Messages 2011

Dr L. Stone - my soul condition on passing over.

January 4th, 2011

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


I write this message about the condition of my soul upon my going over to the spirit world after the completion of my life. I deliver this message and conversation with you for you have asked and because other followers of the Truths have asked about such a thing as soul condition.

Firstly, I am so pleased that there is general inquiry into my condition as many of you are in receipt of God’s Divine Love and, this subject predominantly involves and likely to be of concern, regarding ones’ progressive condition in their own soul. If I may say, I was not actively working on my soul condition by the receipt of the Father’s Love. My connectivity primarily a service to the Truths delivered in the time a few others and I witnessed James Padgett writing with the spirits. I was not present all the time, for such an extended period of time those seven years, and we all had our various commitments.

I believed wholeheartedly that the experience we shared with J Padgett was true. After my good friend died, I resolved myself to continue what had begun however, I never owned or possessed to make it my own, the work the spirits did with J Padgett. Such was my respect for the entirety of the work that I felt my responsibility to serve Jesus and the Father was to continue presenting and dispersing the Truths in my immediate world. I prayed to the Father and I asked Jesus for his help in my prayers to the Father so that the knowledge of these Truths may continue from their time of commencement in the writing and delivery of them from the spirit world.

It may surprise you when I say that Eugene Morgan had an openness to his nature that was more accepting of the Spirit in its vision relating with life whereby I knew that the vision of Spirit true, yet, my work was with the material and in this way, I fulfilled the potential of my service.

The memory of J Padgett never left me. As the years moved on and, the material that is now called the Padgett Messages kept my faith and hope alive like a light of shining Truth in the darker and uncertain times of the Second World War. I read the material quite vigorously at times for I did not possess the great gift of mediumship in the manner in which J Padgett did. I received a few messages from the spirits and at times, had rare and beautiful glimpses of the spirit world concerning the environments where souls lived with the Divine Love.

I did not really understand the complete vision of God’s Divine Love and how soul related with this Love insofar as being able to identify what a new-birth was.

My purpose, when a man, was more of a religious commitment but not in religion rather, a commitment to the Truths that spoke clearly to my heart and mind. I was aware of the teachings as you are today yet, the intricate composure required to navigate through the balance between an emerging soul awakening by the cause of Divine Love and the adjustment that transpires in the spirit systems that relate spirit body with soul and how the attribute of personality infused with such soul-spirit body changes were beyond my earthly immediate goal. As many of you have experienced, I was quite preoccupied with preserving the material so that the content would survive in an otherwise less caring world. I really knew that these teachings were true relating back with my memory of the times with J Padgett. I also spent time trying to organise the vast amounts of information that was delivered by the spirits so that a comprehensive yet simple approach of the material to the general public or reader may have a greater success. I can see that this has been an evolution continued to present day.

I have seen for quite some time now, that the material as diverse in readability as it has become, has survived and the essential teaching about God’s Divine Love fit for the human soul is being distributed, carried around the world and from people-to-people.

As far as soul condition goes, my soul condition was at the time of my arrival in the spirit world, Sphere Five. I did not arrive immediately there for all spirits need adjusting as soon as the attribute of human personality leaves the body to take up its residency in the Spirit world and to continue in its individuality. It is not how long a person receives the Divine Love, but rather understanding that the Divine Love always being perfect, finds the individual receiving this Love in a relative and experiential condition of progress even, if stagnation which can be positive, forms part of that progression.

I travelled from the First Natural Sphere immediately to the First Divine Love Sphere. To give this context for you, the Third Sphere as written in the Padgett work. Obviously the adjustment from physical body to spirit body living has its requirements and these adjustments are experienced by all individuals and such intricate workings of personality survival are detailed and for another working message.

I quickly reestablished contact with James Padgett and other close friendships and family and progressed to the Fifth Divine Love Sphere. I spent some time here integrating my own life history and could see quite clearly that my good friend James Padgett was of Celestial soul condition. He instructed me that I now needed to refocus my attention toward the Father and make my soul condition the purpose to progress to the Celestial Heaven. I promptly listened to his advice. I felt a great sense of relief and, release when Jesus confirmed to me in the Fifth Sphere that my service to the Truths in material form, fulfilled. I didn’t know how to respond for I was quite overwhelmed at the gatherings of such lovely individuals and in my humility, seeing Jesus, confirmed that this was the final confirmation of my faith that gave me the strength to know that my human life had not been a failure.

Those of us, who know about the availability of this Love for the soul, carry that weight of knowing. From this awareness the heart can never truly ignore the Truths that we have found. In the event that if another is asking, then we have the knowledge to impart because one knows that this Love benefits another and I felt this through my life.

The human experience of soul condition with Divine Love has some truths that are consistent with a spirit living in Celestial soul condition. A person can experience the Divine Love exactly as a Celestial spirit does. The Love always enters the soul via the Spirit conveying this Love through that part of the spirit body where the soul resides, thus affecting the energy of the soul, which translates into the personality attribute progressing and improving harmoniously with soul-spirit body condition. The unequivocal acceptance that the Father’s Spirit Laws work harmoniously for one and all human, mortal souls is the foundation or if you like, the principal working that is consistent with Celestial soul condition with a person or spirit. The only difference being that the material attribute in the personality whilst relating with the brain, differs from the refined attribute of personality relating with the spirit-mind contained in the spirit body. We do not create these workings created by the Father or manipulate them or live opposing them. We have accepted the Love so that we have accepted that God is the Father of all of us and this Truth is universal. Accepting this releases one into then learning about such nature defined by the fact that when an individual moves into Celestial soul condition, this is defined as being with no individual personality conflict or competition within ones self about ones self accepting the Father.

If one accepts the Father in their first receipt of Divine Love and the heart is sincere, this is the same and there is no difference to a spirit living in Celestial soul condition accepting the receipt of the Father’s Divine Love. There are obvious differences between Spirit environments and the material world however the soul condition is settled on acceptances for this is harmoniously consistent from earth through all Divine Love Spheres and in the Celestial Heaven.

I thank you for the privilege of writing tonight and there are many spirit friends present as you and Zara can feel the room is warm and light. We who worked with the material as you do now in your own various ways and such ways need to be diverse to show how diverse individuality is, yet, how true and constant God’s Divine Love is in potential for all human souls. For those of you who are experiencing the Love and feeling compelled to work with the Truths or communicate your experiences, continue, for you are serving in the greater goodness of Truth and Love.


Leslie Stone.