Messages from Jesus of Nazareth

Messages from Jesus through James Padgett

There appear to have been 240 messages from Jesus through James Padgett. If there is no hyperlink in the message details below, this means that we currently do not have a copy of that message, as it was not published in the initial volumes. Otherwise the hyperlink is to the published message. These messages give us a very clear idea of who Jesus was 2000 years ago, and who he is today.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus God is love - refers to my dream of years ago - wants the world to follow his teachings Sept. 12, 1914
Jesus be of good cheer - defines the new birth - advice - the will - what makes the change - what he meant by the way, the truth and the life - not God - son of God - not worship him - no trinity - he the teacher of truth - Holy Spirit the messenger of love - I may develop - God son of Joseph and Mary Sept. 24, 1914
Jesus be not discouraged - pray - will know that he is the Father’s only son - not conceived by the Holy Ghost -his father, Joseph - born free of sin - his love human as well as spiritual - many errors in Bible - Mrs. Eddy’s teachings Sept. 28, 1914
Jesus love of God and needs of mankind - love reaching out for every man - let the lost be the objects of your efforts - opportunity to teach all mankind - the work which the Father has decreed you to do - you are the instrument I wish to use - my love and power will guide you - your own soul be first purified - the world needs a new awakening Sept. 29, 1914
Jesus not to be too anxious to have the mysteries of God explained - will later - I am the messenger that he shall use - will explain qualities of soul and spirit preexistence - go to the Lord in prayer - book I read - believe that he is Jesus - his chosen one - things of this world - promises - good wife Oct 5, 1914
Jesus too much worried to receive his messages - trust more the Father will help - promises - turn thoughts to God Nita - he is the true Jesus and the men were his disciples - still working - his sitting on the right hand of the throne - his sphere - God’s love around men but not necessarily in or of them new birth - moral excellence - happiness - his love for me Dec 17, 1914
Jesus what he desires me to do - give thoughts to God - let all my thoughts turn to the mission which he has selected me to do - he has chosen me to do his work - soon commence messages - do not think I am not worthy - remove all obstacles -only his Father’s son - not to be worshipped as God - my brother and teacher - prayer faith - many things in Bible not true - to forgive sin he could not forgive sin - only as God’s instrument could he forgive sin -church has no authority Dec 25, 1914
Jesus my prayers - men thinking of spiritual things - advice promises - my work - spirits that I have helped - Helen - God’s love - not necessary to wait until I come over - my earth home - church - the war - the results - peace - his second coming - my length of life - churches will fight the truth - predictions - Catholic Church - its destruction Jan 5, 1915
Jesus his friend and disciple - promises - his kingdom - the Father’s son - my salvation - God answers prayers - pray - seek - love God Jan 12, 1915
Jesus his love and promises - my work - spirits who do not believe in him - my faith - I will receive the divine love - my powers - never said he was God - lived before he came to earth - his kingdom - how he has seen God - closing of the kingdom - his love Jan 13, 1915
Jesus not God or to be worshipped as God - how he differed from other men - worship of him as God - blasphemy - only one God - men imposed false doctrines - man not sufficient for himself - men must believe - will give to the world the truth - new birth - prayer and faith - how man may become divine in nature - why he came into the world - morality - his mission not so successful - let not the teachings of the Bible keep me from believing what he may write - new gospel Jan 24, 1915
Jesus Second message - the nature of God Jan 31, 1915
Jesus pray to the Father, and believe and will be healed Feb. 14, 1915
Jesus will soon receive gift of Holy Ghost - how I sometimes make mistakes in writing - corrects message on God - grandmother explained fully - my work - faith Feb. 23, 1915
Jesus message: Love of God or the Divine Love Mar 3, 1915
Jesus message: Love of man or the natural love Mar 4, 1915
Jesus message: the power of love to redeem man from sin and error Mar 6, 1915
Jesus continues his discourse on the divine love - my condition - compares the great teachers with himself - refers to John’s Gospel - in the beginning was the word, etc. - who Jesus is - describes his home - what he meant when he said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions” - ancient spirits - how a man may receive the divine love - laws of compensation - law of love - my work and powers Mar 9, 1915
