Messages 2017 and 2018

What Do You Pray For?

January 30th, 2017

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


What is it that you seek, beloveds? What is the yearning within your souls? What is the focus of your prayer? What do you seek? For in your focus and concentration and effort in prayer, bringing forth your longings, opening yourselves up to the Creator, allowing these blessings of Love to flow into you and around you, you are in the Light. When you bring these desires; these longings; these thoughts, forward in prayer, and in your quiet meditation, it is important to focus, beloveds. It is important to reach to God, the Source, and elicit this response; elicit the Holy Spirit that brings this Love into your soul. It is simple. You cannot sit back passively and expect God to touch your soul without these prayers and efforts and desire. Yes, you will receive the blessing of healing; a sense of comfort. You will come to know the feeling of this Love around you. But to receive this Love; to have this Love flow into your souls, and have its impact upon your soul, the change that comes, you must long for it. You must be open to it. You must be aligned with it.

In this world, so rife with distractions and many thoughts and philosophies, perceptions and perspectives, it is not easy to come to this pure longing, this simple understanding because so often you are distracted within your mind. So often the world knocks on your door wanting attention, and you carry your worries and your cares in this world. Here in this night, and those times when you retire to your quiet place in prayer, you must put aside all these conditions, all that troubles you, all of those preconceived notions of what God’s Love is and surrender. Surrender your heart to God. In that place it is often vulnerable and painful, you need to let go and allow God to touch you deeply within your soul. This unique experience, this wondrous touch will bring to you a powerful and joyful awakening; the awakening of your soul, my beloveds.

This is not a casual exercise. This is an intense and focused prayer and effort to receive this Holy Essence, which often feels too distant, so far away, but is not. It can be easily received if you are in the right attitude and prayerful condition. This is not so difficult. But for those who do not recognize this touch of Love, it is often difficult to allow this blessing to flow in. For many in the world carry on in their daily lives in a stance of protectiveness, carrying the armor that keeps them safe. And so, God must find a crack in your armor; a place where His Love can flow and reach your soul. It is important, this longing. For this longing does indeed allow the Love to flow within. It allows you to let down your guard, to be focused and receptive. So, I say to you my beloveds, those of you new to this experience of receiving God’s Love, it may not be as you anticipate. But when it does reach its mark, this touch of Love within you, you will feel its Presence, its healing balm, the reassurance of God’s Presence close to you and filling you with His Essence.

Once you have tasted these Living Waters, once you know for certain this beautiful touch, you will not turn away, but continue to drink, and to long, and to know this experience of the Touch of God within your soul. I beseech you beloved souls, seek this Love in all its simplicity and power and grace and glory. Be close to God in this way and all else will come to you. All questions will be answered in time and you will be nurtured by this deep and abiding peace, this wondrous, comforting Love, this touch from God. And in time you will see there is no need for anything else in your spiritual life, for with this great blessing comes many, many blessings - comes openings, understandings, awakenings, and revelations that will fulfill you from deep within; awaken you!

This will never be a place of routine or boredom. No, my beloveds! It is exciting to be with God. It is fulfilling. It is an adventure and a journey that never ends. For God’s Love is infinite. This blessing is only restricted by your own effort and desire. I beseech you beloved souls, pray for the opening of God’s Love, that it may pour into your souls. Ask and beseech God with all of your effort; all of your desire; all that is within you, to say, “Dear God, I wish to be close to you; to know you; to receive this great Love, and to be healed by it; awakened by it.”

You will receive this blessing, beloved souls, in ever greater abundance. Your souls will grow and feel the great joy that comes with this benediction. Seek ye the kingdom, beloveds. All else will come to you. Drink deep now for this Love is here awaiting your longing, your prayer, your opening, and your understanding. God bless you! I am Augustine, and I love you.