True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mother of Dr. Stone expresses her great love for her son and reports on progress of his father and sister and his soulmate Mary.

March 6th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, mother.

I am here, the mother of the boy who is sitting close to you. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to write to him, for, while it has really not been a great while since I wrote him, yet, it seems so to me, and I have so much love for him, and desire so much to tell him so. I am very happy both on account of my own condition, and because I see that there is developing in his soul the great love of the Father in greater and greater abundance. He may not realize this to the full extent, but it is true and I am able to see it and rejoice that it is so.

His father is also very happy, and is progressing and is now in condition to soon make sure his coming to me, where we can be together, without any necessary separation.His father says - that he is with his son quite often and is trying to encourage him, and cause him to believe that his earthly affairs will continue to grow better as they will.

His sisters are here and also send their love and want him to know that they are very happy, notwithstanding that they see that another brother on earth is not in that condition of soul development, that they so earnestly pray for, but they have great hope that at some time very soon he will have an awakening, that will cause him to turn his thoughts to the higher things of life, and seek the love of the Father, which is waiting for him to ask for.

While we all feel the great want of spirit progression that our brother lacks, and that he is not very happy and is doing those things that tend to turn him away from the things that would make him happy, and more in accord with the Will of the Father, and also that he really suffers at times because of his soul condition, yet, we are not really unhappy, because we know it is only for a season, and that sooner or later our prayers and influence will have their effect, and he will realize that there is something more to live for, as well as die for, than the mere material things of earth.

Well, I do not know that I should write more tonight especially as there is a girl here who is very impatient to write, and who is almost selfish in her desires to tell her Leslie as she calls him, that she loves him more and more.

So thanking you I will say good night.

With all my love to my son, and thanks to you I will say -

I am his mother .


P.S. The little girl referred to is my soulmate, Mary Kennedy, who will now write: –

Well, I am not a selfish girl if my mother-in-law says so. You know what an awful reputation mother-in-laws have for interfering between the daughter-in-law and the son who thinks more of his wife, than he does of his mother. But this is not the case in the present instance for his mother loves me as much as she does him, and is glad when I can come to him, and tell him how much I love him.

Well, tell him I do love him, and intend to tell him so every time I get the opportunity, even if he does get tired of listening to me. I am very happy and realize that he is coming closer to me every day, and that his soul is expanding with the Father’s love. Oh! How splendid it will be when the time comes when I shall have him with me.

I wonder sometimes if he will become dissatisfied at the contrast in his condition now, and when he comes over. I mean that now he has no one to say to him what he shall do, or when he shall go out, and when come in, but when he comes with me, I will stick to him so close that he will not be able to move about without my being with him, but, I am willing to take the chance, and I don’t believe that I will be disappointed. So, tell him he had better take all the advantage possible of his present liberty for when he comes to me, he will surely become my captive, and I may be a hard mistress, so far as restricting the freedom of his movements.

Well, now to be a little serious. I am trying my best to help and encourage him in his earthly desire, and in succeeding in his business affairs, and I believe that he soon will find that success will come to him. We are all with him a great deal, and we also pray for him very much, and I know the Father hears our prayers, and will in His own good time answer them.

Besides this, the Master is with him also and sheds over him his influence, and says that he is to be an instrument for doing his work, when the time becomes ripe, which he says will not be very long now. What this means neither you nor he can appreciate as can we spirits, who know so well what the Master is in his power and love. It makes me happy beyond expression to know that Jesus has selected my soulmate for one of his disciples to do this great work, for in knowing this I realize that Leslie will have around and in him during his earth life an influence and love that not many mortals will have the benefit of.

I am so glad that I can write to you tonight, for you understand that we can only slip in at times when these higher spirits are not communicating their truths.

I love him with all my heart, and I so long for him to have him see me, as he will sometime for I am trying to make myself visible to him in some of the visions which he has.

And so is your Helen (Mr. Padgett’s wife) trying to bring about this end, for she loves me so very much and wants me to be happy, when I might not be. So, thanking you, I will say – tell my dear that I am his own loving,



P.S. I then asked – Which brother my mother referred to who was lacking in soul development and then the following was written by my mother through Mr. Padgett. “I have heard what Leslie said, and I mean the brother in Canada, who has become a soldier.1 I refer to him because it may be that he will sooner use the opportunity of turning his thoughts to God, while on earth, and this opportunity is a very vital thing to his soul condition, that will comfort him when he comes over.”


P.S. I then asked my mother to write his name, but conditions were not favorable through the intervention of undesirable spirits, who wanted to write.


1 This is my brother, Harold Stone, of Toronto, Canada, passed over 1964, who is a soldier fighting in the French trenches.

Leslie R. Stone.