Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions that are often asked. It will be expanded over time.


Quite recently the question was asked: “What was Padgett’s experience after death? Did he find things to be as he expected, and did his spiritual progression turn out as he expected?”


In the messages recorded from James Padgett, you will find out the answer is a resounding yes. In fact in his message dated July 1st, 1925, only two years and three months after his death, he confirms that he is a “Celestial”. This is the term used on this site to define one living in the eternal realm, beyond the Spirit Spheres. On this page, towards the bottom, are collated messages received from Padgett after his death.

Hey I just visited and was just wondering, do you believe in demons? I mean fallen angels, cast down to earth by God for their pride and rebellion. I was reading the stuff by James Padgett, and if he’s not just making all that stuff up, its exactly the kind of stuff that demons masquerading as angels of light would whisper in his ear. What do you think?


This is a good question, as it is important to understand who can communicate. In fact any spirit can communicate, be they dark (devils or demons) or light. And there are many spirits of light that do communicate, and yet they are not possessed of all Truth. There are also plenty of dark spirits, and they can be every bit as evil as you might imagine.

Many folks seem to think that “demons” can communicate, but not spirits of light? Surely that is illogical. It is really very very easy to tell the difference. Just read the message. If it is all about Love, and God, HOW can it be a demon? Remember they accused Jesus of casting out devils using the power of the devil. And he answered that the devil does not work against himself. That advice is as good as it gets.

Dark spirits know nothing, and they certainly have no spiritual knowledge. They are simply unable to communicate the knowledge that was received by Padgett and Samuels and now the contemporary mediums. So, no, demons CANNOT masquerade as angels.

In the specific case of Padgett, he was surrounded by a band of angels, including his wife, his father and his grandmother. Dark spirits cannot fool other spirits of light, and these angels kept away spirits that they did not want to communicate. In fact James Padgett actually communicated to a great number of dark spirits, in this controlled fashion, and he was very successful in leading many of them to God.

Finally, you will notice, if you read the messages, that Jesus, his wife Helen, and many others exhorted Padgett to pray intensely. Can you see the devil doing that? The “devil” exhorting us to pray to God? It does not sound likely, does it? The purpose of that prayer is to raise ones spirituality, and then you are surrounded by angels of light, as they are attracted to you. This repels dark spirits, and they cannot get near.

Finally the spirits that communicated knowledge to Padgett were Celestials. These are at-one with God, and possess ONLY Truth. We have received numerous messages telling us how to be able to identify Celestials.

I have searched most of my life for the truth and still continue searching. But one thing bothers me - when I was still quite young, I renounced all organized religions. I observe they are self-serving, political and otherwise, a business akin to any other. For those reasons, I avoid them and even do not refer to myself as a Christian (since so many calling themselves this, do not act accordingly). Anyway, I am hesitant to involve myself in the “new church”. Although I admit that fellowship is important, I also feel that my personal relationship with the Creator/Source is just that - personal. I do not feel comfortable praying with others either.

I guess I just wanted to share this with you. Please do not be offended - I feel your intentions are heart-centered. So keep the truth coming. :-)


It is true that organised religion has a poor track record. Funny enough most of the followers of the Padgett Messages are intensely independent. Very poor material for being organised, I will submit. Just recently someone asked Jesus much the same question. His answer was profound:

Jesus: “C____, you are the church. In your heart is the most beautiful temple that you have constructed for this Love that you feel from your Father. Sometimes we ask ourselves if we are good enough, if we are worthy of this tremendous Love, this Gift that we recognize in this Love God has offered to us. If you could only imagine yourself as God sees you, the beautiful soul that you are, the beautiful child that He sees before you that He loves with all His Heart, it would put to shame any jewel, any treasure that you might find here on earth. It would put to shame any monument that has ever been built by man.”

“You are the most beautiful creation of our Heavenly Father. There is only one of you. You are precious, you are rare. And as for the diversity of the races that you see on this planet, you must realize that the soul is as diverse from another soul as are the grains of sand and the stars in heaven. But what binds you? You all have this common bond in Love to one another. You all need love. You need to give love. You need to recognize in one another this humanity that elevates you to the status of being the greatest creations on this earth. We are one in the spirit of this Love. We are one family.”

One thing that really riles me, is when folks profess to be in possession of the “only Truth”. To be the only path. What do you say about that?


