53 Revelations

These revelations were received by Dr Samuels over the period 1954 to 1966. For details on Dr. Samuels, see this page.

The numbering sequence employed here is that originally used by the Church of the New Birth, in their publications. A more recent publication by the Church of Divine Truth, “New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth” (NTR) has renumbered these messages. In many ways their new number sequence is an improvement, but in order to avoid confusion during web-based searches, I have decided to retain the old sequence. The NTR sequence is also set out within each message.

If you would like a pdf of these in either English or French, try this page.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Dr. Samuels is told that his present work will result in a new and corrected Gospel for mankind. December 22, 1954
Jesus Revelation 1: Relationship between Jesus and his cousin March 24th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 2: Life and ministry of John the Baptist. March 3rd, 1955
Jesus Revelation 3: Divine Love is a privilege Gift of the Father. April 21st, & May 3rd 1955
Jesus Revelation 4: Jesus proclaims Messiahship. May 25th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 5: Why Jesus was not accepted as the Messiah. June 14th & November 5th 1955
Jesus Revelation 6: Creation of man. August 16th & September 8th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 7: The Kingdom of God is within you. November 7th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 8: Jesus explains the Omnipresence of God. March 31st & April 13th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 9: Jesus’ boyhood in Egypt. January 10th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 10: Jesus meeting with Nicodemus. July 12th, 1960
Jesus Revelation 11: Shroud is a reality. September 14th and October 10th 1955
Jesus Revelation 12: Jesus explains passages in the Gospel of John June 7th, & June 14th & June 30th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 13: Matthew wrote passage on divorce. January 3rd & January 6th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 14: Prophecies of Daniel. December 12th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 15: Old Testament prophecies. February 7th & 14th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 16: Lazarus was not dead, only unconscious. September 27th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 17: Spiritualism causes stagnation of the soul. May 9th, June 28th, & November 12th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 18: The first miracle and other absurdities. December 6th, 9th, 13th, & 22nd, 1954
Jesus Revelation 19: Rapport necessary for spiritual healing. November 28th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 20: Reincarnation is an oriental doctrine. March 10th, 1955.
Jesus Revelation 21: Oahspe Bible comments. October 17th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 22: How the writings of Hosea helped Jesus to understand the New Covenant between God and mankind. January 27th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 23: Jesus explains the eleventh commandment. June 16th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 24: Jesus explains passages from The Prayer and corrects more passages in the Gospel of John. June 23rd, 1955
Jesus Revelation 25: Jesus throws more light on his trial and crucifixion and supplies additional truths about his birth. May 17th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 26: With Jesus’ coming, God revealed Himself truly. March 17th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 27: What the Father meant by giving the people a New Heart. January 11th, 1956
Jesus Revelation 28: Jesus never preached hatred of the Jews. July 11th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 29: The kind of Messiah expected by the Jews. May 12th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 30: The Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes. June 1st, 1955
Jesus Revelation 31: “On this rock I will build my Church.” April 28th, & May 5th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 32: The first followers to receive the Divine Love, beyond the Second Death. April 13th & May 5th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 33: The star of Bethlehem and the Three Wise Men. January 17th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 34: God listens to all who seek Him in earnest prayer. November 1st & 2nd, 1954 and June 23th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 35: The virgin birth; fasting; temptation by the devil; washing of the Divine Love. April 12th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 36: Joseph and Mary; the vicarious atonement; the misinterpretation regarding Gentiles. December 20th, 1954
Jesus Revelation 37: False beliefs regarding Jonas and Father Abraham November 29th, 1954 and June 21st, 1955
Jesus Revelation 38: The Sermon on the Good Shepherd. March 16th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 39: Parables explained; the Spirit of God; the closing of the Celestial Heavens. March 29th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 40: Why Jesus taught in parables; how his disciples were able to heal. October 25th and November 2nd, 1954.
Jesus Revelation 41: Events in the Garden of Gethsemane; Pilate and Herod. March 3rd, 1955
Jesus Revelation 42: The Hebrews - wayshowers to the Father. January 20th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 43: Messianic passages from Isaiah. January 31st, 1955
Jesus Revelation 44: Isaiah’s intuition of the Messiah to come. March 22nd, 1955
Jesus Revelation 45: I shall put enmity between the serpent and the seed of the woman. April 20th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 46: Peter’s leadership of the Christian movement. May 9th and 12th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 47: The birthplace of Jesus was foretold in a prophecy by Micah. February 3rd, 1955
Jesus Revelation 48: The ancient origins of some of the miracles found in the New Testament. February 3rd, 1955
Jesus Revelation 49: More about Jesus’ father and mother. December 16, 1954.
Jesus Revelation 50: The words supposedly uttered by Jesus on the cross. October 18th, 1954. February 3rd, 1955 and March 7th, 1955
Jesus Revelation 51: Why we are called New Birth Christians. July 10th, 1957 and April 4th, 1958.
Jesus Revelation 52: Jesus never sought to break away from Judaism or to establish a new church. March 1st, 1957, November 22nd, 1957 and May 18th, 1963
Jesus Revelation 53: God is not a Father - Mother God. July 28th, 1955 and March 13th, 1959