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Inclusion in this list does not mean unqualified acceptance of all the material at that site. We have deliberately not distinguished between those sites for which we have unqualified support, and others. However at each of these sites we have found Truth. Rather than separating, we are seeking to be inclusive, thus we leave the judgement to the reader, to find Truth where it may be found.

Site Owner
A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife Victor
Angelic Church of Divine Love Eric
Angelic Messages Michael
Angelic Revelations  
Biography of James Padgett Alan
Church of Divine Truth Michael
Church of the New Birth Dr. Elizabeth Morano
Divine Bliss Geoff
Divine Love Blog Joan
Divine Love, Gods Greatest Gift Dennis
Divine Love Greatest Joseph
DivineLoveDivineTruth Dave
Divine Love Ministry Michael
Divine Love Sanctuary Al & Jeanne
JesusReligion.com - redirected to angelsghosts.com LC
Kay Ann’s Kozy Kolumn Kathryn
Light & Life Jim
Love without End Glenda
Messages from the Angels Judy
The New Gospel Eric
The Padgett Messages Nicholas & Zara
The Padgett Messages Geoff
The Padgett Messages Dennis
Truth for all People Ian
What Happens after you die? Michael
What is Divine Love Dennis
German Padgett Messages Markus
Universal Spirituality Eva
La Nouvelle Naissance  (French site) Christian and Raphael
Die Frohbotschaft der Göttlichen Liebe (German site) by Klaus