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The Gift of the Divine Love

There are many who teach “There is Only Love”. This is a great Truth, but it is as it stands, a half-truth. It suggests that there is only ONE Love, whereas we already know from our human existence that there are a few human loves - the mother’s love, the love of a partner, and another love some of us know of soul mate love, and there is also of course a more generic, non-specific love of all people and of course animals. Why then are these folks so certain that the Creator has only one Love? Because if you follow what we have been told below, its very certain that there are more than one “loves” that emanate from the Creator. And one of these in particular has a specific requirement before it flows into us. It needs us to trigger it. And the moment you trigger it, you feel it physically.  And once you have felt it, the intellectual arguments stop.

So what is Divine Love?

“No man can come to the Father’s Love, except he be born again. This is the great and fundamental Truth which men must learn and believe, for without this New Birth men cannot partake of the Divine Essence of God’s Love, which, when possessed by a man, makes him at one with the Father. This Love comes to man by the workings of the Holy Ghost, causing this love to flow into the heart and soul, and filling it, so that all sin and error must be eradicated.

I am not going to tell tonight just how this working of the spirit operates, but, I say, if a man will pray to the Father and believe, and earnestly ask that this Love be given him, he will receive it; and when it comes into his soul he will realize it.

Let not men think that by any effort of their own they can come into this union with the Father, because they cannot. No river can rise higher than its source; and no man who has only the natural love and filled with error can of his own powers cause that natural love to partake of the Divine, or his nature to be relieved of such sin and error. ”

Jesus - I am the Way the Truth and the Life

In these messages we are told that Divine Love is the very essence of the Creator. It is not like the emotional love - the natural love - that we mortals are familiar with. It is a real essence, something tangible like electricity, magnetism or gravity. This can flow from the Creator into our souls, and being a real essence, it has the power to transform that soul. We simply need to ask for this Divine Love, and to ask often. It is not a one time Gift - it is more like a sustenance, (Biblical Bread?) but one whose effects are cumulative.

“When men come to the knowledge that they are children of the Father and under His care and protection, they will see that they must lead such lives as will fit them to become in union with the Father and be able to partake of His Love which makes them, as it were, a part of Himself. I mean that there is in all men the potentiality of becoming a part of the Divine Essence, but in order for them to partake of this Divinity they must let the Love of the Father, in its highest nature, enter into their souls and make them at-one with Him. No mere love that they had bestowed upon them as creatures of the Father’s handiwork will enable them to attain to this exalted condition.”

Jesus: The real truth of the life on earth, and what it means to mortals.

“The New Birth is the flowing of the Spirit of God into your soul and the disappearing of all that tends to turn your heart from the truth and Love of God. It comes by the workings of the Holy Spirit that conveys the Grace of God. It is not a working of your own will or power - it is the Love of God that causes the change. You cannot of yourself change the evil workings of your heart but you can pray and the Holy Spirit will come into your soul and then you will realize the change. ”

Ann Rollins, grandmother of James Padgett

While concepts of Divine Love can be found elsewhere, to our knowledge no medium before James Padgett has consistently expounded this theme. This theme was continued with Dr Samuels, and continues to this day with contemporary messages. In message after message, the theme continues, without Divine Love we are not able to enter the heaven that Jesus promised. See the messages on heaven for a description of and the difference between the spirit heavens, which have always existed, and the Celestial Heavens which Jesus opened for us. It is this issue of different heavens that lies at the core of the confusion within orthodox Christianity.

“So I listened to her, and tried to believe that what she told me must be true, and that she was interested in me and desired only my happiness. I continued to pray, as I said, and one day after I had received some considerable faith, I met Jesus, and he told me of the wonderful things that his Father had prepared for me, if I would only believe and ask Him to give them to me. Jesus was so very beautiful and loving that I could not resist the influence which came over me; and then my faith increased, and I prayed with all my heart and soul.

At last, light came to me, and with it, such an inflowing of Love as I never dreamed could exist, either in the earth or in the spirit world. But it came to me and I felt as if I were a new spirit, and such happiness came as I never experienced before. And then that dear mother of yours came and rejoiced with me, and also your beautiful wife who had tried so hard to induce me to seek for this Love.”

Albert G Riddle, former law partner of James Padgett

The concept of Divine Love is simple, and is in accord with the New Testament, particularly: “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John Ch 3:3. And again: “And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it; that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.” John 17:26. Of all the theories regarding how one is to be saved by following Jesus, surely this is the simplest! And it can be proven for yourself - just try the great experiment! You will actually FEEL this Love.

“And I further informed them, that, if they wished to assert the truth of my words, they should try and test my teachings that the Father’s Love was now available, and pray for it to the Father in earnest prayer, and see whether, if this was done in sincerity, the Father’s Love, conveyed through the Holy Spirit, would burn and glow in the soul, by which sign they would realize His Love was present therein.”

Jesus of Nazareth

And that is how to experience “the peace that passeth all understanding.” Even the Bible relates the physical feeling of this love: They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

“Now Jesus not only taught the necessity for the New Birth, but he also taught the way in which it could be obtained, and that way is just as simple and easily understood as the New Birth itself. He taught, and is now teaching, that through earnest prayer to the Father, and faith, which makes all aspirations and soul longings things of real existence, and by the Holy Spirit which is the Father’s messenger of Love - or to carry his Divine Love - this Love will flow into the souls of men in response to such prayers; and by such faith men will realize its presence, and in this way, and this way only, men will receive the New Birth.”


