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Conversations with Judas Iscariot

In 2001 rather unexpectedly, a good friend of mine began receiving communications from spirit. This turned out to be none other than Judas Iscariot, also known as Judas of Kerioth. One can rather imagine that this is not a name that would be adopted by anyone, seeing as he is probably the most reviled human of all time. Thus we were never in any doubt, that he was who he claimed to be. No imposter is going to claim to be Judas! And these messages bear that out. Here we have now a highly advanced and loving individual. It’s even more fascinating to hear him use modern computer programming concepts to explain complex spiritual concepts. If ever one wondered what we might do after death, it’s quite certain we don’t sit around singing. No, we progress of course, and no matter how bad your starting point, one can climb the spiritual path steadily to enter the Kingdom of God.



This book is a publication of what ensued over the following years. It is a fascinating tale of an enigmatic and much mis-understood figure, as also containing fascinating insights into the life and times of Joshua Ben Joseph - Jesus of Nazareth. A great deal of information is shared regarding the “lost years”, or the years not covered in the Bible. Along the way, Judas touches on some contemporary subjects, tricky subjects like terrorism and homosexuality. We are also blessed to have the images of nine of the apostles, based on visions the author received, plus one of Pilate. Because the author is an extremely talented artist, he was able to reconstruct these using an approach similar to the familiar photo identikit approach. Here is one of those - Judas of course:


A sketch of what Judas looked like.


This series was not completed, and the messages end in the year 26 A.D., although some insights were given into events that happened later. (Jesus died in the year 29 A.D.) This book is over 650 pages. The Amazon Kindle ebook is here, and the printed book at Lulu.

However all the content of this book is available free in this section, as web pages. There is a free pdf at this location, but from personal experience, pdfs of this size (650 pages) are hard to navigate.