Jesus personal matter - case in court - the extent to which he can see the future - how the prophets foretold - séances - Mr. C. - independent voices - automatic writing - Nita - my time of passing - my selection - Mr. Crowell’s book - the divine love Mar. 13, 1915
Jesus personal - advice - strange that he should interest himself in material affairs - not doubt that he is Jesus - his love - his limitations - what it means to leave the celestial spheres - how to become an inhabitant of his spheres - my daydreams - Dr. Peeble’s séance - he does not know the mystery of the new birth divine love - natural love - Dr. Crowell Mar 24, 1915
Jesus Jesus writes - not having new birth not unnatural to sin - not left alone - description of faith - who the devil is - suggestions from evil spirits Mar 26, 1915
Jesus personal - Mar 28, 1915
Jesus personal - evil thoughts Mar 29, 1915
Jesus personal Mar 30, 1915
Jesus personal - dark spirits - prayer Apr 1, 1915
Jesus personal Apr 2, 1915
Jesus personal - Jesus writes - proof that he is Jesus - the man with the lost soul - dark spirits - my work with - reward Apr 3, 1915
Jesus at Coburn’s - declared my faith in Jesus - disappointments - new birth - assurances Apr 4, 1915
Jesus the result of my declaring my belief in Jesus - my work no man before him ever declared the truth of immortality - faith - dark spirits Apr 6, 1915
Jesus work among dark spirits - love and help Apr 7, 1915
Jesus personal - my experiences - divine love Apr. 8, 1915
Jesus personal - Holy Ghost not God - only an instrumentality - his coming not understood - my selection - not to doubt grandmother - mother, wife Apr 9, 1915
Jesus divine love - prayer - help Apr 12, 1915
Jesus personal - his messages - dark spirits - my work - evil spirits Apr 22, 1915
Jesus advice - not God - go to churches that preach of God’s love May 2, 1915
Jesus his messages - my works - my home - advice May 5, 1915
Jesus personal - grandmother’s description of him correct May 13, 1915
Jesus personal - prayer - faith May 18, 1915
Jesus advice - promises - home here - messages May 22, 1915
Jesus condition of world when he came to earth - how the Jews looked on him - John’s privilege - new birth - the other disciples - Peter - Pentecost - Paul - understanding of people now living - advice May 24, 1915
Jesus discourse: The real truth of the life on earth and what it means to mortals May 25, 1915
Jesus What immortality is May 28, 1915
Jesus not recorded here. June 2, 1915
Jesus Divine love - why man must receive this love in order to enter the kingdom of heaven June 4, 1915
Jesus pleased with my work - grandmother - her messages June 5, 1915
Jesus refers to my reading the messages to the Colburns - Holy Ghost not God - no unpardonable sin - spheres as grandmother describes - ancient spirits June 6, 1915
Jesus description of his birth and life to time of public ministry June 7, 1915
Jesus continuation of the description of his birth and life June 8, 1915
Jesus personal - advice - séance June 11, 1915
Jesus writes on subject: why man should believe that he is the true Jesus and why he writes June 15, 1915
Jesus personal June l8, 1915
Jesus personal - pray and believe June 19, 1915
Jesus personal - court matter June 26, 1915
Jesus personal - messages - Apollonius June 27, 1915
Jesus personal - lost faith - evil influences - pray - never in India or Greece - never received his knowledge from philosophers - Dr. Peebles - John - never communicated with mortals through his own voice until today June 29, 1915
Jesus personal - court matter July 1, 1915
Jesus personal - pray - have faith - the loving Father July 5, 1915
Jesus personal - Beecher’s letter written by him - on immortality July 6, 1915
Jesus adds to grandmother’s message - difficult to make man believe in communicating through mediums - churches will antagonize - power of spirit world - humanity longing for the truths - kingdom will be established - how Jesus will be estimated - physical phenomena - my work and faith July 8, 1915
Jesus refers to my reading messages at Colburn’s - their beliefs - will have their eyes opened in spirit world - not much of God’s love in their souls - intellectual - Bible - no saint could write these truths through Fannie - Mr. C’s faith - summer will not be long past before he is a spirit July 11, 1915
Jesus personal - Jesus writes - C. will see his mistake - no spirit writes in Jesus’ name - Dr. Stone will soon receive the divine love - pray July 16, 1915
Jesus personal - promises July l8, 1915
Jesus personal July 19, 1915
Jesus cloud of witnesses to my selection - he caused them to come - no more doubts - the old prophets actually wrote July 22, 1915
Jesus personal - pray more - my work July 29, 1915
Jesus material help - selection - faith - physically unwell - will have Dr. Campbell Aug. 2, 1915
Jesus his teachings in plain language - truths for all - no mental development required Aug. 3, 1915
Jesus personal - pray more Aug. 6, 1915
Jesus personal Aug. 7, 1915
Jesus personal Aug. 12, 1915
Jesus comments on sermon: “he that liveth and believeth on me shall never die” - what he meant - belief in him as Jesus not sufficient - divine love necessary - my work Aug. 15, 1915
Jesus personal - a number of important truths - my work - Helen in 2nd celestial sphere Aug. 17, 1915
Jesus messages of spirits - new birth Aug. 23, 1915
Jesus spirits and mortals communicate - why the truths were not before communicated - God’s plans - Jesus’ writings power behind the present movement - my powers Aug. 24, 1915
Jesus personal - my doubts - Jesus not infallible - foretelling - pray Aug. 28, 1915
Jesus his love - his blood - salvation - worship - false beliefs - Holy Spirit - Christ spirit - faith - Father answers prayers Aug. 29, 1915
Jesus my faith - results - personal Aug. 30, 1915
Jesus corroborates Paul - divine love - salvation - true worship - ‘Aman’ - soul perceptions Aug. 31, 1915
Jesus many things in Bible not written by disciples - his blood - new birth - Revelation mere allegory - truths Sept. 5, 1915
Jesus my condition such that higher spirits could not write - low spirits did - influence of evil thoughts - evil real - judgment day added:(appears to contradict other messages on this date. There is also no record of this in the archive on this date.) Sept. 7, 1915
Jesus personal - heard Jesus’€™ voice clairaudiently Sept. 10, 1915
Jesus love of the Father - Jesus’ blood - salvation - influence of spirits - Bible wrong - John’s writings Sept. 12, 1915
Jesus Mr. King’s wife present - pray - personal Sept. 17, 1915
Jesus his blood - plan of salvation - divine love - new birth - keep in faith - powers Sept. 19, 1915
Jesus his messages - where I shall live - my work Sept. 20, 1915
Jesus personal Sept. 24, 1915
Jesus faith - how obtained - my mission and power - Jesus - my doubts Sept. 26, 1915
Jesus personal - Jesus not infallible - orthodox and spiritualists churches Sept. 30, 1915
Jesus comments on Mr. Herrick’s lecture - soul - loves -immortality - spirit - realism - meetings - good done - Dr. Stone’s work Oct. 3, 1915
Jesus personal Oct. 8, 1915
Jesus divine love - definition of faith - soul perception - prayer - beliefs - healings - Swedenborg Oct. 10, 1915
Jesus personal Oct. 16, 1915
Jesus personal Oct. 22, 1915
Jesus spiritual things cannot be perceived with the material mind - soul perceptions - laws of the spirit and of the material worlds Oct. 25, 1915
Jesus personal - my work Oct. 28, 1915
Jesus about Mr. Morgan - his mother wrote him - Jesus comes to all to help Oct. 30, 1915
Jesus personal - overcoming temptations Nov. 4, 1915
Jesus personal - my work Nov. 7, 1915
Jesus as to the work I am doing - suicides Nov. 8, 1915
Jesus discourse on personality of God Nov. 22, 1915
Jesus personal Nov. 24, 1915
Jesus comments on séance - my work - advice - Father’s love Nov. 25, 1915
Jesus personal Nov. 26, 1915
Jesus personal - of my experience in bed - he spoke to me - Dr. Stone’s work - promises for the future Nov. 29, 1915
Jesus refers to discussion between Dr. Stone and myself - new revelations his second coming - advice Dec. 2, 1915
Jesus comments on the discussion on “The Drama of St. Paul” - his experience on the way to Damascus - his blindness - he never experienced the divine love to a great degree - John - Paul’s besetting sin - he never taught that Jesus was God - Jesus still working - men’s present condition - their longings - inspirational teaching - who the inspirers will be - writings, the important means - my work - the spirits’ prayers Dec. 5, 1915
Jesus personal Dec. 7, 1915
Jesus personal - promises - advice - one truth: ‘only by the new birth can any man enter into the Kingdom of God’ Dec. 9, 1915
Jesus personal - my work - other helpers - a church - my home - a paper Dec. 13, 1915
Jesus personal - messages - the Father loves me - Jesus bestows his love - would see the glory of the Father displayed - love more real than anything in nature - my longings - the divine love shall be mine Dec. 14, 1915
Jesus the love that came last night - longings - same love for Dr. Stone - selected him to do a work - happiness - Jesus’ work - he is with us - reward Dec. 15, 1915
Jesus my spiritual condition - divine love - will learn truths that the world has never heard of - love the greatest thing in all the universe - inspirational talking - his love bestowed Dec. 20, 1915
Jesus not with me when evil spirit wrote - band not able to keep it away - another message for me to take - I am much better Dec. 22, 1915
Jesus came to cheer me - speaks of the people’s worship of him - only one God - what Jesus is - new birth - men dissatisfied with old theology - refers to article “Christianizing the Bible” and also to article on his alleged saying that he came not to bring peace but a sword - errancy of Bible - truth and error - sin not an abstract entity - man’s will - its limitations - harmony in the universe required - man by his own will brings sin into the world - the remedy Dec. 25, 1915
