Messages 1984 to 2000

John: the band of angels who work at developing one’s gifts.

October 21, 1997.

Received by DL


Yes, it is I, John, beloved disciple of the Master, and one of your spirit band. Actually, you were informed that I was a member of your spirit band some years ago at the very beginning of the church’s reorganization. At that time, you were given two other names as well. But, today, we have added three, making your total now six Celestial angels working in your behalf.

In the past, I was working with you far less frequently than I am now. My role then was more or less overseeing your progress and making subliminal suggestions to you every now and then with regard to your own editorial work. But, as you know, I never communicated a formal message through you because, at the time, Jesus took over the sole responsibility of developing your mediumship ability in the active communication of his messages through you. You will perhaps recall that Jesus has reported that he would be training many qualified mediums, which he is still doing now. However, he cannot devote his time exclusively to any one of his pupils, and he cannot remain indefinitely in a teaching mode with all of them if he is to be able to take on more students in the service of developing additional Celestial mediums. And, so, when he moves on to others, he always makes sure that some one or more pick up the assignment of bringing his students along even further.

Once the foundation has been established, there are other teachers who are then capable of bringing the student up to higher levels of proficiency. But, without Jesus’ expertise in initial stages of student development, our success at higher levels would not be quite so assured. As you have perhaps heard, one’s first teacher is often the most important, which is certainly true in developing a Celestial medium. And this is why Jesus will not usually assign anyone else to the foundation teaching task of mediumship development, but takes on this heavy and rather difficult initial assignment himself. He handles this best, and we accept his wisdom and authority in this matter, as we accept his knowledge and decisions in other matters as well.

And, so, now that you have come as far as you have, I have been given the privilege of forming a closer and more personal relationship with you than heretofore. I work very closely with James, your special angel guide, in this more advanced work of bringing developing Celestial mediums along to higher and more consistently accurate levels of message reception. And you are doing just fine.

Initially, I was chosen to be one of your principal spirit band members because of your special attraction to me personally in the way of my alleged gospel. I say “alleged” because, as you know, all of the gospels have many inaccuracies in them that the original gospel writers never introduced. But errors notwithstanding, usually the gospel attributed to me has been regarded as the most spiritual of the four, and filled more with Jesus’ beautiful interchanges with us, his early disciples, than the other three.

And you yourself were greatly touched by this gospel and, in fact, received some of the Divine Love in your response and yearning that was stimulated by several of the beautiful passages therein that you had read many years ago. So, as I say, with the gospel attributed to my reporting, it was only natural that you were even more impressed and convinced by me, as the alleged author, and felt closer to me than the authors of Mark, Luke, or Matthew. And I am happy to say that your affection for me took on real meaning when our selection process evolved as to who would be most appropriately assigned to you as spirit guides.

Perhaps this became even more reinforced - the bond between us, I am speaking of - when you read several of my messages, and especially the one where I resorted to hyperbole in asking the question why the Sanhedrin, Pilate, the soldiers and others couldn’t be regarded as co-saviors along with Jesus inasmuch as his death and alleged vicarious atonement could not have taken place without their planning and contributory murderous actions.

Yes, it is true that this message carries a great deal of impact and often has served to jolt readers into the realization that our Father would never have devised such an absurd and self-defeating plan of having a best beloved son be killed in sacrifice against His very own Law prohibiting the killing or murder of any human being and child of His. When seen in the light of how I presented this absurd question and proposition, often the veil has dropped from the eyes of those formerly indoctrinated to believe that God would demand such an uncharacteristically wrathful salvation plan in defiance of His own completely Loving Nature. And when their eyes have been opened to the Truth, a first real in-road resulted in terms of their embracing a true understanding not only of our Loving Father but also of the true Plan of salvation.

And, so, my beloved friend, today I am happy to report that our affectionate bond will grow even more firm as you continue to advance in your mediumship development and I continue to make my presence known to you more personally and more frequently. I will be working hand-in-glove with James, your guide-in-chief, if you will, and we will share in helping to bring you to even higher levels of mediumship excellence.

Your mother and your son are very happy and, I guess one would say, impressed by those of us who have been assigned to your care and development. When we form a band for any individual along the Celestial path, we try to select relatives or friends of the medium, along with a number of higher angels. We have found that each group fulfills certain desirable goals and inputs. Those close to the developing medium in his own life can and do provide much of the love and encouragement while the higher angels complement this not only with their own love, but also with their expertise in mediumistic training. The combination seems to work best for all concerned.

And, so, D_, I am again happy to say that I will be working closer with you these days. What is also helpful, as you know, I am also M_’s special angel guide. And since he is your earthly mentor and friend, our combined link-up makes the chain we are forging even stronger. In time, all of us will begin to see the fruits of our labors, and the work for the Kingdom will begin to proceed in leaps and bounds. Until then, we will keep our noses to the grindstone so that this happy evolvement will take place both soon and with great effectiveness. Keep up the good work and effort, D____, and know that you have the great powers of those in the Celestial Kingdom behind you fully. You cannot help but succeed with your willingness and our powers. Until next time, then, I bid you a good day and God Speed.

John, the beloved disciple of the Master and one of your own spirit band.