Messages 2015 and 2016

A description of the soul and its enduring nature

August 27, 2016

Received by: Al Fike.

Blackpool, U.K.


God bless you, my friends. It is your brother Mandus. I am somewhat bemused by this scientific philosopher fellow1 who attempts to explain the soul through scientific means and he does make a valiant attempt but he misses the vital point, the point that I believe that most of you within this room, and possibly all of you within this room intuitively know; that the mind and the soul are two distinct aspects of your beings. And in this world many, many individuals seek to feed their minds, seek to perceive the world from this perspective, and seek to reinforce this perspective continually in their searches for truth. And there are those who are compelled intuitively, reflexively to be centered within their souls, a different place, a different mechanism, a different way of perception, and understanding, gathering of knowledge, and truth.

It does not require linear thinking and how very linear was this individual in his presentation. No, the soul envelopes truth, and truth envelopes the soul. It is not a linear process; it is not synaptic; it is not chemical; it does not have the mechanisms so clearly understood by the sciences, of how the brain, the material mind functions. No, the soul is of a very different quality, there is no material aspect to the soul. The soul is spirit, a reflection of God. It is pure energy. It has consciousness. In fact, the soul retains your individualized consciousness forever. It is what carries through into the world of spirit. If this man’s theories were correct, then upon your death you would be as nothing, those particles of which he refers would disperse, fall back into the material universe, and so this does happen, the atoms, the cells, and all that make up the material side of man do indeed return to the universe of the material existence. But as I believe you all recognize, to one degree or another, the spirit of man, the spirit of the individual continues on. And how is this possible?

Life is a touch from God and a human life is a precious and unique creation of God for no other being in this world possesses a soul which is a reflection of God. The potential of the soul is immense and barely, barely understood by any of you, or any scientist. Maybe a handful in the world of mystics understand the potential of the soul, but each of you is eager to know this, to explore what the soul is capable of, to explore this level of consciousness, to explore this level of being and the gifts that are within the soul are many.

But for the soul to truly come alive, to be awakened, requires a special gift, and that gift does not reside within the soul as a given that comes with life. No, there is life within a soul, there is the gift of life within a soul, but an awakened soul can only truly be awakened by something outside of itself, something that resides within God and that is the Essence of God.

So, my beloved, beautiful friends, seekers of truth, I tell you with all the authority of my experience and the experience of many, many millions of others who have gone through the process of awakening of their souls that this very simple concept of receiving the Essence of God within, through prayer and longing, through prayer and longing to acknowledge that this gift, this blessing, this energy does not automatically come to a soul and is not there upon its incarnation in the world; it must be received. It is an act of will, it is an act of the desire of the soul and in this blessing, this Touch from God comes the great peace that passes all understanding. And when you feel and truly know, and recognize, and acknowledge this great blessing from God you will understand its uniqueness, its power, and its beauty, for there is no other love like this Love. There is no other energy in the universe like this this energy for it comes directly from God, conveyed through the Holy Spirit, bringing redemption, transformation, and awakening. I am sorry to say that this individual who obviously put a lot of thought and energy into his teachings has missed the point.

And many in this world continue to believe that the capacities of the mind, the material mind, are what will save the human race from catastrophe and de-evolution. And I tell you that it is in the development of the capacities of the material mind that much of the problems of mankind have emerged as a reaction to these mental machinations and applications in the world.

Yes, there is a thought layer around this planet and that layer of thought emerges from the thoughts of all of mankind of this collective outpouring of thought which is real and has its energetic signature. And do you know what this looks like from our perspective? Dark clouds. It is not of Light; it is heavy and it continues to influence every individual on this planet. We refer to these conditions as the human condition. They not only surround your planet but they reside within your beings, this dark and heavy human condition re-enforced over and over again by many thoughts. Now this does not mean that every thought is dark and heavy, but I am saddened to say that many thoughts are extremely dark and fewer thoughts are Light and loving, caring and enlightened.

No, it is not the mind that will save mankind, it is the awakening of the soul, it is the recognition of the higher power, of the Heavenly Father who loves us so, and his Touch upon us will purify and heal and bring joy and true knowledge. It is this gift, this Touch, this acknowledgement, this breakthrough, that must come to each individual that will bring enlightenment and a new way, a new paradigm of thought and action and expression.

I did not clearly understand this when I was on Earth. I had inklings and insights. I felt the Love of God, but now I have come to see clearly as I have traversed the spheres of spirit, as I have entered into the Celestial Kingdom, and from this lofty perspective I now see the truth of the matter and I empathize with all of you who struggle within your minds to understand Truth, who struggle with your own human condition, who harbour the pains of a life lived, who seek God in your own way. And, yes, often your life is lived in the shadows of these dark clouds and you attempt in whatever way you find necessary to cope, to rationalize, to understand. And this is understandable. Know that love is always the answer to any great dilemma, any unknown truth. Any way in which true change will come about within you, it must come with love, and when you express your love in this place to those who come, you are doing God’s work, for the energy of love is the only energy, whether it be the Natural Love or the Divine Love, that will disperse those clouds of the human condition and this is important to realize how crucial is the expression of love, putting love into action, embracing, acknowledging, enveloping those you meet. And this may be a look in your eyes, an arm reached around another, a prayer together for healing, to exchange a bit of truth, to be what we call in the Celestial Heavens, the channel of Love in the world. This is so very crucial and important in this world today, so bereft of love, so influenced by the conditions of thought, so lacking in true spiritual understanding.

Beloved brothers and sisters, whom I joyously welcome into my home, continue to seek the Truth, but give consideration to your soul, for this is what endures, this is what you must nurture. And a soul truly nurtured is a soul that is close to God. It is prayer that brings you there. It is sincerity within you, a true acknowledging of who you are, your true being, your soul, and a true acknowledging of your Creator who created you in love, who nurtures you in love, who seeks to lead you into greater love and healing and peace.

I thank you for allowing me to speak and I speak because I feel great love for each one of you, for when one is touched by God in this way and healed in this way by this Touch, one can only feel, a great love, compassion, a desire to reach out, to help, to assist you upon your journey. I have learned much since I have come into the world of spirit and I cannot say that I am entirely pleased with some of my earlier writings, for some missed the mark, I was but human. Much does indeed lead to some truth, a measure of truth, but I tell you that I did so, these writings and my efforts and my speeches and my healings, I did so for the love of God. Knowing how much God loved me was my sustaining grace, my great joy in life and I do so desire that you all come to know this Love of God and bring it into your heart and walk with this Light wherever you go. Beloved souls, thank you and God bless you.

Note 1 We were given a lecture by a resident minister at WHC. Our efforts to explain our perspective were not taken kindly by him and he expressed frustration that we did not accept his point of view.