Padgett's Messages

The Padgett Messages 1916

All the published Padgett Messages sorted in date order for the year 1916.

Author Message Date
Helen Padgett Helen explains that the book that he was reading (Pastor Russell On Spiritualism) did not have a good influence on him. January 1st, 1916
Jesus Jesus comments on a book that Mr. Padgett was reading about fallen angels, which some churches believe in. January 2nd, 1916
Jesus There are no devils and no Satan considered as real persons and fallen angels. January 3rd, 1916
Luke Luke on atonement, part 2. January 4th, 1916
Jesus Jesus confirms that Luke wrote on the atonement. January 4th, 1916
Jesus Jesus affirms that Mr. Padgett is now receiving the Divine Love of the Father in more abundance. January 5th, 1916
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln: Difference in his beliefs now and what his beliefs were when on earth. January 5th, 1916
George Butler A spirit describes his experience in one of the hells. January 5th, 1916
Helen Confirmation that the spirits who have written actually did so. January 5th, 1916
John St. John has written about the great powers that are behind Mr. Padgett to fulfill all his wishes, which was further encouraged by Leslie’s mother, his Sister Kate, Prof. Salyards, Elizabeth Barret Browning, and his wife, Helen. January 7th, 1916
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone, Mother of Leslie R. Stone, has advanced to First Celestial Sphere. January 10th, 1916
Jesus The importance for mankind seeking the Divine Love and not be satisfied by merely developing the natural love in a pure state. January 10th, 1916
Jesus The importance for mankind seeking the Divine Love - cont. January 11th, 1916
Jesus The importance for mankind seeking the Divine Love - cont. January 12th, 1916
Luke Incarnation of the soul - Mystery of the birth of the soul in the human being. January 13th, 1916
Jesus Jesus: The relationship of man to the creation of the world, and the origin of life. January 15th, 1916
Hannah Somerville A spirit who believed in the eternal punishment of those who denied the vicarious atonement of Jesus. January 16th, 1916
Paul Paul of Tarsus: The resurrection that is common to all, be they saint or sinner. January 16th, 1916
Jesus Corroboration by Jesus that St. Paul wrote on the resurrection. January 16th, 1916
Samuel Samuel - Incarnation of the Soul. January 17th, 1916
Stephen St. Stephen writes about Jesus as Head of the Church in the Celestial Heavens. And confirms that Paul wrote on the resurrection. January 17th, 1916
Albert G Riddle The soul’s progression as I have experienced it. January 19th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen informs Mr. Padgett on the conditions surrounding a medium that he visited to learn about the kind of work they did in behalf of the Kingdom, on advice of a friend. January 21st, 1916
Galileo Galileo writes of his studies of the material universe. January 21st, 1916
Joseph Salyards Prof. Salyards Writes that the law is the unchangeable factor in determining the status of men on earth and spirits. January 21st, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen: Confirms that many dark spirits had been present, and wanted to write. January 28th, 1916
Luke The development of the soul in its natural love, wherein the New Birth is not experienced. February 3rd, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen writes that although the Master was anxious to write tonight, He was not displeased with him. February 5th, 1916
Jesus Jesus: The relationship of man to the creation of the world, and the origin of life - cont. February 6th, 1916
Paul Paul of Tarsus: The resurrection that Jesus taught without which our faith as Christians is in vain. February 8th, 1916
Joseph Salyards Mr. Padgett was once a pupil of Prof. Salyards and now the tables are reversed. February 8th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen learns that Mr. Morgan will have an Indian guide called Red Fox. February 8th, 1916
Stephen Elkins Stephen Elkins was helped by Mr. Padgett and has progressed out of darkness. When on earth, he did not believe in things of the soul, or Jesus, or even in a God. February 11th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen explains that White Eagle is in charge of the dark spirits and only permits them to write at the proper time, and reports on the progress made by spirits that he helped. February 11th, 1916
Pope Clement St Clement the Pope. February 15th, 1916
Luke The development of the soul in its natural love - continued. February 16th, 1916
Priscilla Stone Mother of Dr. Stone regards the work of both Mr. Padgett and her son very important and mentions the great love of the Master for both. February 17th, 1916
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll relates his experience in obtaining the Divine Love. February 18th, 1916
Ann Rollins Who and What is God? February 18th, 1916
John Yorking John Yorking - disciple of Jesus. His knowledge of the true teachings of Jesus when on earth. February 19th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen comments on the preceding spirit. February 19th, 1916
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins: Who and What is God? - continued. February 25th, 1916
John Padgett John H. Padgett: Affirmation that Mr. Padgett’s grandmother wrote the message on “Who and What is God?” February 25th, 1916
Jesus Jesus postpones writing to correct Mr. Padgett’s thinking before he can write again. February 27th, 1916
Jesus How a soul must receive the Divine Love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the Kingdom of God. February 28th, 1916
Jesus How the redeemed soul is saved from the penalties that sin and error has brought upon it. March 2nd, 1916
Rose McGovern Rose, after Judge Syrick passed into the spirit world, writes about the wonderful love that the Master has for Mr. Padgett as well as her soulmate’s progress. March 4th, 1916
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett, who located Judge Syrick’s soulmate is happy that she is able to write tonight. March 4th, 1916
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll is grateful to Mr. Padgett’s grandmother for the help that she has given him to enable him to progress to higher spheres. March 4th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen is happy for the improvements in Mr. Padgett’s spiritual progression. March 5th, 1916
Anonymous Mr. Padgett helped spirits from all walks of life and the early Indian who asked for help was not denied to write. March 6th, 1916
Seligman Seligman, a Mohammedan, never knew or heard of Divine Love with all his many years in the spirit world until Mr. Padgett informed him and helped him to seek and obtain It. Says his prophet never taught us about Divine Love. March 6th, 1916
Priscilla Stone Mother of Dr. Stone expresses her great love for her son and reports on progress of his father and sister and his soulmate Mary. March 6th, 1916
Louis O’Neil Judge O’Neil, a personal friend of Mr. Padgett’s, tells of his experiences in the spirit world and described his work in behalf of the Kingdom. March 7th, 1916
John Carlisle Carlisle, an old friend of Mr. Padgett’s, is seeking his help to get out of darkness. March 7th, 1916
Frank Davis Frank Davis, an old friend and chum of Mr. Padgett’s, describes his condition on entering the spirit world and tells about the help that he received there to obtain the light. March 7th, 1916
John John advises Mr. Padgett to give up reading unrelated material and apply himself to the writings given him by Jesus and other Celestials. March 7th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen writes that she sees both Carlisle and Davis and is trying to help them both to come into the light. March 7th, 1916
John St. John advises Mr. Padgett about a Plan of Independence that will be disclosed in detail at a later date. March 11th, 1916
John Mastry Selected to help Mr. Padgett with his personal problems. March 11th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms both John and stranger by the name of Mastry wrote. March 11th, 1916
John John: Book of Revelation is only a mere allegory of some one or more writers and is not the same as St. John wrote. March 12th, 1916
John Parker A Seventh Sphere inhabitant wants to assure Mr. Padgett that the writers are truthfully who they represent themselves to be. March 14th, 1916
Josephus Josephus (Jewish Historian) assures Mr. Padgett that he is receiving communications from spirits living in the Celestial Spheres. March 14th, 1916
Prof Salyards The object of man’s life on earth and the necessity of doing certain things whereby man can become perfect man - but not the Divine man. March 15th, 1916
Jesus Jesus - What it is that makes a man Divine? March 15th, 1916
Stephen St. Stephen affirms that Jesus wrote. March 15th, 1916
Joseph Joseph of Arimathea describes what happened after the remains of Jesus were put in the tomb. March 16th, 1916
John John: The belief in the efficacy of the vicarious atonement of Jesus by his death and crucifixion by the churches has caused much harm to mankind and the loss of the True Way to the Celestial Kingdom. March 18th, 1916
Hay Hay, a brother lawyer of Mr. Padgett’s, is wondering if the church of today has any value in helping man to prepare himself to properly live in the spirit world. March 19th, 1916
Maurice Smith Smith, a brother lawyer is in darkness and is wondering if what he saw Mr. Padgett do to help, another dark spirit could help him also. March 19th, 1916
White Eagle White Eagle would not permit a dark spirit to write. March 19th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen tells of poor Lipscomb trying to write as he imagined that he was intoxicated but of course he was not, although he thought so himself. March 19th, 1916
Samuel Continuous life of a man after the death of the body as shown by the manifestations of nature is not conclusive. March 21st, 1916
Jesus Jesus has chosen Mr. Eugene Morgan to do a work in reference to the spreading of the Truths. March 22nd, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen: Confirms that the Master wrote and selected Mr. Morgan to do a work in reference to the spreading of his Truths. March 22nd, 1916
Jesus How the Divine Love enters into the soul of man. March 23rd, 1916
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick relates his many blessings since coming into the Spirit World. March 23rd, 1916
General Henkle Saul S. Henkle: An old friend of Mr. Padgett’s also comments on soulmate love. March 23rd, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy: The soulmates shed tears of joy to hear that Mr. Padgett, Dr. Stone and Mr. Morgan were favored by Jesus. March 23rd, 1916.
William Stone William Stone, Father, gives a report on his son’s work and spiritual development in his great mission selected by the Master. March 23rd, 1916
Elias Elias introduces himself to Mr. Padgett and makes arrangement to write and be included in the Book of Truths. March 24th, 1916
Samuel Samuel - Previous message on the continuity of life continued. March 30th, 1916
Bright Star Bright Star became a friend as a result of a séance that Mr. Padgett attended. March 30th, 1916
Jesus Jesus speaks about how many Christian Scientists exercise the faith that helps them to overcome harmful habits. April 5th, 1916
John Truth, knowledge and love. How to solve the problem of what is true and what is not. April 7th, 1916
Saul Saul’s testimony - Many laws of the O.T. came to him by tradition. April 7th, 1916
Luke Luke - “The sins of the parents are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations.” April 9th, 1916
Luke Luke makes some corrections in the previous message. April 10th, 1916
Clara Barton Clara Barton, founded the Red Cross Society, and is still in the earth plane and not too interested in spiritual progression. April 14th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen says that Miss Barton is now with Mr. Padgett’s mother, who is explaining to her the Great Love of the Father. April 14th, 1916
Mary Mary writes that Jesus was the natural son of Joseph and Mary. April 15th, 1916
John John writes that only the Father can give you His Divine Love through earnest prayer to Him. April 15th, 1916
Saul Saul affirms that Mary the mother of Jesus wrote. April 15th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen affirms that John, Saul and Mary wrote. April 15th, 1916
John John affirms that Mary the mother of Jesus wrote. April 16th, 1916
White Eagle White Eagle and Arondah assist Dr. Stone in his healing work April 18th, 1916
Helen Padgett On healing a sick woman. April 18th, 1916
Soloman Solomon: What is the greatest thing in all the world? April 20th, 1916
John the Baptist John the Baptist - Jesus was the true Messiah and the true Christ as he taught when on earth. April 20th, 1916
Jesus Worship of Jesus as part of the Godhead is wrong and sinful - how much Jesus deplores this erroneous belief of mankind. April 23rd, 1916
John John: Why the churches refuse to investigate that spirits can and do communicate with mortals. April 23rd, 1916
Lafayette Lafayette: relates his changed attitude towards the Germans. April 23rd, 1916
Rose Judge Syrick’s soulmate writes about his progress in the Divine Love. April 24th, 1916
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll describes his progress and his difficulty in changing the views of his followers. April 24th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen: A loving personal message to her husband and soulmate. April 24th, 1916
Luke Luke - What is necessary for a man to do to recover the purity of soul and love that was possessed by the first parents. Doctrine of original sin is a mocking, damnable lie. April 27th, 1916
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy Both Helen and Mary write this message and Mary has progressed to the First Celestial Sphere which is confirmed by Helen. May 6, 1916
Jesus Jesus advises Mr. Padgett to take his daughter to a séance to prove to her that there is truth in spiritualism. May 7th, 1916
Jesus Jesus continues the message on “how the Divine Love enters into the soul of a human being.” May 8th, 1916
John Important that man must search and find the truth. May 12th, 1916
Jesus How the Divine Love may be called upon and used in the healing of our physical bodies. May 16th, 1916
Alice A cousin of Mr. Padgett writes of her happiness in the Third Sphere. May 16th, 1916
Martin Luther Luther sees the necessity of correcting many of the principles of belief of his followers. May 16th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that the healing forces of Divine Love had been utilized in Mr. Morgan’s behalf. May 16th, 1916
Martin Luther Luther describes the relationship that existed in his day between the laymen and the church officials. May 23rd, 1916
John John came in to encourage both Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone to have faith in the outcome of a plan that the spirit forces have outlined to them. May 24th, 1916
John John explains the soulmate separations in the event that both do not obtain the Divine Love of the Father. May 26th, 1916
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins: How all mankind can become Divine Angels and how erroneous beliefs prevent this consummation. May 28th, 1916
Martin Luther Martin Luther, reformer, is very anxious that the Truths that he now knows be made known to his followers. May 29th, 1916
John John: What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body for eternity? May 29th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen shared the happiness of Mr. Padgett today when his soul was so filled with the Love of the Father. May 29th, 1916
Ann Rollins The necessity of obtaining the Divine Love.Those who refuse this Great Gift after the privilege of obtaining it is withdrawn will suffer the “second death”. June 1st, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen on Ann Rollin’s message. June 1st, 1916
Josephus Creation of the first parents. Difference in their qualities, equal in their relationship to God. June 3rd, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirming that Josephus wrote, and comments on the equality of the sexes. June 3rd, 1916
Luke What is the use in believing in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross as salvation from sin. June 4th, 1916
Lillian Summer Lonely spirit writes about her belief when on earth. June 6th, 1916
Kate Stone Dr. Stone’s sister, Kate, says that she was not very wise when on earth, but now knows the wonderful things that come to her with the inflowing of the Father’s Love. June 6th, 1916
Helen Padgett The wonders, benefits and blessings wrought by the Divine Love of God. June 8th, 1916
Jesus What is the correct way in which a man should live the life on earth, in order to receive the cleansing from his sins, so that he can acquire the purification of his natural love. June 11th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen comments on the lack of rapport. June 11th, 1916
Jesus Jesus refers to Mr Padgett’s mediumship and denies reincarnation. June 13th, 1916
Jesus How a mortal may obtain the development of his soul without the help of the Divine Love. June 17th, 1916
Martin Luther A short message by Martin Luther. June 17th, 1916
Helen Padgett A short message by Helen. June 17th, 1916
John John - The condition of the soul when and after the Divine Love flows into it. June 19th, 1916
John Calvin John Calvin interested in the work and the means whereby all men may receive the Divine Love. June 20th, 1916
Jesus Why the Divine Love of God is necessary for man to possess in order that he may become at-one with the Father and an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. June 27th, 1916
Edwin Forrest Forrest, a brother lawyer and once an associate of Mr. Padgett, seeks help, since he heard that others received help. June 27th, 1916
Martin Luther Martin Luther on religious ceremonies. June 29th, 1916
John Why should men learn that they are not to be left to themselves in their conception of what life means, and what its importance is in the economy of man’s creation and destiny. July 2nd, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy intends to take the spirit of Dr. Stone out of the body to show him where she is living in the same way that Helen did with Mr. Padgett. July 3rd, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms Mary’s plan. July 3rd, 1916
Jesus Jesus - Some of the errors and deficiencies of Christian Science. July 9th, 1916
Edwin Forrest Forrest has progressed out of darkness and is grateful to know the Way to obtain the Love of the Father. July 19th, 1916
Luke St. Luke corroborates what Luther has written about the errors in the Bible. July 25th, 1916
Helen Padgett Buddha no longer teaches reincarnation. August 1st, 1916
John Divine Love - what It is and what It is not. How It can be obtained. August 5th, 1916
Jesus Jesus will never come as Prince Michael to establish his Kingdom. August 13th, 1916
Jesus Jesus says: There are very often spirits present who listen to those on earth when they read spiritual truths. August 15th, 1916
