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The Indwelling Spirit

The Padgett Messages and all subsequent communications over the last 88 years have focussed on the topic of Divine Love, and how Divine Love will result in the creation of a new immortal being. Those folks who either stumbled on these teachings after initially researching The Urantia Book, or those who decided to read the Urantia Book subsequently, have always wondered how the Thought Adjuster related to Divine Love. Until 2008, we were left to wonder. The most that could be found in the Padgett Messages was short references by Jesus to his Inner Voice. However Luke has a rather clearer comment:

Of course, he became more truly the son of God than did any other mortal who was ever born, but that was because he became filled with the Divine Love of the Father to a greater extent than any other human being. He became so close to the Father that in his soul development he was able to commune with the Father in such a way as to realize exactly what the Father said to him, and his love made him one with the Father as he said.

But that did not satisfy many, and even the question I asked of Jesus himself at an Annual Meeting in 2001 as to the source of the Inner Voice I had discerned, did not produce a really satisfactory answer.

This passage in a message from Ann Rollins is curiously very easily translated to indicate that at “the anointing” Jesus acquired a Divine Spirit, what the Urantia Book calls a “Thought Adjuster”:

Christ is not only a spirit of the Father, but is the one that God gave to Jesus when he anointed him on his earthly mission. He is the one spirit that cannot be made to do anything that is contrary to God’s Love and Law. No, not in addition to the spirit that Jesus had, but the spirit that God gave to Jesus at the time of the anointing.

Now that we have the answer, some folks may wish to read up on the information contained in The Urantia Book, because it has an extensive treatment of the subject. But, sadly that text does not cover the subject of Divine Love to any really satisfactory degree, and it certainly does not cover the relationship of Divine Love and the Indwelling Spirit. (Also called Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor or Father Fragment.) One can only surmise that the reason for this is tied directly to the method by which that text was received. We have often been told that only individuals with some soul development in Divine Love will receive these advanced teachings, and now it seems that even the Indwelling Spirit can be limited in imparting this wisdom. The Urantia text it is understood was received by an individual who had no personal interest in spiritual matters, and so could not possibly have been considered spiritually advanced.

One area where an appreciation of the Indwelling Spirit is very helpful, is in the matter of the closing of the heavens. Once you realise that every single person has an Indwelling Spirit who seeks to fuse with their mortal charge, then any mortal who has no interest in reaching that level where that can happen - i.e. the Seventh Sphere, is thwarting that Indwelling Spirit which is a wonderful Divine sentient entity, even though it lacks personality. Of course Father could have chosen to only allocate Indwelling Spirits to those He knew would fuse, but that would of course then be a form of predestination. He has not done that, but after a certain amount of “time” that Indwelling Spirit will leave, and find another human to lead. That then means that there are “grades” of Indwelling Spirit (some with more experience in leading humans), and in fact this prior experience is a big advantage to later mortals. That action “closes” the heavens for that individual who has lost their Father Fragment. Of course Father may choose in the far distant future, to once again offer His Father Fragments, because as the Urantia Book explains, they too were something that resulted from Jesus coming here. Not only were we able to access Divine Love, but all of us, both living and in the spirit spheres, were provided with an Indwelling Spirit. While it is only speculation on my part, I rather suspect that the Indwelling Spirit is actually a part of the process by which we are able to receive Divine Love.

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