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Divine Love and Sin

Divine Love and sin can coexist in the soul, but they cannot occupy the same space. That is, every soul that has received a portion of the Divine Love, is sinless to the degree it has received this Divine Love. As Jesus explains in Vol. I page 348, (“How the Soul of a Mortal Receives the Divine Love, and What Its Effect Is,”)

“So far as the Divine Love is present, sin and error have no existence, because it is just as impossible for this Essence and sin and error to occupy the same parts of the soul at the same time, as it is for two material objects to occupy the same space at the same time.”

Jesus continues:

“When once the Divine Love finds a lodgment in the soul, it, to the extent that it receives the Love, becomes as it were a changed substance, partaking, of the Essence of the Love; and as water may become colored by an ingredient foreign to itself, and which changes not only its appearance but its qualities, so this Divine Love changes the appearance and qualities of the soul, and this change of qualities continues ever thereafter. The natural qualities of the soul and the Essence of the Love become one and united, and the soul is made altogether different in its constituency from what it was before the inflowing of the Love, but this only to the extent of the Love received.”

Since the Divine Love transforms our natural souls into Divine souls, Jesus’ analogy is very to the point. The Divine Love, being a Substance real, when having found lodgment in our soul, does not add a layer of Divinity on top of our soul, as it were, but instead transforms our existing, natural soul into a Divine soul, literally leaving no room for sin and error where It exists.

The transformation of a natural soul into a Divine soul is a gradual process. But once man has obtained a portion of this Divine Love, no matter how small, he can never retrace his steps to the extent of ridding himself of this transforming Essence, and again become without Its presence; for, as Jesus says:

“Divinity never gives place to that which is not of the Divine.”

As the Divine Love increases in quantity, the change and transformation becomes correspondingly greater, until, at last, the transformation may and will become so great, that the whole soul becomes a thing of this Divine Essence, and partakes of its very Nature and Substance, a being of Divinity. Until such time that the soul has experienced this full transformation, the New Birth, Divine Love and sin can still coexist in the soul.

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This content originally appeared on Mark Kramer’s web site, but some years ago he did not renew it and the site has disappeared. This content has been copied from the Way Back machine, as I believe his insights are unique. I have not however tried to reproduce this in the same unique visual style he created, but the words are unchanged.