Messages 1970

Healing Effect of Colours

July 26th, 1970

Vancouver. B.C.

Received by Rose


God Bless You my Children. It is such a great joy to me to be able to come and speak to you and to be with you and to feel the great love and affection that is here. And my beloveds. I must say to you that there are so many loved ones from spirit who are drawing close for the feast from our Father, God, that the power is so strong that each one of you here, if you will relax and push out of your consciousness all the things that have disturbed you, you will pick up and feel those you have been praying for, those that you long for, and those that you love that are with us. And today, it is my great joy to speak through my beloved instrument to you. There are so many wonderful souls on this side who wait and who seek and who pray to come to speak; that I always feel when I use her that I am being selfish and it is not selfishness, my beloveds but it is a great strong desire to feel the great love that I feel now and the great urge that I have within my consciousness to bring the messages from us to you. Many of you already know that I am a teacher from this side of life, that my sole aim in my progression is to try to bring comfort and light to those who do not understand and also those who are willing to selflessly serve for God, to help them in their progression so that they too may be used to bring these wonderful messages from time to time.

I know many of you have sat to great lengths and many of you have tried in your way to be instruments of God. And the work that we are trying to bring through in this sanctuary, my beloveds, is not work to be entertaining, oh no, that is not our purpose. Our purpose is to come to bring comfort and peace unto you arid greater understanding of how you as children of God fit in this great universe of yours and ours. And so, I did feel today that it was time I should come and so I too had to ask to be allowed to take this precious time. There are so few sources by which we can come and speak in Truth. There are so few instruments who are willing to devote their life to trying to become an instrument by which we can use, an instrument which has tried to bring the power up within himself or herself so that the higher forces can come and speak from time to time. It is very interesting and it must be given to you, your loved ones and the teachers that come to be interesting and entertaining, this is a very necessary part in this work, because we realize that we cannot put someone to a table where a very wonderful banquet is being served, when that soul has not had food for many, many weeks and many years, because we realize my beloveds, that in so doing it would make this person ill and this we do not wish to do. But we do give thanks to those who serve to demonstrate that our loved ones are close, those who are able to bring any physical phenomena because slowly this lightens a spark within the individual, a spark that cannot be put out and whether it is brought to full flame on this earth plane, it does not matter because it will come to full glow when they have come into spirit. And in so doing, these souls who serve in this way are doing God’s work too. But there are so few instruments that we are able to bring the real high teachers through and we realize and know that there are many on earth today who desire higher teachings. And so, my beloveds, you who seek to serve your fellow man, if you wish to be an instrument for the higher forms, you must in everything you do or think you must live with God. You must be very careful of how you conduct your daily lives. We do not mean by this my beloveds that you cannot partake of all the joys and happiness that is in this earth plane. We know, as you know that you are in physical body and that our Great Father put on this earth plane all things for man’s happiness. And we realize that man is of earth when in physical body. But within you there is a great longing for the spiritual, maybe you are not conscious of this but it is there my beloveds and you who seek to be an instrument of God and serve in this wonderful work, to be of service for your fellow man wherever you may be, you must be willing to give up many of the earth pleasures, you must be willing to give up much time to draw close to God. You must be prepared in every way to be a living example of what God’s Great Gift in your soul can do for you. It is not wise for you to think that you can go ruthlessly, gathering all you need in a physical sense. It is not wise for you to think that you can speak thoughtless words that could cause heartache or pain to someone, no matter how subtle they are put. This is not God’s work. You must not think you can do these things and still be a worker for God. You can be entertaining, my beloveds, but the higher spiritual forces need someone that is dedicated wholly in everything he or she does or says or how they feel.

So as I am a teacher in this great universe of ours, I felt today I wanted to give some encouragement to many of you here who are devoting your time to be workers for God. It is a wonderful sacred trust for mankind to take on. It is something that your world sadly needs today, my beloveds, because as we draw close to earth we see very little light emanating and I am speaking of spiritual light.

And now I have come to light and colour. I want to say to you, my children, that colour is a great part of your living both on earth and in spirit and many of you wonder why you feel distressed of mind, you cannot settle to anything, you do not feel relaxed, you do not feel happy inside. Basically of course, it is because you have been unable or unwilling to sit quietly to receive from God, his great Love in your souls. But also, my beloveds, if you have a colour around you that your eyes gaze upon that is not in tune with what your physical body needs at that particular moment, this can make you very distressed of mind and of body, in fact it can bring illness to the physical form. And so we must give to you a little more knowledge of the colours necessary.

Many of you who are depleted in physical body, who feel tired, who are listless, maybe you have all the food that you need, possibly too much food, maybe you have all the rest you need, possibly to much rest, but still there is tiredness, and a weakness. And you my friends must gaze upon and have around you rosy red colours that bring warmth and strength. This is most necessary to your vital force. And I am sure as you are looking upon my instrument you will see many colours within her dress, some that cause you to shudder and others that make you quiet, others that make you feel strong.

To you who have distress of mind, you who are concerned about things around you, it is most unfortunate that sometimes many of our loved ones and many of our dear friends cause us stress and we think about things, we mull about things and that is carefully placed into your subconscious. And this is distressing to your physical body and to your mind. And you my friends, you need the soft colour of green, all shades of green. This is very important to those who find it hard to relax and be quiet within.

To you who at times feel animosity towards someone, who feel the pangs of anger swelling within your consciousness and do not seem always able to control them. You, my beloved, must ask God’s blessing and quietly seek the shade of blue around you, to gaze upon a blue flower, a creation of God, brings great peace within the mental forces of the physical form. It has a wonderful healing power for the mind.

To you who have digestive troubles, I can go into many, many stories about digestive conditions. Basically it is because within your consciousness there is disturbance. All things that are put on the earth plane, if they are given in their pure form, mankind can assimilate but through man’s stress of mind, through man’s turmoil within himself, the condition within his physical body has changed. And through man’s desire to grow perfection in everything that is grown, there are chemicals entered therein that are not well for some to take. And you who have great stomach stress must look upon the soft yellow of the primrose, not the orange yellow, but the soft golden colour that a primrose has which is a very pale colour. This is very helpful of healing of the digestion. So you see my beloveds, how the basic colours are so necessary to mankind.

Of course, the true spiritual colour which we hear many say is blue is so. A very spiritual person has a very soft colour around their aura but it is tinted with a very soft blue. So soft that it is hardly noticeable. To many it looks like pure white. But it is only the very, very advanced souls that emanate the white.

And so, my beloveds, when you sit for your meditation, when you feel you need the renewal that comes from God, gaze upon something as white as the riven snow. Feel that you are drawing this colour around you, this is very helpful to your physical.

And when you rise after studying these colours, and giving yourself to them, and while your doing it quietly, asking God to bless your souls feeling within your consciousness that you are truly with your Father, receiving his great blessing, rise from your meditation and feel within your consciousness that you have been healed and blessed. Do not let these little subtle worries creep into your consciousness again.

Now today on your earth mankind has become very knowledgeable so knowledgeable that man himself feels that he is the greatest thing that was ever created. This is a wonderful philosophy when we become so strong with our own egotism, my beloveds, suddenly there falls away from us the truly spiritual. And mankind, whether on earth or in other spheres of life cannot turn away from the truly spiritual because you are spiritual. And so we must make greater efforts to be at one with God. We listen, we come, we try to impregnate the minds of those who are various leaders of earth. The great necessity there is today for all mankind to have a true knowledge of why he was created and why he is here. And so our work is very vast, my beloveds, we do not travel in any set time, we go wherever we are told to go. We are controlled on this side as you are controlled on your earth side. Mankind has not become strong enough to throw away the leashes and go on his own, regardless of all the education he has received. Mankind, more than ever needs the sanity, needs the sureness and the Love that God can give him. And so we must come and impress upon mankind that there is hope for this darkness on earth, there is hope for the chaotic conditions that exist today on your earth plane, there is hope for all those who are sick of mind and of body. But it is up to you as individuals, you yourselves to seek this great remedy that is yours for the asking. Yours if you will take time to be holy. It is no great mystery, my beloveds, that when you leave the physical body that your intelligence and your spiritual body continues. You are not going to be relieved of any condition that you have now. You are going to take these conditions with you in your consciousness although you leave your physical body behind. And so it is wise for mankind who has been given the knowledge and knows how to find peace within himself to find this peace and not to accept and live with the conditions that is in his physical body. It is hard, I know, my beloved, to not feel pain. It is hard to live with loneliness. It is hard to live with want but you are not alone and your pain can be relieved. And your needs can be met when you as the children of God are willing to accept His great teachings and have greater faith in the Father that gave you this precious life. Man has become so strong on the earth plane that he feels today that there is no need for God. Deep within man’s consciousness there is a strong feeling that he is all purposeful, that he has everything that he needs, that he is studied, that he knows that he is wise, that he will cut down those beside him that stand in his way to reaching his great post that he has set for himself on this earth plane. Oh, my beloveds, if mankind only realized.

