Spiritual Subjects


These messages are all the references to angels that we have received. From this it is clear there have been two types of angels - one class specifically created to do God’s will, and the angels we are likely to encounter these days - the spirits of mortals. While it is stretching the concept of an angel to include dark spirits, in these messages it is revealed that even the lowest of these do carry out God’s will, particularly in their helping of one another. So we have included messages on dark spirits.

From other sources such as The Urantia Book it has become evident to me that there are a great many spiritual entities that we might loosely call angels. It would also appear that there are ever more around us, and that we live in interesting times.

I have just added a very new message in 2011, and this introduces a class of angelic being created to assist us after death, who take on the very look of the mortals they are trying to help. This being the case, it is small wonder that folks can traverse the Spirit Spheres and not recognise any “angels”.

Author Title Date of Message
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins’ experience in the Second Celestial Sphere. July 8th, 1915
Jesus Evil Spirit Influence. June 25th, 1987
Jesus Assistance in the Spirit World among Spirits. July 27th, 1987
John The band of angels who work at developing one’s gifts. October 21st, 1997
Mary Why do the Celestials let bad things happen? November 11th, 1998
Jesus Spirits may adjust their appearance to meet the expectation of mortals to whom they appear. September 2nd, 1999
Jesus Prayer and protection from lower spirits. September 12th, 1999
Mary How the angels guide mortals. November 20, 1999
John Getting Rid of Negative Spirit Influence. August 14th, 2000
Joseph Following guidance. June 4th, 2001
Ann Rollins How all mankind can become Divine Angels and how erroneous beliefs prevent this consummation. May 28th, 1916
Jesus There are no devils and no Satan considered as real persons and fallen angels. January 3rd, 1916
Jesus The Great Network of Communication. July 9th, 1987
Aaron Aaron gives his experience and what he now knows about immortality since Jesus came and taught how it can be obtained. October 23rd, 1915
Judas Guides, Guardian Angels and Automatic Writing. August 23rd, 2001
Judas Archangels and Satan. November 18th, 2011
A Carer Universe Efficiency. November 18th, 2011