Jesus Jesus says: That the only part of man that is immortal is the soul, the spirit is merely the active energies that manifest life and these energies for their existence depend upon the soul from which they emanate. August 26th, 1916
John John gives reasons why corrections have to be made in the New Testament and that James is the real brother of Jesus. August 28th, 1916
Martin Luther Martin Luther - the Popes who persecuted him. August 28th, 1916
Constantine Constantine says he never when on earth accepted Christianity. Is now a Celestial Spirit. September 5th, 1916
Luke Luke affirms Constantine’s writing. September 5th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen affirms that Constantine and Luke wrote. September 5th, 1916
John John attended a spiritual meeting with Mr. Padgett and then wrote about the speakers that they did not know what oneness with the Father means. September 10th, 1916
Samuel Happiness and peace that passeth all understanding comes to the possessor of the Divine Love. September 10th, 1916
Cornelius Cornelius, the centurion of the Bible and the first gentile Christian. Now in the Celestial Heavens. September 12th, 1916
John John: The true meaning of - “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, etc.” September 17th, 1916
Jesus The Beliefs of a Mission Preacher. September 17th, 1916
Lazarus Lazarus affirms that Mr. Padgett is selected by Jesus to do the work. September 21st, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the writing from Lazarus. September 21st, 1916
John What is the destiny of the mortal who has not experienced the New Birth, but will progress to that condition which may be called the perfect man. September 23rd, 1916
Jesus Jesus: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father. If ye ask anything in my name I will do It.” September 24th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen, wife of Mr. Padgett: Affirming that Jesus wrote. September 24th, 1916
Jesus The destiny of the man who does not have the Divine Love in his soul and dies only with the natural love and a belief in the creeds, etc. September 28th, 1916
John John - Continued from preceding message. September 30th, 1916
Elias Elias (Elijah) on the history of the times when he lived on earth. He never knew of the Divine Love until Jesus came to earth and made known its rebestowal. October 1st, 1916
John John writes on the true meaning of “the end of the world.” October 1st, 1916
Paul Paul - What is the real body that is resurrected at the time of the physical death. October 4th, 1916
Paul Paul - continued from preceding message. October 5th, 1916
Luke Luke discloses the names of the guides for Mr. Padgett, Mr. Morgan and Dr. Stone and that above each of them is Jesus. October 5th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that it was Luke who wrote. October 5th, 1916
Elias Elias writes that he is the prophet of the Transfiguration that actually occurred. October 8th, 1916
Elias Elias (Elijah): His experience while on earth and the spirit world. Transfiguration on the Mount a reality. October 11th, 1916
John John: Jesus will never come in all his glory and power and take men into his Heaven, just as they are in body, soul and spirit. October 11th, 1916
Luke Luke comments on a preacher’s sermon and advises Mr. Padgett to cultivate the friendship of this preacher in order to help him to better understand the Truth. October 12th, 1916
Mary Kennedy First message written automatically by Mr. Morgan from Mary Kennedy October 12th, 1916
Edwin Forrest Mr. Forrest is commencing to realize that there must be a God of Mercy and Love with the help of Mr. Padgett’s wife and grandmother. October 12th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen writes that Forrest is praying earnestly for the Divine Love and is progressing, and was so anxious to write. October 12th, 1916
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone again expresses her great love for her son and is very happy to see his soul development in the Love of the Father as well as the love of his soulmate Mary. October 13th, 1916
John John often attends Church services with Mr. Padgett as well as many other Celestials; says: The inexperience of the preacher to fully describe the subject of spiritualism was due to insufficient knowledge of the continuity of life. October 15th, 1916
Luke The necessity for men turning their thoughts to things spiritual. October 16th, 1916
John John - What should a man do who is not satisfied with any of the churches. October 19th, 1916
Judas Judas - The greatest sin is against the Holy Spirit that conveys the Divine Love into the soul. October 21st, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen corroborating that Judas wrote on the unpardonable sin. October 21st, 1916