This earth is a very important part of your living. You were put on this earth plane so that your soul would start its progression back to the source from which it came. And you my beloveds, go this pathway once. You only travel the earth plane once. Now many of you blame many conditions around you and many people for the feelings you have and the sickness you suffer. Rightly so, possibly but does this help the condition you are serving with, to still wallow in this misery blaming everyone. No, my beloveds, it doesn’t. It makes you suffering tenfold. It is far better for you to quietly ask God to strengthen you. To ask Him to feed you, to support you and be a loving True Father which you know He is, if you call upon Him. And suddenly you will find that even the terrific pains within your physical body seem lighter. The fear is gone. You are fearing whether you will live, whether you will walk, whether you will be able to eat, whether you will be able to enjoy life. You are so busy fearing all these things, my beloveds, that you forget to call upon the Source that takes all this fear away. Surely your physical body will suffer ailments, surely you will suffer pain, surely your mind will be distressed because you are earth children and you have forgotten how to live on earth spiritually.

This might sound rather harsh coming from me and I do not speak this way usually. But I do want to impress upon you my dear ones, how necessary it is for you to abolish fear. To know that even if you are living in one small room, even if you are not living on luscious food, that you have to watch what you do. You are just as important to God as those that have everything of these earth things. In fact, possibly more important to God because through your suffering you have been seeking a way out of your troubles and although you may not realize you have quietly grown close to God. Many times you have said, “Oh, God, help me, take away this pain, help me feel well and whole again.” And in your longings and in your misery you have called out to God and God has heard this prayer and He has blessed you. But many of you are so steeped in your misery that you do not feel that God can help you, but He can, my beloveds.

We do not say mankind shouldn’t have all the things that are of earth, certainly mankind should have all things of earth. But they are not the things that bring true happiness. They are not the things that bring a continuity of life when you leave this earth body of yours. They are things that draw man further away from God. These are the things that cause man to become so well educated, so well versed in learning that he feels that he is greater than the Father that gave him this precious life.

You, my beloveds, today on earth are very concerned about the chaotic conditions there are all around you. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there is no peace, there is no happiness, there is no quietness. But I would say to you my beloveds, that over this earth plane in many centers there is Light emanating. Not very much, but there is Light and this is very encouraging to us of spirit. And slowly man is beginning to realize that there is something far greater than he is himself. That the kingdoms that he builds up in his little world are only man made and not strong and great. But there is Light.

There are those that are seeking. There are those that are instruments to bring Truth. And we guard these precious souls, they live to great ages, they can be very depleted in physical form but they can be very powerful and very strong within, with the force of God within them. And so it is when you come to spirit. You who have sought to be a true child of God. You do not sleep and wait, you do not stay close to earth, oh yes, your loved ones keep you more or less close to earth through their suffering. But you have the ability to go on. And soon you have a great desire to go on. You are not confined in physical form any more. You are free and nothing is hidden. You cannot hide within yourself what is really you anymore.

The Father, God, who gave us this precious life, sees and knows everything. There is no secret from God. And we don’t want to keep a secret from God. We want to be as God wishes us to be: happy and free, filled with a high spiritual force. Today, as I said, there are many places on the earth plane where Light is beginning to show. Man has come to the stage of his existence where man could be completely destroyed from this earth plane. You, as I say this, many of you think of the atomic energy. I am not speaking of that. That is there also. But slowly, all over the earth plane man is destroying all that God put there for his particular needs. There are far greater things that man could be distressed and concerned about. But thank God for those who are spreading small beams of Light. There is going to be surge and an upswing to the spiritual things of life on this earth plane, that instead of taking hundreds of years to build up as man has taken hundreds of years to tear down, there will be a revelation brought to mankind and all will turn to the spiritual. And this earth plane will live in harmony again.

Now, you might think I am being hard on your earth plane. I want to say to you, my beloveds, there are many spheres of life in the great universe that have similar troubles. Man has become so powerful within himself. Man has become so egotistical within himself and so strong with book-learning that he has weakened his spiritual forces. But there are still those among you and among these other planes of life. Those who wish spiritual knowledge. There isn’t a problem in any one of you (and I am speaking to you of spirit as well as you of earth) there isn’t a problem that any one of you have to face today that cannot be solved if you will let God solve it. But unfortunately many of you feel that God cannot do this for you. And so you live in fear – “I must do it, I must bring about the salvation for myself and those around me.” But my beloveds, this is not the way. You as children, as little children must be born again, you’ve heard the saying in the bible, “You must be as little children, you must be born again. “ By that passage, my beloveds, the wonderful teachers are bringing you a message from God, telling you, you must put out of your consciousness all the things that have destroyed you. You must be as one with God. And you can only be as one with God when you become willing to be born again, pushing away all your fears, all your desires, pushing away the egotism, pushing away the greed that is in mankind, pushing away the hate and the fear, fear above all things because man hates because he’s fearful. There is no need for man to have these destroying emotions if he has no fear. So this is why the passage in your Bible says that you must be born again. You must cleanse yourself of all these thoughts. If things within your everyday life or someone in your everyday life is causing you stress, instead of feeling animosity toward this condition, pray for it and as you pray know that God listens and answers. Be strong and know that He will take care of these needs.

Oh, it is hard, I know for man of earth. Man of earth today has so many things to distress him but he has a source of strength, he has a source of Light and help if he will take it. And so we who come to teach must come and impress upon you to find this peace within. The peace that only the Love of God in mankind’s soul can bring. This is what the great teacher, the Master, to demonstrate and through man’s ignorance, through man’s greed, through man’s great power a wonderful source of knowledge was taken away from earth. But God was so strong that he demonstrated after Jesus was put on the cross and destroyed He demonstrated to mankind that a soul rises again and lives after death. No one can deny this. No one. So we must stop and think of these things my friends, we must realize that we are as little children. We must be meeker, we must be softer, we must be kinder and we can only be these qualities when we are blessed with the Essence of God.

Suddenly, as we receive into our soul this great Essence, then there is an awareness, an understanding that no book learning, that no reading can give you. It is the greatest teacher there is. It gives you the greatest strength. Suddenly all the things that are around you that caused you stress fall away. You rise above these conditions. You might be living in a slovenly room, and through conditions you cannot help, you might not be able to make this room attractive but when you receive from God, suddenly there is a Light in that room and all the dark dingy corners are gone, and there is peace and happiness. And above all there is spiritual renewal within yourself. So think of these words, my beloveds.

I know this lecture today is different but I wanted to come and speak to you this way. And to all of you here, whoever you may be, you of spirit or you of earth, when you sit for your quietness, if you will call upon me, I will serve you well. And you know that this instrument I am using today, calls me Light and I am grateful for that because she saw the great Light around me. I didn’t realize I had that power. But I will serve you well. I am a universal teacher and I want to say to you that in this great universe there are many planets of life that mankind has no knowledge of yet. And mankind has no conception, whatever, of the size of this great universe. Just think, my beloveds, as man develops spiritually, as man becomes more God-like and as man is freed from the physical form, then man is free to travel in this great universe. There is much for you ahead. But what is here today is important too, to you. You, an important loved one of God who has been given a sacred trust of finding happiness and peace and understanding, not only for yourself but for all those to whom you come in contact with.

Now I will leave Rose. And I will ask God to bless each one of you here so that when you leave this place you will feel the great peace and happiness that I feel while being here with you. May God bless you all with great abundance. I would ask you, my beloveds, to feel when you come to these meetings that you are coming into a sanctuary that is blessed by God and feel as you go out its doors that you have been renewed by the Holy Spirit and that you have a greater purpose to live in the days to come. May this always be your goal, my beloveds Good afternoon and God bless you.