and this helps to animate and personalise the absolute realities of Universal existence into a context for the attribute of soul-mind to gain a first hand experience which brings to light and life, the existence and reality of the Father.

With much love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel