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Jesus: The Ebb and Flow of the Divine Love.

October 1, 1989

Received by D.L.


Dearest Master, Jesus, as I am sure you are aware of, considering your recent visitation and delivered impress of thoughts, K_and J_ are seeking clarification concerning the “ebbs” and “flows” of the Father’s Divine Love, and whether or not this rhythmic process takes place periodically irrespective of man’s soul condition. That is, are there periods of time when the Father allows His Love to flow throughout the universe, and other periods of time when He withdraws this Love unto Himself, perhaps for “recharging” purposes? J____ refers to your sermon about Hosea wherein you state that Hosea was aware of the Divine Love overflowing in God more than 750 years before your coming, and wonders why this was occurring so long before your appearance on earth.

She also wonders whether or not God’s Love would have been withdrawn even if man had not been disobedient and had fallen from Grace - this perhaps simply coinciding with an intended “ebb” period that would have occurred in any case.

Finally, she wonders whether or not there are other creatures in the universe, perhaps similar to man, who might also have benefited from the availability of the Father’s Love flowing out from His Fountainhead.

Praying that I will be able to receive your thoughts clearly and well, I now welcome your loving presence and message of this day.


I am now here to write, my beloved friend and brother in Christ, and I am again most happy to be of service to you and others in attempting to answer satisfactorily the questions put before me. I am your friend and brother, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I shall now present the answers that I have been impressing upon you even in advance of this formal communication. For I know that you are most sincere in your desire to receive only the Truth, and I shall endeavor to present that in such a way that will be clear to you and others, and will satisfy your longings of soul for the Truth.

First, let me say that the Father’s Love is at the very Core and Nature of His Being, and that He would not be our God, the Immortal Father, if for even one moment He were deprived of this Love. Secondly, as you have already been told, this Love was available to our first parents, but was withdrawn from them upon their disobedience and unwillingness to either admit or to seek the Father’s offered Love. But, with the withdrawal of this privilege, this is not to say that His Own Love ceased to flow from His Being. What was lost was simply humankind’s capacity to “draw upon” this Love, if I may so express it; for the soul quality within man, given to enable him to receive this Love, was taken from him and was not restored until I came to earth and became the first fruit of the resurrected possibility of receiving this Love.

It may be rightly wondered why I, and not some other, became the first recipient of this re-bestowed Love if Hosea obtained a glimpse of Its existence 750 years before my coming. The answer here is that, before Its re-bestowal, the Father obviously wanted to prepare His children for Its coming availability, and this necessitated at least a mind’s awareness of Its existence prior to anyone’s receipt of It. And, so, not only in the case of Hosea, but also in the cases of Ezekial, Hezekiah, Jeremiah, Isaiah and other such prophets and reformers, the bestowal of a New Heart was foreshadowed and revealed to more or less degree as advance notice to the Israeli nation in particular, and intended for humankind as a whole. What was only lacking was both a beginning of this restored privilege and a first recipient of this Gift.

Not at the time but clear to me now is that the Father required the same pristine soul condition of a second “Adam” to be that appointed time which would mark the beginning of this restored privilege. Not only was it necessary for this Messiah to possess this pure and sinless soul condition to first receive this re-bestowed Love; it was also necessary for humankind to be in a position to be persuaded of Its re- bestowal as a result of both Its advance announcement and Its receipt by one of such a pure and sinless character that at least some would come to recognize and believe that God’s Love had indeed been re-bestowed as promised. Had no prior mind knowledge been imparted that the Father intended to place His Love in the hearts of men, whereupon they could sin no more, then my receipt of this Love and my demonstrated sinless life would not have had the impact necessary to have allowed me to have been as persuasive to some as I had been.

As I indicated to many during my ministry, my claim of being the Father’s true Messiah was nothing more than the fulfillment of what had already been prophesied. I came not to change the law, but to fulfill it. And, further, I backed the legitimacy of my claim by both living the sinless life prophesied, which would not have been possible without possession of this Love, and by demonstrating Its existence in my soul through the Truths I proclaimed and the many healing acts performed through the vehicle of this Love acting through me.

And now more specifically to the heart of one of your questions, although I referred to a possible “ebb” and “flow” of God’s bestowed Love, it was not my intention to imply that this Love ceased to exist, or that It has ever not radiated out from the Father’s Great Soul. I simply used these picturesque terms to convey a more easily understood occurrence of either the unavailability or the availability of His Love in terms of man’s capacity to receive It. At the time of the creation of our first parents, as throughout all time before, the Father’s Love undoubtedly poured forth from His Being in accordance with the very Nature of Its existence. It is inconceivable to me that there was ever a time when the Fountainhead of Love did not radiate forth from the Father’s Soul, as this Love is the Living Energy that comprises the very Life Essence of His Being. However, I can say with surety that this Love will never cease to flow both in the present and in the great future. What has occurred and may occur in cycles is man’s gifted capacity to partake of It, depending upon his soul condition as determined by the Father’s Desire. With the soul potentiality of receiving God’s Love being given to man, man may continue to seek and find this Love through fervent prayer to Him for Its in-flowing. But this is only possible if the potentiality for receiving this Love - this privilege, if I may so express it - remains and is not withdrawn. And, as you know, it is decreed that not God’s Love will be withdrawn, in the sense of Its disappearance or confinement within His Soul, but the privilege of partaking of It will be withdrawn at the time referred to as the “second death.” And whether or not this privilege will ever be restored to succeeding generations of humankind has never been revealed to us. But, as I have also said, I cannot conceive that the Father will not make some future provision for His Love’s re-bestowal once our own Celestial gates are closed, because, knowing the Great Love and Mercy of the Father as I do, I firmly believe that His Love for all His children will never cease, even though He may withdraw the privilege of their receiving It for some indeterminate period of time, as He so desires or sees fit, and this likely followed by Its re-bestowal as His Own Love and Mercy may so prompt Him to grant.

But if you need any further confirmation of the constancy of the Father’s outpouring Love from the Source of His Being, as I have said, and has been told to you by many of my Celestial brethren as well, those of us who have received any portion of the Father’s Love will never be deprived of this Gift or prevented from obtaining more of It throughout all eternity. And this would not be possible if this Love were ever to cease to flow from the Father’s Great Soul. Even when the Celestial gates are closed, we will continue to derive benefit from the ever-present availability of this Love.

And, so, let it be understood that the Father’s Fountainhead of Love never ceases to radiate out from His Own Soul; what has been and may continue to be inconstant is humankind’s gifted capacity to receive It.

I would like to be able to answer your question with regard to other possible souls in the visible universe who may have partaken of the Father’s Love, but this information has not been revealed to us. We do know that our spirit world is populated exclusively by former mortals of earth, and our Celestial Heavens as well. However, considering the unfathomable greatness of our Father, it would not be surprising to us if there were many other worlds and heavens wherein God has created and placed other of His children made in His image. But, as I say, we have no knowledge of this one way or the other. Suffice it to say that the vastness of our combined worlds is more than sufficient to occupy our undivided attention and encourage our unceasing labors of love.

In summary, then, I hope I have satisfactorily answered the concerns of K and J as to the constancy of the Father’s outpouring Love, whether or not humankind is aware of this or has been gifted with the soul privilege of partaking of It. And this being a longer message than usual, I will leave you now with my love and blessings, and with the assurance that, for our trustees and for many of our church members, none of you will ever experience the unavailability of the Father’s Love. For to those who have received, It is given. I am

Your brother and friend, Jesus.