Life After Death

What happens to most folks after death? Where does the soul go?

In order to answer this question, we need to define “most” folks. For our purposes, “most” folks are those who live a pretty good life. They care for their family and friends, and are neither overly religious, nor overly materialistic. They may indeed “belong” to a religious group, and participate regularly, or irregularly. They may even be atheistic, and certainly we do not assume they are Christian.

Most of all, we do assume that they have never heard of Divine Love. This is however where it gets tricky. We do know that God hears soul aspirations, not the words our minds construct. Thus it is possible for someone who has never heard of Divine Love, to have actually received a great deal of divine love. Such a person was Mother Teresa. Clearly, Mother Teresa is not one of “most” folks. But still we need to answer the question - “What happens to most folks?”

In these messages it is explained that most will progress slowly back to being the perfect natural man - the same state that Adam and Eve were created in. They will live in the sixth sphere, a heaven of total happiness. While the Celestial heavens are spheres of “greater” happiness, none will miss that which they have not experienced, although it is said that they will become aware of something that is not theirs. But it is sad that most will never reach the spiritual heights that they are capable of.

Author Title Date of Message
A.G.Riddle A. G. Riddle: A former law partner of Mr. Padgett tries to help an intellectual spirit to understand spiritual progress. April 6th, 1915
William Richards Richards describes his life in the spirit world. June 24th, 1915
James Condition of spirits and their experiences and beliefs that are below the Celestial Heavens; how they congregate together. September 25th, 1915
John B Comeys Spirits’ experience when entering the spirit world and their progress December 22nd, 1915
Paul Paul of Tarsus: The resurrection that is common to all, be they saint or sinner. January 16th, 1916
Luke The development of the soul in its natural love, wherein the New Birth is not experienced. February 3rd, 1916
Luke The development of the soul in its natural love - continued. February 16th, 1916
Prof Salyards The object of man’s life on earth and the necessity of doing certain things whereby man can become perfect man - but not the Divine man. March 15th, 1916
Hay Hay, a brother lawyer of Mr. Padgett’s, is wondering if the church of today has any value in helping man to prepare himself to properly live in the spirit world. March 19th, 1916
John What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body for eternity? May 29th, 1916
Jesus What is the correct way in which a man should live the life on earth, in order to receive the cleansing from his sins, so that he can acquire the purification of his natural love. June 11th, 1916
Jesus How a mortal may obtain the development of his soul without the help of the Divine Love. June 17th, 1916
John What is the destiny of the mortal who has not experienced the New Birth, but will progress to that condition which may be called the perfect man. September 23rd, 1916
Jesus The destiny of the man who does not have the Divine Love in his soul and dies only with the natural love and a belief in the creeds, etc. September 28th, 1916
John John - Continued from preceding message. September 30th, 1916
Paul What is the real body that is resurrected at the time of the physical death. October 4th, 1916
Paul continued from preceding message. October 5th, 1916
Jesus Probation does exist among spirits in the hells. All who refuse to seek the Way to the Celestial Heavens will eventually find their way to the kingdom where the perfect natural man exists. October 29th, 1916
Luke Luke: The Apostle of Jesus declares that no man can possibly reach the condition of the perfect man unless his mental beliefs are in accord with the Truth. January 4th, 1917
Samuel P. Shannon Self-opinionated spirit in the second sphere that cares nothing about spiritual progression or the Divine Love of the Father. January 8th, 1917
James How man can again be restored to the perfect man, like the first parents before their fall. March 8th, 1917
Jesus The kingdom of God on earth and in the spirit world or the way to the kingdom of the perfect man. May 5th, 1917
Helen Helen comments on Billy Sunday’s sermon, to the effect that his teachings are directed towards the progress of the soul and the perfect man. January 9th, 1918
Abraham Lincoln How man can come into harmony with the laws that govern him as the created man, without obtaining the Divine Love. March 13th, 1919
Jesus Many who think that they have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit have only advanced in the natural love and not the Divine Love. Difference between God’s Spirit and the Holy Spirit. May 10th, 1920
Kate Sprague Kate Sprague: A spirit who lived for the development of mind while on earth now realizes the importance of love. date not known
W___ W____: All of the dogmas, creeds and apostolic succession in the world cannot bestow upon the souls of men the love or mercy of the Father. date not known


Is that forever?

We are told that the opportunity to progress beyond the perfect natural man will be withdrawn, at some point, but only after every soul has refused this opportunity.

Jesus The time will come when the privilege of obtaining the Divine Love will be withdrawn from mankind. March 3rd, 1915.
Ann Rollins Those who refuse this Great Gift after the privilege of obtaining it is withdrawn will suffer the “second death”. June 1st, 1916.
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins again writes on the Kingdom of Jesus being closed to all those that do not receive the Divine Love of the Father. date not known
John Celestials must work until the Celestial Kingdom will be closed. date not known
Jesus The Ebb and Flow of the Divine Love. October 1st, 1989.
Jesus Editing Volume II. August 11th, 1991.
Judas The closing of the Celestial Heavens. September 3rd, 2001