Elias Elias describes the feelings of the congregation of an orthodox minister, whose sermon was spiritual enlightenment and believed to be a true spiritualist. October 22nd, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen was also present and heard the sermon of the orthodox minister. October 22nd, 1916
Jesus Due to Mr. Padgett’s heavy schedule with the dark spirits that even Jesus had to make definite appointments to fit into his schedule. October 23rd, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen tells Mr. Padgett that he has the power to prevent the dark spirits from writing as Jesus has just written. October 23rd, 1916
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett spends a great deal of her spiritual time with Mr. Padgett, and is always ready to help those in need, both in the material and spiritual planes. October 26th, 1916
John Padgett Mr. Padgett’s father tells of his progress to the First Celestial Sphere and as his guardian angel tells him not to worry about material needs. October 28th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen progresses to a higher Celestial Sphere and tells of her work in revealing who their soulmates are and in bringing them together, but since Mr. Padgett is her soulmate, her work is mainly with him so long as he is on earth. October 28th, 1916
Jesus Probation does exist among spirits in the hells. All who refuse to seek the Way to the Celestial Heavens will eventually find their way to the kingdom where the perfect natural man exists. October 29th, 1916
James St. James says that Mr. Padgett will soon get relief from worry. October 31st, 1916
Leander Albright A spirit who has received the Divine Love writes of his efforts to awaken other spirits to the true religion November 1st, 1916
Jesus Why Jesus does not attend the battlefields where the scenes of carnage exist. November 2nd, 1916
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone tells her son, Leslie, that his soul is becoming filled with more Love of the Father. November 2nd, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary agrees to what his mother has said about Leslie’s progress in his soul development. November 2nd, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen affirming Jesus wrote and showed his glory. November 2nd, 1916
John John says: Dr. Stone and Eugene Morgan have a great deal of love in their souls. November 4th, 1916
Grandfather of Eugene Morgan Grandfather and father helped Eugene Morgan’s spiritual development. November 4th, 1916
Sister of Eugene Morgan Eugene Morgan’s sister is happy that Eugene has received the Great Love of the Father. November 4th, 1916
Hugh Taggart Taggart prefers spiritual happiness to earth life. November 4th, 1916
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett confirms the statement by others that Mr. Morgan now has the Divine Love of the Father and adds her sisterly love also. November 4th, 1916
Luke The mystery of the Godhead, three in one is a myth. There is no mystery that men should not know. November 5th, 1916
John P. Newman - Bishop Spirit affirms Luke’s writing. Regrets that he did not teach the Truth when on earth. November 5th, 1916
Wm E Gladstone Was Premier of Great Britain. Has deep feelings of horror at the war that is raging. November 6th, 1916
Charles Russell Pastor Russell writes about his passing into the spirit world. November 6th, 1916
Kate Stone Dr. Stone’s sister makes reference, as did John Padgett, to the depressing influence which Richard the Third brought with him. November 6th, 1916
Jesus Jesus: How the soul of a mortal receives the Divine Love, and what its effect is, even though subsequently his mind may indulge in those beliefs that may tend to prevent the growth of the soul - what is a lost soul? November 10th, 1916
James Garfield Garfield writes that Mr. Padgett’s grandmother has had a beneficial effect on him and has helped him to get into the light. November 17th, 1916
John No one will suffer in hell for eternity - all will progress. November 19th, 1916
Paul Paul of Tarsus: Hell and the duration of punishment. November 19th, 1916
Paul Paul of Tarsus: Hell and the duration of punishment - continued from preceding message. November 20th, 1916
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone explains the great joy living in the Father’s Kingdom that she wants her son to know a great deal about. November 20th, 1916
Descartes A French philosopher who rejects the idea of Divine Love and places his faith in reason and intellectual development. November 20th, 1916
Paul Paul of Tarsus: Hell - what it is and what the purpose is. Continued from preceding message by Paul. November 21st, 1916