Jesus refers to sending message to man in Vermont - my work - love - encourages me to trust in the Father Dec. 27, 1915
Jesus refers to sending his message to man in Vt. - people will doubt source of messages - their inherent truth will cause belief Dec. 28, 1915
Jesus Helen’s description of her progress is true - the joys the Father has prepared for those who love Him - divine love - refers to sentence in the Lord’s prayer: “Lead us not into temptation” - will write actual prayer taught his disciples Dec. 28, 1915
Jesus refers to Pastor Russell’s book “Spiritualism” - no such thing as fallen angels - no spirits except the spirits of men - many evil spirits, but not devils - never any rebellion in Heaven - never any Lucifer, or any other angel who became Satan - the penalty for Russell - the reason therefore - advice - the spirits actually write Jan. 2, 1916
Jesus at Spiritualists’ Church - Mrs. Kates did not know the things she predicted and no spirit controlled her - spirit could not make the predictions - her reasons for making the predictions- no basis of fact - the disease - at Trinity Church with me - the people have the divine love - many spirits of mortals who once attended that church were present - advice and encouragement. (Both of these messages on this date link to the same message which appears to cover both topics.) Jan. 2, 1916
Jesus warns against doubt as to their actually writing to me - Russell’ “Spiritualism” a snare and a lie - never any angels who revolted against God - when “angels” are mentioned in Bible always mean the spirits of departed mortals - will tell me of the angels who were supposed to have had an existence prior to creation of man - more important truths first to be told - no devils ever manifest through mediums - men’s beliefs as to devils - speaks of casting out devils - speaks of obsession and the law of attraction - obsession obtains today - and if there were any men in the condition of soul development as were his disciples they could cast out these devils - men have not this faith and some believe it would be contrary to God’s laws to attempt to cast out devils - but this faith will come and men will cast out devils and heal the sick, etc. - never a miracle - teachers of false doctrines will have to pay the penalty Jan. 3, 1916
Jesus comments on Luke’s discourse on the Atonement - Jesus’ teachings to develop the natural love - why his teaching of the divine atonement were not considered so important by men - what salvation is Jan. 4, 1916
Jesus my condition better - must not doubt - think of what has been written me - visited Nita - encouragement Jan. 5, 1916
Jesus advice as to material affairs Jan. 7, 1916
Jesus discourse - many sayings in the epistles of Paul and Peter not true - Jesus is not God - his blood does not wash away sin - did not die on the cross for the salvation of man - did not take upon himself the sins of mankind - the Father did not foreordain his death on the cross - not in the plan of God for man’s salvation - neither Paul nor Peter wrote these things and Jesus did not teach them - they do much harm - too much emphasis given to faith and works and not enough to the new birth - many teachings as to man’s conduct towards man are true - moral conduct will lead to happiness but will not enable men to enter the Kingdom - why his true mission was not preserved in Bible - the errors in copying and translating - why he taught the moral truths - repeats now: “narrow is the way and strait is the gate that leads to life everlasting” - all men will ultimately be brought in true harmony with God - sin will be eradicated - his moral teachings more at large set forth in the Bible than were his higher truths Jan. 10, 1916
Jesus continues discourse of last night - after the death of his followers the teachers of the church taught the moral truths were the important things for men to learn in order to gain salvation - these teachings been utilized by rulers of the church to build up power of church - before his coming the Jews could not teach the new birth - they could teach the development of the natural love - ten commandments - natural love never taken from man - the Jews - their Messiah - the great gift not known to the Jews - their conception of God - (continued) Jan. 11, 1916
Jesus continues discourse - object of his mission on earth - secondary object - natural love not sufficient to make man divine - object of compilers of Bible - love and almsgiving - good deeds Jan. 12, 1916
Jesus discourse on: The relationship of Man to the Creation of the World and the Origin of Life Jan. 15, 1916
Jesus pleased that Paul and Samuel wrote so successfully - upon the question of the resurrection founded the doctrines of Christianity - Nita Jan. 16, 1916
Jesus finishes discourse on: “The Relationship of Man to the Creation, etc.” - my thoughts not interwoven in the message Feb. 6, 1916
Jesus will come tomorrow night and write a message - must write faster - many more truths to reveal - conditions becoming riper every day - I the only one among all the mortals through whom he can write - my conditions soon change - Baha’o’llah a bright spirit - not the great prophet of God - never received the divine nature - not in celestial heavens - his beliefs of a Mohammedan nature - he may write Feb. 27, 1916
Jesus Message: How a soul must receive the divine love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the kingdom of God - the true “brotherhood of man” Feb. 28, 1916
Jesus has read over his last message - received correctly - will come soon and deliver another message - speaks of the evil desires that I have - not new creatures - explains - “If you will turn your thoughts to the Father, and assert that you are one of the redeemed children of God, you will find that these desires will leave you” Feb. 29, 1916
Jesus Message: The redeemed Soul from the penalties which sin and error had brought upon it - the mission of the Holy Spirit - did not finish because of my condition - not satisfactory Mar. 2, 1916
Jesus keeping appointments - dark spirits - worries - spirit Morgans - encouragement Mar. 14, 1916
Jesus message: What it is that makes a man Divine (I go to sleep) Mar. 15, 1916
Jesus will not write tonight - rapport weak - trying to help me - pray more and faith will come - will give me a form of prayer soon - speaks to Mr. Morgan sometimes - have selected him to do a work - he has been favored - his friend and brother - not come or written to other mediums - what will come to us - he speaks with authority Mar. 22, 1916
Jesus Writes on subject: How the divine love enters into the soul of a man - describes body, spirit and soul - finishes his message later Mar. 23, 1916
Jesus writes on my personal condition - assertions of mind over aspirations of soul - not free from influences of flesh - turn thoughts to the Father - Christian Scientists doctrines - source of power to heal - smoking April 3, 1916
Jesus not pleased at my smoking - advice - actually writing - my work - Christian Scientists - how they are helped - faith - God does not personally intervene - works by spirits - Christian Science faith - many of its teachings misleading - is with me, helping me April 5, 1916
Jesus must finish our message - why I get into an unspiritual condition - the remedy - promises of development - Nita - her grandmother - Caroline April 14, 1916
Jesus in better condition of soul - advice - disproves the worship that has been offered to him today - erroneous beliefs - who he is - wrong beliefs hard to eradicate - must make more speed - give no attention to speculations of philosophers and theologians - dark spirits - helping the dark spirits will be a part of my work as long as I live - commented on in spirit world - will realize my material desires - Takoma will be my home - others will come - Dr. & Morgan already selected - have faith - immortality - he is preparing a mansion for us - the way - celestial heavens - have locality - life therein means immortality with progress and increased happiness April 23, 1916
Jesus will write tomorrow night - read the first part - been with me a great deal improving - trying to help in business affairs - will realize April 27, 1916
Jesus will deliver message tomorrow night - my soul condition - advice - will be with Nita - soon be together in our home - she is mediumistic May 7, 1916
Jesus Finishes his message: “How the Divine love enters into the Soul of a human being” - the soul as the man - work of the Holy Spirit May 8, 1916
Jesus with me at Mr. Morgan’s - if rapport can be established will cure him - laws controlling the power to heal - difference in exercising power now and when on earth - what rapport is - when the power comes to me - power can be possessed just as the disciples possessed it - what a prerequisite - White Eagle was trying to help Mr. Morgan - will make demonstration May 16, 1916
Jesus must not become discouraged - others will advise - Mr. Morgan brought some - not bright - such work not congenial - but interested May 22, 1916
Jesus encouragement - personal - will soon write another message June 3, 1916
Jesus will write important message - I am happy - letter from my wife true - it is the evidence of what the Father’s love can bring about - I should be happy because of so much love - my experience - revelations June 9, 1916
Jesus message - What is the correct way in which a man should live the life on earth in order to receive the cleansing, from his sins, so that he can gain the purification of his natural love (Divine Love not considered) - not completed (Continued June 17) June 11, 1916
Jesus smoking interferes with receipt of messages - advice as to - will try to help me - danger of surrendering will to spirits - some spirits never satisfied - my mediumship - need not fear results - my mental faculties - as to loss of memory - advice as to improving my memory - refers to a book “Why are we here” - no such thing as the second “embodiment” of the soul - no return to earth, etc. - will write later on reincarnation June 13, 1916