Well we are of like minds! And, funny enough, when questioned on this very issue, Jesus answered as follows:

Jesus: Yes, and I wish to say you can take the burden off your shoulders that you are the only group that is responsible for disseminating the truth of Divine Love. There are many groups and individuals in this world who have sought with all their souls and their aspirations to bring the truth to their brothers and sisters in all parts of this planet. There are angels working through mortals to bring the truth to those wanting souls, and they will not do it just through the Padgett messages, but they will do it through the love that is shown through their souls and exemplifying that divine and Christ spirit that I manifested while on earth. I wish to return again to the thought that it does not matter too much, the physical, material, intellectual manifestation that this love has in your lives, the importance is the love that is manifested through your actions, through your words.

Based on this, I went looking myself. Now you have to be very open minded, to find other groups, because they do not have the same concepts. In the end, I am guided by spirit to find these groups. But I believe I have found four others, so far. All, of course English speaking. Naturally there may be, indeed I would expect that there would be very many more non-English speaking. In at least one of these, the same concept of Divine Love is found, albeit with a fractionally different variation on how to achieve it. In this case, folks are told to go into “Stillness”, which is a quiet time with Father, and listen with the mind quietened. Then they are encouraged to ask for His Love. This is a current revelation, and gives me the confidence that what James Padgett was talking about is correct, and current. This particular group is an off-shoot of the Urantia followers, and I have also found much truth in that book.

What do you think about “The Da Vinci Code”? Is there any possibility that Jesus may have married Mary Magdalene, or had a child by her?


Well it’s a great read as a novel! I have not yet seen the movie, and unless the critics come out more favourably, it’s possible I won’t bother. As for the subject of the book, the contention that there is a bloodline from Jesus, that was also the theme of an earlier book, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” which I have also read. That book is much more of an historical book, written by reseachers, and is not a novel. It’s sometimes quite hard going though. Neither book convinced me, but I was amazed at the issues raised about the “Last Supper” and I would agree it looks like Leonardo Da Vinci also thought Mary Magdalene was at the very least, a disciple. The Nag Hammadi gospels, dug up in the desert about 60 years ago, assert that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene on the lips, and the male disciples were outraged. It also makes clear that Jesus treated women as equals, because Mary Magdalene ate with them all, something that did not happen in those times. But beyond that, I can’t see any historical “evidence” that it went any further.

Of course, Judas tells us that Mary Magdalene was a truly beautiful woman, and also very smart, probably smarter than any of the male disciples. That she loved Jesus is also clear from what Mary Magdalene tells us. I must admit I lean towards another channelled source as well, and there it tells us that Jesus came here on a mission, and he was told to leave no seed, and leave no writings either. Now we know he left no writings, because if the shroud was saved, you could be sure anything he had written down would have been saved too. I am not saying it is impossible that the method of Jesus’ incarnation would have resulted in him having a soul mate, because we truly do not know anything about how Jesus was incarnated. It’s just that it seems unlikely to me. Now was Jesus the sort of male who was an ascetic? Not from what I can judge. I would think he liked a bottle of wine with his friends. So would he scorn female company? I doubt it. But I do believe he was totally committed to his spiritual mission, and I don’t believe for one minute he would have done anything he should not. It is very clear he was in continuous communication with Father, and so he always checked what was the right thing to do.

But, in order for Jesus to have married Mary Magdalene he had to either not be crucified, or at the very least, have survived the ordeal. That is the most logical conclusion, since the gospels make no mention of this, and neither do any of the gnostic gospels. Alternatively he would have had to have embarked on fatherhood during his 3 year public ministry. That seems particularly foolhardy and very unlikely, seeing as there is no mention of that. We have messages that indicate he was crucified, and his being seen after death was the result of his manifesting his spiritual power, and creating a different spiritual body, similar to, but not identical to the mortal one he died with. We are also told his “original” body was destroyed, while wrapped in the shroud. And the very latest scientific investigation (not the 1988 study) into the shroud concludes it is real, but cannot come up with a method by which the image was created. So I personally have no doubt Jesus did not survive the crucifixion with his mortal body intact.

But in the final analysis, the Jesus that is presented in the Padgett Messages would not be any the less a man, and spiritual teacher, had he married Mary Magdalene. We do not need a man born of a virgin, and untouched by life, as a spotless sacrifice. Indeed we don’t need Jesus to die at all in order for his teachings to make sense. Thank God for that.


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