New birth

Messages 2008

The Indwelling Spirit and the New-Birth.(9)

June 22nd, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


You are in good rapport for this next message. The Father rebestowed the privilege for mankind and all spirits to partake of the Divine Love which begins a souls’ New-Birth. This teaching was revealed by Jesus in his loving work with James Padgett. When Jesus lived on Earth, this was the time when the Father rebestowed the availability of the Divine Love for all mortal souls. In the Padgett Messages Jesus also revealed that there would come a time when the Divine Love would no longer be available for mortal souls to receive on Earth and in the all Natural Spheres. The Divine Love and the Holy Spirit would still remain available as it is today, in the Divine Love Spheres and the Celestial Heavens.

The season that defines the availability of Divine Love and the potential of a souls’ New-Birth to be experienced and realised in this Immortality of soul is also the season of the Indwelling Spirits. The Indwelling Spirit and the individual is an experience that begins when the soul incarnates into the flesh and remains with the individual whilst the potential for the New-Birth is viable and the Divine Love of the Father is available. When the Divine Love is withdrawn by the Father and natural spirits and natural man exist in their natural soul condition, it is then that the Indwelling Spirit returns back to the origin of its creation in the Father’s Sphere and residence. Whilst the potential to receive Divine Love is available, the Indwelling Spirit is always actively helping to create this awareness so that the individual may come into contact with Jesus’ Truths to learn and to find the Divine Love of the Father so that Immortality and Divine personalisation of the Father can transpire in the New-Birth of the soul between the mortal soul and the Soul of the Father. The context of the Indwelling Spirit and It’s relationship with the individual is seen in the season of Divine Love that is available by the Father to all of mankind and inclusive to all spirits.

The Divine Love is the Substance that fuses the Indwelling Spirit with the Immortal soul however the Indwelling Spirit always remains independent of the soul. The reason for this is that the Indwelling Spirit does not act out of will - i.e.: the will of the Indwelling Spirit - for the Indwelling Spirit has no such voluntary will to speak of. It acts according to the specifics of Its creation by the Father and to interact with individuality and personality and ultimately to communicate with the living mortal soul. When Divine Love is embraced and the New-Birth begins, translation need not occur for Immortality is given to the mortal soul by the quality and Substance of the Father’s Divine Love. The New-Birth of the soul is the way individuals of Earth experience the Father and their soul condition changes so that progression is activated in the mortal environment. To confirm this, when natural spirits receive Divine Love there is no such translation of energy between the individual and the Indwelling Spirit, the individual is simply attracted to the First Divine Love Sphere where their New-Birth begins and they progress to the Celestial Heaven. When an individual resides in the Celestial Heaven, an individual in these Heavens will have learned how to master communication between the Indwelling Spirit and their own soul and this contributes to a spirit way of living light and life in the actuality and Living presence of the Father.

With much love, Your Celestial spirit friend, Ezekiel