Padgett's Messages

There are two chronological presentations of this information. One is based on James Padgett’s index, and uses the descriptions of each communication just as he wrote it, and links to those messages that we have, both published an unpublished, but also lists those we don’t yet have. The other is shown here below, and uses the descriptions as published by Dr. Stone, but is shown in date order, and only indexes messages that were published.

The Padgett Messages, in original date order.

1915 part 1
1915 part 2
1920, 1921 & 1922

Background to the work done to put dates to messages.

James Padgett received messages from Jesus and many Celestials, and other spirits, over the period 1914 until his death in 1923. He received approximately 2,460 messages, but only about half have been published. The only messages that are currently published, were published in four initial volumes most commonly entitled “True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus” but which also utilised other titles. These include some 1,232 messages. These four volumes were published between 1941 and 1972, by Dr Stone, the close associate of James Padgett. The last volume was in fact completed after Dr Stone’s death, by Rev John Paul Gibson. A number of other published works have been compiled from this initial source, and many of these are listed on this page.

However the chronological index shown above of these messages was first published here on this site. This index is the result of a great deal of work, by a number of different people. I believe that this compilation will be of great interest to those who would like to understand how Padgett’s knowledge evolved, and precisely in what sequence things happened. In many ways this chronological presentation is easier to follow, and also answers many questions that would be raised by folks new to this business of channeling, and trying to understand why I consider these messages very largely accurate. If one wants to get straight into the “meaty stuff”, it is however easier to read Volumes I and II . And, based on my experience with one individual, who only read the chronological sequence, it is possible that deeper learning is achieved by sticking with these two volumes, which were arranged to convey the most important spiritual concepts. Alternatively, you may jump directly to any of the various sections on the menu, where messages relating to that topic have been gathered together to enable an easy appreciation of the subject.

The matching of dates was accomplished by comparing the short summary in an index form to which I do have access. These are called the Padgett Index. (The index kept by James Padgett of his communications because he could see it was going to get messy to track.) The reader should be aware that this date matching is a somewhat inexact process. Sometimes it is easy to match, but some messages appear to not be in this Index. Others are simply uncertain, because the Index could refer to more than one message. Thus some licence has occasionally been taken to arrive at this index, and I note that other sites now have small differences, where they obviously believe they have managed to match messages, which matching I however have not agreed with. In other cases I have altered this site after their taking from here, a set of dated messages, and they are simply out of date. (While there are many sites holding dated messages, in all instances they started with the work published on this site.) I do not believe that this should in any way detract from the index. A number of messages could not be dated, and will have to await the scanning of the original to establish the date.

In 2012 those autographs (originals of the automatic writing) that were in the hands of the F.C.N.B. and one other person have been scanned. A further quantity held by a third person has been fully scanned and shared as of September 2014. The original of the prayer was also handed over on this date by yet another. But it will be some years before all are re-transcribed and made publicly available. It is however clear that many originals have been lost. This apparently occured during the time of John Paul Gibson, as they were destroyed by damp in his basement.

What is the accuracy of the text on this site compared with the originals?

It seems that it may be important for me to state my position on the accuracy or otherwise of these messages, and the issue of potential error in these messages. As is the case in every area of human belief, there are those followers of the Padgett Messages who do not accept that any error has ever been found in these messages. Furthermore, they feel that anyone who suggests that there may be such error, is basically damaging the legacy and destroying the value of this work.

I would prefer to leave the matter of truth or otherwise to those who read these, but we have had over 100 years of regular communication now, through a great many mediums. A very small number of mistakes have been pointed out in these older messages by more recent communications, and I have linked these to the originals, where appropriate. It is fair to say that most who read these messages are struck by the consistency, and lack of obvious error.

Padgett was clearly a very gifted medium, and was dealing with advanced and knowledgeable spirits. Without going into any detail, I should hasten to add that none of these issues are central to the Divine Love concepts so clearly received and explained by James Padgett, and these are only ancillary issues. But I do feel obliged to share these with the reader, and in the appropriate places, you may find a footnote attached to a message, setting out any concerns I have. I do not think that this approach damages the legacy, in fact I believe and hope that the true seeker will take the opposite view. But I will state here that I have not altered what has been originally published and that I have used the oldest publications as my source, although the matter of duplicate messages is a somewhat more complex issue, and can result in a message that is a composite.

While on the issue of accuracy, another matter is worth covering. The F.C.N.B. who are the publishers of these original messages has on it’s web site a statement defending their intention to never alter a single comma in any of the volumes. Anyone who studies the duplicates, or for that matter the errata that Dr Stone produced in 1941, will realise this is not a logical position to take, even though I personally see the purpose of this new-birth web site to stick as close as is feasible to these original volumes.

I fully accept that others may see as their purpose the desire to create easy to read modern volumes, and I am certainly not opposed to their doing that. It is very obvious that Dr Stone “cleaned up” the text, and in some places one might even raise an eyebrow at the extent to which he did this - see the prayer as an example. I do not however feel the liberty to do likewise. Where a word has fallen into disuse, I have added it’s current equivalent in brackets, rather than changing the word. I certainly have punctuated extensively, creating smaller sentences where in many cases these are totally unreadable. But of course the nearly 100 composite messages - messages which are the result of comparing the two, and even three instances of the same message - are not identical to anything in the original volumes. The Volume I errata have also been applied to this site. And in 2014 I completed the creation of new editions of Kindle Versions and new editions of printed volumes. A small number of unpublished messages are listed here.