Jesus continues message of June 11 - (original sin, etc.) June 17, 1916
Jesus glad that I could tell some truths to Edward’s visitors - is with me whenever he has the opportunity to impress me with the truths - Edward’s visitors - many will hear and not heed - must preach the truths - encouragement June 21, 1916
Jesus message: Why the love of God - the divine love - is necessary for man to possess in order that he may become one with the Father and an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom June 27, 1916
Jesus pleased with my efforts to find the truth - some of the errors of Christian Science - the want of the true comprehension of its founder of the realities of being - Not a great while until my desires are realized July 9, 1916
Jesus I am in better condition - desires to write another important message - need not worry - the importance of the work July 20, 1916
Jesus I in better condition - personal July 27, 1916
Jesus personal - encouragement - how I may obtain the divine love - have faith July 28, 1916
Jesus my soul calling for him - his love - my soul - advice - love in my soul - don’t understand - love most real thing in all creation - how I will understand its coming - work Aug. 3, 1916
Jesus refers to sermon by Elder Daniels - Turks will be driven out of Europe - will establish their capital in Jerusalem - will be driven from there and disintegrate - preacher’s predictions as to what will happen after war, not true - peace will be established - He will not come as the Prince Michael - has already come - and is now working - men will not need him as a visible king - no Satan will arise - there is no Satan - who the devils are - pities the “soul sleeper” belief - no battle of Armageddon - except as the soul of each man fights, etc. - their teachings do harm - hard to teach the 7-day Adventists that their doctrines are not true - Daniel’s prophecies have no application to the present condition of the world - no man or spirit could foretell these things - peace will come - do not waste time in reading these teachings - with me trying to show me the way to the new birth - love Aug. 13, 1916
Jesus interested in my reading messages & indexes - many spirits present that wonder what they mean Aug. 15, 1916
Jesus will soon write a message - speaks of my sickness - advice - the only immortal part of man, the soul - spirit merely the active energies that manifest life - will soon deliver a message defining what the soul is and what the spirit is - soul the ego Aug. 26, 19l6
Jesus with me at the Christian Spiritualist Church - describes the soul condition of the preacher - her love Aug. 27, 1916
Jesus personal - cautious about reading certain books Sept. 4, 1916
Jesus personal - never said to Peter upon him would he build the church - the Romish Church - its destiny Sept. 11, 1916
Jesus discourse on the “Sons of God, who are” - encouragement Sept. 17, 1916
Jesus starts to write about God - thinks it best not to continue - comments on the preacher’s text, “Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me, the works that I do, he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do: because I go unto my Father.“€ :If ye shall anything in my name I will do it”€ (John XIV - l2 & l4) Sept. 24, 1916
Jesus message: “The destiny of the man who has not the divine love in his soul, and dies with only the natural love and a belief in the creeds and dogmas of the church” Sept. 28, 1916
Jesus personal - my power over spirits - let other spirits write - advice Oct. 23, 1916
Jesus personal Oct. 24, 1916
Jesus with me at church - comments on Dr. Gordon’s sermon on: No Probation after Death - Hell Oct. 29, 1916
Jesus message on the moving picture “Civilization” Nov. 2, 1916
Jesus personal Nov. 7, 1916
Jesus message on: How the soul of a mortal receives the Divine Love and what its effect is, even though, subsequently, his mind may indulge in those beliefs that may tend to prevent the growth of the soul. The lost soul. Nov. 10, 1916
Jesus personal - advice & assurance - love Nov. 23, 1916
Jesus personal - “ ”€œ (as above) - will soon write on Nov. 30, 1916
Jesus the promised Prayer - the only one necessary for inflowing of the love - with the answer will come all the blessings that men may need Dec. 2, 1916
Jesus came to write message on Soul - I could not receive it - my condition - personal - time here when he must make a complete declaration of the truths - encouragement Dec. 12, 1916
Jesus comments on Dr. Mitchell’s sermon on: “The great Paradox - Jesus the Prince of Peace and the Troubler” (not finished) Dec. 24, 1916
Jesus comments on article on Christian Science - will write a message on - Mrs. Eddy deplores that she left to the world so many false doctrines - of much soul development - her highest ideal “the perfect man” - her teachings that sin, etc. are not real, all wrong - how evil was created - encouragement as to material things - speaks of his promised message on the soul - when I call for him to come & pray will do so - not God - his home - humility - must not doubt that he comes to me - my work - reward - Morgan & Stone - their work - their rewards - spiritual influences around us Jan. 2, 1917