The relationship between the “unforgivable sin” and Divine Love is also clearly explained:

“When on earth I taught the doctrine of salvation only through the workings of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the commandments of the Father. Mere belief in me or in my name without this Love will never enable any man to become the possessor of this Love. Hence the saying; “that all sins against me or even against God’s commandments may be forgiven men, but the sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven them, neither while on earth nor when in the spirit world.” This means that so long as a man rejects the influences of the Spirit he sins against it, and such sin prevents him from receiving this Divine Love; and hence, in that state he cannot possibly be forgiven, and be permitted to enter into the Celestial Kingdom of the Father.”

Jesus of Nazareth

The great Hindu guru Yogananda clearly knew of this Love, as can be seen in this quote.

“Many people may doubt that finding God is the purpose of life; but everyone can accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is Bliss. He is Love. He is Joy that will never go away from your soul. So why shouldn’t you try to acquire that Happiness? No one else can give it to you. You must continuously cultivate it yourself.”


Here is a vieo that summarises the process of praying for the Divine Love and explains some of its benefits:

A Sermon on Divine Love:

Author Title Date of Message
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The Gift of the Divine Love:

Author Title Date of Message
Ann Rollins Grandmother of Mr. Padgett writes that the New Birth is the flowing of the Spirit of God into the soul. September 15th, 1914
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Ann Rollins The importance of getting the Divine Love in the soul. December 12th, 1914
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Albert G Riddle Spirit’s experience after writing through Mr. Padgett. Obtained the Divine Love and made his progress into the Third Sphere. January 20th, 1915
Albert G Riddle Riddle has progressed to a new sphere and is now seeking more help to further his spiritual progress. And has received it with the help of Jesus. February 20th, 1915
Helen Helen writes on the Law of Compensation. March 23rd, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins’ experience in seeking the Divine Love of God. May 13th, 1915.
Jesus Why men must receive this Divine Love in order to be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom. June 5th, 1915.
John Divine Love should not be confounded with the natural love. July 8th, 1915
John Not the blood of Jesus but the Divine Love is what saves and redeems. September 7th, 1915
Andrew Divine Love casteth out all fear. September 17th, 1915
Jesus Jesus says his blood does not save men. Only the Divine Love or New Birth that he taught saves and redeems. September 19th, 1915.
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John The condition of the soul when and after the Divine Love flows into it. June 19th, 1916
Jesus Why the Divine Love of God is necessary for man to possess in order that he may become at-one with the Father and an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. June 27th, 1916.
Forrest Forrest has progressed out of darkness and is grateful to know the Way to obtain the Love of the Father. July 19th, 1916
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Samuel Happiness and peace that passeth all understanding comes to the possessor of the Divine Love. September 10th, 1916
Jesus The destiny of the man who does not have the Divine Love in his soul and dies only with the natural love and a belief in the creeds, etc. September 28th, 1916.
Jesus How the soul of a mortal receives the Divine Love, and what its effect is. November 10th, 1916
John John writes that there is no one in all the world at this time who is fitted to do the work which you are now doing and which you must continue to do while on earth. February 11th, 1917
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Jesus The only Way to the Kingdom of God in the Celestial Heavens. May 15th, 1917.
John What is the reason that mortals will not seek the Love of the Father, rather than endeavor to believe in the creeds and sacraments of the church to which they belong or be affiliated with? June 4th, 1917
Jesus The result of obtaining the Divine Love in removing worry. July 9th, 1917.
John Divine Love is ever waiting to fill the soul, and will, when the soul longings become real for its possession. July 11th, 1917
Priscilla Stone Mother of Leslie tells of her spiritual progress and her Great Love of the Father; and confirms his visit to Eleanor Meads, age 15, now in the spirit world. to help her again as he did when she was still on earth. December 10th, 1917
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We are told that the Gift of Divine love was withdrawn from Amon and Aman:

Author Title Date of Message
Aman Aman, first parent, reveals his temptation and fall. August 30th, 1915.
Amon Amon, mother of all human creation, gives her experience. Her temptation and disobedience. August 30th, 1915.
Jesus The withdrawal of Divine Love and its Rebestowal. January 24th, 2007

We are told that the Gift of Divine Love was rebestowed with Jesus being the first to receive it:

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Man was given the possibility of becoming in his nature Divine like the Father. But this gift was never possessed by him, until my coming to earth, and making known such a possibility. March 15th, 1916
Jesus The meaning of immortality. May 28th, 1915.
Samuel Did not get the Divine Love until Jesus came to earth. July 27th, 1915
Elias Elias (Elijah) never knew of the Divine Love until Jesus came to earth and made known its rebestowal. October 1st, 1916
Jesus Rebestowal of Divine Love. February 6th, 2007
Jesus Jesus’ Ministry and the Teachings of Divine Love April 2nd, 2016

We are told that the Gift of Divine Love will be again withdrawn:

Author Title Date of Message
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins again writes on the Kingdom of Jesus being closed to all those that do not receive the Divine Love of the Father. January 15th, 1915
Jesus The time will come when the privilege of obtaining the Divine Love will be withdrawn from mankind. March 3rd, 1915.
Ann Rollins Those who refuse this Great Gift after the privilege of obtaining it is withdrawn will suffer the “second death”. June 1st, 1916.
John Celestials must work until the Celestial Kingdom will be closed. March 15th, 1917
Jesus The Ebb and Flow of the Divine Love. October 1st, 1989.
Jesus Editing Volume II. August 11th, 1991.
Judas The closing of the Celestial Heavens. September 3rd, 2001
Jesus The Closing of the Celestial Heavens. January 20th, 2007