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The Soul Transformation Process - achieving the New Birth on Earth

The Padgett Messages tell how we must ourselves work at transforming our soul from an image of divinity, to a divine soul in order to be born again. And that the method by which this is achieved, is the inflowing of the Divine Love, brought by the Holy Spirit in response to fervent soul based prayer. If you are new to this idea, I suggest listening to this video which sets out some background. The narrator is Maureen Cardoso.

Fine, so you know what to do. But how long is this New Birth going to take, and has anyone we know of done this, and what might be the sign posts along the way? All very valid points. If we are to commit the rest of our mortal life to this process, surely you want to know that you are doing it “right” as it were.

Well the celestial angels seem loath to take us very far on this quest. They regularly tell us to not compare ourselves to others, and that to simply take on faith that we are doing well. These things are all very well, but I think one would not be human if you did not want more specific advice. It should not be seen as a race against anyone else, but my understanding is that we are supposed to complete this process in a normal life span. Fortunately it does not have to be completed while on earth. In point of fact I have recently discovered we do have a message with numerous insights:

The lack of love that is present within your soul and mind that causes you to doubt and fear, will be healed with such subtlety that it becomes absorbed by the greater presence of the love and the change will occur over a time, so that you may not even notice it. This change will become noticeable to you as you begin to feel free from the limitations of negative thoughts and feelings and you employ the qualities of love and faith more in your actions toward yourself and others. I say this to you so you may understand that this metamorphosis is a process that is not obvious by the observation of the mere five senses, it is a quiet process that only the soul of the child and the Father are aware of.

This continues:

Forbearance, tolerance, patience, mercy, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, hope, faith, joy and peace - these are the true qualities of the Love that become ours when we seek for It. There is no sadness or darkness. There is no sense of failure, for we are free to receive the blessed Gift of God’s Love. Free yourself into this newfound connection with God and let Him open your eyes.

So who has completed this on Earth?

It is clear that James Padgett did not complete this process while on Earth. It is comforting to realise that he was able to complete it within two years and three months of his death, and possibly it was sooner than that. It does not surprise me that James Padgett did not succeed while on Earth, for a number of reasons. By his own admission he was not a particularly advanced soul when he started, and he was not selected for his innate “goodness”. This was confirmed by Jesus. Secondly, he only had 9 years to pray for the love, and we know that his interest changed around 1918, so one does not know how committed he remained. And of course he was about 62 when he started praying for the Divine Love, with a lifetime of error behind him.

Dr Stone was a very close friend of James Padgett, and was present during many of the message-taking sessions. He finally passed over in 1967, meaning that he had the opportunity to pray for the inflowing of the Love, for some 53 years. He also started the process at age 38, quite a young age compared to many who have tended to have found the messages at 50 or much later in life.

Well, Dr Stone never claimed to have been reborn of spirit while on this earth. Curiously, by his own account he did not focus on soul transformation during his life, but nevertheless managed to pass into the Fifth Sphere.

Contrast that with Mother Teresa, and Francis of Assisi both of whom had an innate soul based understanding of, and very strong unconscious desire for God’s Love, yet no intellectual understanding of it. Indeed both had false religious beliefs that hindered their progression. However both truly walked the walk, and their soul condition was as good as if not actually somewhat better than Dr. Stone, at the time of their death. This indicates to me at least, the value of walking the walk. And it confirms the value of a fervent desire for soul union with God, even if unconscious. This is certainly not a path that needs any ego. Nor for that matter does the mind need to recognise what the soul knows, although its certainly very helpful to have that knowledge guiding your mind.

Jesus tells us that he completed his soul transformation at the baptism by John the Baptist. If that is correct, Jesus was 31. So, if one starts literally at birth, (and there is evidence Jesus started before that) and is assisted by God to avoid the hand-me-down “sins of the father”,1 and one puts a great deal of effort in via prayer, then that is the potential “best case” time scale.

Has anyone accurately described the path and process?

Very recently Michael Mirdad has written a book entitled: “The five stages of the soul transformation process.” This book sounded wonderful but sadly it’s all about the natural love path, in essence an ego or mind path. No doubt that comment would upset him, but the proof of that statement lies in the fact that a true soul path can be followed by someone without any intellectual (ego or mind) understanding of that path.

Many times over the last 16 years I have heard fellow travellers on the Divine Love path talk about soul expiation. I must confess I have not so far attributed any physical unease that I may have experienced to this, and as a result I have not explored this topic on this web site. But, in July 2016 we received a message through a friend of mine on this topic. This is the authority I wanted to raise the subject here. Soul expiation is the process of experiencing physical discomfort of some type as you receive more of the Divine Love. Its a spiritual cleansing. For a full discussion of this topic see what Seretta Kem has to say.  So experiencing expiation is a good sign that you are moving in the right direction. Here is a more recent message on the same subject again from Seretta Kem but with a specific example described.

A major problem is however that a great many of us start this process very late in life. And I make no bones about it, I was shown my soul condition as I started out on this path, and I had a lot of work to do to get back to square one. As a result I do not personally expect to complete this process by the time I am 80, and will have spent 25 years on the path. (As of mid-2018 I have changed my mind completely on this matter. I, and several others are now working as hard as is possible to reach this point.)

Another big issue for us are the results of living on the Earth and getting all the bad examples of unloving behaviour that surrounds us. That results in learned reactions or “triggers”, where we react unlovingly to things we perceive as unloving that are done to us. This must be dealt with on Earth if we are to have any hope of completing the new birth on Earth. In theory the Divine Love will chip away at everything except that which we, through our free will hold onto. And sadly many of us have aspects of our personality that we characterise as “being us.” That means we value negative aspects of ourselves, and these are the hardest to recognise and let go of. But if we do not, we will not make the progress necessary while on Earth. We will in effect stagnate.

What Signposts are there of progress?

What sign posts may we expect? Well now this is tricky ground. For myself, I was gifted an ability to heal. Many will say: “That’s not rare”. And they are probably right. All I know is that one day I could not channel energy, and suddenly I could, and it feels like being plugged into the mains, when I am the conduit in a remote healing. And as the years roll by, the sensation of channeling energy becomes more intense. And yes I have heard of “miracles” that I believe I was associated with. I can also feel a great deal more peace in my life. A few years ago I went through a financial difficulty, which in the past would have left me with sleepless nights. I had to liquidate all my properties and go and live in rented accommodation. But I knew all would be well, and so it turned out. Is that much to claim? Probably not. I am not sure there is much more that I can point to personally. I can claim, that a significant number of long time followers of the messages that I personally know, and have interacted with, are without a doubt the finest examples of mankind I have been blessed to know. And that’s impressive. But sadly not every such long time follower meets that standard. So I guess its up to you, how fast you will progress. Jesus even stated in a message that there are no clear sign posts. Then he proceeded to define what it is like to be in the Fifth.

One of the signs of progress is the development of soul perceptions. This culminates in being able to operate purely out of “soul mind” as opposed to “material mind.” I don’t know anyone operating in that state permanently, but I do know two people who have experienced what it is like, and I am one of those. My experience happened without warning, and lasted 24 hours. It was very unsettling. I have written about it here.

In mid to end 2017, as a result of an intense program that a group of us experienced, we received a great deal of guidance on barriers to soul growth, and experienced enormous soul growth. So much so that as of December 2017 a group of us have reached this stage, but we are still at the formative stage, and not yet fully Awakened Souls. It is normally the case that after some significant soul growth one might find a plateau has been reached. What this means is that there are barriers/damage on the soul and these will be matched in the mind and brain with neural pathways that cause learned responses to external stimuli or triggers that are unloving. These have to be exposed, and be let go.

Removing them from the soul appears very simple, you identify what it is you wish healed, you ask for that healing, and then you have faith it has been healed. But the mind and particularly the brain will have these learned responses embedded, literally in neural pathways. So you have to learn new responses, which involves catching yourself, and realising what is happening, and taking a different response. This can be difficult because the automatic response is very fast. But it can be done. As each barrier has been removed, you will come into more harmony, and can continue the soul growth needed to merge soul with mind. When you reach a point of the soul being in charge, the effect upon your being will be a total change from the past. I tried to describe this in my enlightenment experience. From this point on you will act only in love.

On December 13th 2017, seven of us received confirmation that we had all reached the beginning of the point of Soul Awakening. I myself had an experience in 2013 that lasted 24 hours of what it is to have a fully awakened soul. None of us have reached that exact stage, but I am sure we will, now that we have passed the difficult point of releasing the soul and taming the mind.

Even though Jesus has suggested there are no clear sign posts, I have to wonder about that. I suspect he was not talking about Awakened Souls, because there have been so few. Because as one’s soul starts to take control of the mind, one’s perception changes totally. It does appear that this process occurs somewhere above the Fifth Sphere. I can say that because those people I know of who passed into the Fifth did not experience the soul-mind that occurs, because in one case I knew the person well enough. Another sign post that arrives late is real humility. And to add to that, grace. But perhaps Jesus’ comment explains the curious case of the late Sai Baba. He had over a million followers worldwide and his amazing abilities have been documented. These include reading minds, changing the weather and the gift of materialising small gifts. This last gift was confirmed in a recent message that also stated he passed to the Fourth Sphere. I would have guessed that based on his gifts he was a lot more advanced spiritually.

Can we continue this awakening post-death?

Of course we can complete this soul transformation after death, and based on the examples of a number of individuals whose journey was chronicled by James Padgett - Helen Padgett and his own journey, as also some whose journey out of the hells was noted, we can see that it is possible to complete this very fast in the Spirit Spheres. Curiously however, I now know of a spirit teacher who has chosen to put his soul transformation on hold. Apparently this is a contentious issue, but he states that his ultimate gain will be the greater for spending time, potentially hundreds of years, on a specific task, which in this case is the uplifting of this planet. It seems discerning Father’s Will in all things is ultimately our only sure guide.

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Note 1 The “sins of the father” are well described in a recent communication not specifically on this topic. and also in this message A Talk on the Sins of the Parents