New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(8)

June 22nd, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


In this next message my desire is to mention that the idea of an Indwelling Spirit is going to be quite common as individuals strive toward a greater spiritual awareness. The whole notion that there is a Father-fragment that is present in amongst mortal living is so appealing that individuals will endeavour to experience a form of communication and contact with this Father-fragment. It is very appealing to have this connectivity in ones’ life for it can make one feel secure and that the Father is right there with one, in amongst the life experience and this can provide comfort and be reassuring. It is a wonderful presence to feel the light from this Divine Indwelling Spirit interacting with the soul for these feelings generate a real sense of being in touch with the Father.

As the awareness of the Indwelling Spirit becomes more prevalent, many individuals may identify contact and communication from the Indwelling Spirit as inspiration, thoughts, deep intuition, knowings, feeling and energetic desire to follow an invisible leading and in fact, there are a whole array of experiences that individuals may identify with when one becomes aware of the existence of the Indwelling Spirit. The Indwelling Spirit can do extraordinary things and for the most part, a person may not even recognise or know or even be aware of the fact that the Indwelling Spirit is participating in ones’ life. The Grace of Divine Love as one continues to receive Divine Love is that as the soul condition develops, and one becomes aware of the workings of this Love in ones’ life, the interaction with the Indwelling Spirit becomes a soulful experience and not just a material-intellectual or conceptual experience. It is much easier for communication to transpire in the soul and the mind attribute of the soul than just the physical activity of the human brain. When emotions and the mechanical function of the brain are dominant, then the leadings from the Indwelling Spirit are often contrived, and a person may think that God is speaking to them when in actual fact, it is just the function of their own physical being.

The Indwelling Spirit being an attribute of the Father can only act in accord with love and the workings of Divine Love. Understanding this helps us to recognise that any actions resulting in the creation of fear or the creation of error which may result in compensation is done so by the will of the individual and ones’ soul is subject to the action of will and not the workings of the Indwelling Spirit. The Indwelling Spirit can only be in accord with the Father’s Laws of Love and whilst individuals do create error, which requires compensation and forgiveness, this is a matter for the soul and the individual and in no way implicates the Indwelling Spirit. The obvious reason for this is that the Father and all attributes of the Father that have their origin in the Father and cannot create error or act in contradistinction to the workings of the Father. This places the Indwelling Spirit in its true context in its relationship with mortals and the Father. Understanding this Truth also creates the awareness that the individual New-Birth of a soul is the true and only way that an individual can be with The Father and can be inclusive of all that is in Natural Love and then transformed by Divine Love and to progress into the presence of the Father which is reflective in the way that the Divine Love spirits progress through the Spheres to become a resident in the Celestial Heavens.

With much love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel