My Spiritual Journey.

This is a map of a journey you may take and make your own. It will cost nothing but your own time, and the benefit is for all eternity. It is built around the journey I made, and those others who have shared their own personal journey with me. If you find this worthwhile, please share with us. Inevitably the journeys here reflect where each started. The journey for a Christian must be different to that for a Jew, or a Buddhist, or a Muslim. But all can journey to find the answers. You only need to start. What started it for me?

What you need to start your journey.

You must come with an open mind, but do not suspend all judgement. By all means test whatever you read against what you have held to be true, and against itself, in other words do the messages and concepts hold together, as an integrated whole, are they beautiful and uplifting. Remember that Moses challenged the Jews of his time. So too did Jesus require the first Christians to reject some of the Jewish teachings, but naturally not all that was taught at that time of Moses’s teachings. This journey will inevitably challenge some of your beliefs, but we ask only that you seek for the truth with an open mind. Truth it seems is absolute only to God. To man it is often obscured, requiring refinement over time. Since neither mortals nor even spirits are infallible, what is held as a truth may subsequently prove false. Truth itself never changes, but we are often unable to correctly perceive Truth, and for this reason often need assistance to alter our opinions. The real reason for this is because almost none of us are able to really hear our souls, instead we use our material minds. But the soul has a mind that knows Truth. It knows this intuitively without reference to other knowledge.

It is also recommended that you pace yourself, and enjoy each point on the journey, and avoid by-passing any step, although it is a fact that the truths revealed become more exciting as the journey progresses. But it is not wise to jump to the end, for indeed there is no end. The lessons learned along the way are vital if you are to accept and understand the new truths of the rebirth. A lot of personal stress can be created by trying to bypass an essential learning stage.

Begin the journey….