Goliath The famous giant Goliath of the Philistines affirms that there is no reincarnation after death of the mortal body. November 25th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the statement, that there is no reincarnation. November 25th, 1916
Luke What is the most important thing in all the world for men to do to bring about the Great Millennium, etc. November 30th, 1916
Judas Judas, as a brother and friend, urges Mr. Padgett not to permit his material mind control his spiritual consciousness, which darkens the soul faculties and prevents rapport with higher spirits. December 1st, 1916
Jesus The prayer given by Jesus as the only prayer…. December 2nd, 1916
Robert Ingersoll Affirming that Jesus wrote the Prayer, which is the only Prayer that is needful to bring into the souls of men the Divine Love. December 2nd, 1916
Helen Padgett Affirmation by Mrs. Padgett. December 2nd, 1916
Cornelius Cornelius tells of the great spiritual audiences that attend the writings received by Mr. Padgett and listen to what is said. December 3rd, 1916
Esau, son of Isaac Esau (son of Isaac): He now knows the difference between the spirit who has in his soul the Divine Love and one who has not. December 4th, 1916
Helen Padgett Urges Mr. Padgett to use the Prayer given by Jesus; the great blessing conferred upon him in the work he is to do, also, the importance of the work to be done by Dr. Stone and Mr. Morgan. December 5th, 1916
Edwin Forrest Edwin Forrest: Old friend of Mr. Padgett is interested in the Prayer that Jesus wrote, as he wants to progress out of his darkness into the light. December 6th, 1916
John John: Description of the Third Sphere. December 8th, 1916
Jesus Jesus: What men should believe in order to again become the perfect man. December 12th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirming that Jesus wrote on what men should do to become the perfect man. December 12th, 1916
Julius Caesar Caesar is seeking for the Divine Love. Light is breaking into his soul. December 13th, 1916
Elias Elias - The hope that all mortals have in a future destiny of freedom from care and unhappiness. December 13th, 1916
Samuel Samuel - What causes the souls of men the unrest that now exists in the world? December 13th, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy succeeds in bringing her soulmate, Leslie, into the third sphere, although upon his return he did not remember the travel he made into the spirit world. December 13th, 1916
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone writes on his trip into the spirit world. December 16th, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary says that her soulmate love for Leslie is like a consuming flame. It is the one great love outside of the Father’s Love. December 16th, 1916
Lamlestia Lamlestia (an ancient spirit) discusses reincarnation and theosophy. December 17th, 1916
Mary Baker Eddy Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy’s testimony. December 17th, 1916
Helen Padgett A short note from Helen Padgett. December 17th, 1916
Julius Caesar Caesar is grateful to Mr. Padgett for his prayer and introduction to his grandmother and is progressing into the light. December 20th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that it was Caesar who actually wrote, as well as others. December 20th, 1916
Jesus What men can do to eradicate war and evil from men’s souls. Jesus never came to bring a sword but to bring peace through his teachings. December 24th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen Padgett comments on Jesus’ message on the cause of war. December 24th, 1916
Elias Elias talks about the Law of Compensation. December 25th, 1916
William Stone William Stone, father, wrote of his son’s experience in his first travel into the spirit world where he met his family there. December 28th, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy chides Dr. Stone on his love for her. Also speaks of the trip into the spirit world by both. Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett. December 28th, 1916
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick confirms that the soulmates of Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone had them traveling in the spirit world and they are truly who they represent themselves to be when they write. December 28th, 1916
General Henkle General Henkle is surprised to learn that a soul can leave the material body and visit with loved ones in the spirit world as both Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone were able to do with the help of their loved ones. December 28th, 1916
John St. John explains that Jesus has already come the second time, which subject he will discuss at a later date. December 29th, 1916
Helen Padgett Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone go to a Presbyterian church for the New Year’s Eve service. December 31st, 1916