Jesus wants to write on the subject of the Soul - but owing to my condition will wait - will disclose a mystery - no mystery for the soul is a creation of God just as all the body & spirit - mankind’s study of the soul - spirit active energy of the soul - men have no comprehension of the soul - it gives to man a creature above the brute - reason - give more thought to higher truths - has prayed with me at night - the influence of the desires of the flesh will continue with me as long as I live - work of regeneration going on - many spirits helping me - pray more - soon be in condition to do the work Feb. 13, 1917
Jesus heard my call - promises - Nita - helping - home here - work - will soon write message on the Soul Feb. 19, 1917
Jesus Message on the Soul Mar. 2, 1917
Jesus personal - encouragement - my future on earth - refers to his message on the “Soul” - Mr. Morgan’s selection, etc - advice to him - Mar. 16, 1917
Jesus heard my prayer and prayed with me - have faith - encouragement Apr. 14, 1917
Jesus writes in reference to my condition of soul and the necessity for prayer - because of my condition not been able to write - complains - encouragement - suggestions - heard sermon on Luther who was present - not much said that was vital - I am chosen to do the work - “to no other man since Swedenborg has such an opportunity and privilege ever been given” - I must not become a failure as he was - refers to the prayer he wrote (Following this message came one saying that I must rely on what the Master said, signed by Paul, John, James, Barnabas, Luther, Samuel, John Wesley, John the Baptist and Judas) (and Samuel C. Mills says all the spirits signed the last message) Apr. 22, 1917
Jesus smoking - material affairs - worry - will be with me to pray May 1, 1917
Jesus message: “The only way in which men can reach the Kingdom of God” May 5, 1917
Jesus intended to finish his message on the Kingdom but I am not in condition - explains difficulties of communicating - with me at church - comments on the communion service - our rapport closer May 6, 1917
Jesus I am not just in condition to receive his message May 7, 1917
Jesus I am not in condition - advice as to my professional work - with me very often - promises - in the near future I will see him - not desirable that my clairvoyant powers be now developed - will see him as he is praying with me - he wants me to see him - why he writes so familiarly - he becomes very human to make the rapport - the idea of our relationship - the soul in me furnishes the rapport - why the dark spirits can find in me a closer rapport than in the higher spirits - the reasons why the high spirits cannot reach the dark ones - the power the former have over the latter - how they influence the opening up of the souls of the dark spirits - the obstacles - the dark spirits cannot see my soul development - they all very human - what the spirit perceptions may vision - what the appearance of the spirit body indicates May 8, 1917
Jesus conclusion of message on: “the only way to the kingdoms of God” May 15, 1917
Jesus encouragement - his love with me - times of temptation - God never far away - willing to help - the love - thoughts that arise from the weakness of the flesh - life - good and evil - sin the creation of man - in God’s universe all is good when I forget love - experience - how to overcome temptation - evil ones with all mortals - condition of soul - watch and pray (Unpublished) May 23, 1917
Jesus a beautiful personal letter - message on subject “Who and What God Is” - not finished - will complete later May 25, 1917
Jesus desires to finish his message - I am not in condition - my worries - faith - promises - how he foretells - not infallible - explains why he said God is everywhere in his early message - pray May 31, 1917
Jesus my condition - temptations - important that he finish his message on God - is present with me at night - “whenever you do not realize this response, you only are responsible, for the love is present and awaits only your earnest seeking”€ June 8, 1917
Jesus my condition better - would like finish his discourse on God - on prayer - how it is responded to - promises - many messages to write July 9, 1917
Jesus I must get in condition to write - desires to finish his message on God - personal Sept, __, 1917
Jesus personal - advice and encouragement Sept. 14, 1917
Jesus writes about the work of Mr. Morgan and myself - what condition we must be in - “while in the world must not be of the world” - must have our physical comforts - advice as to these - as to work after book is printed - the world ready for the truths - war will soon end - results - Christian faith will not satisfy - our reward - advice Sept. 17, 1917
Jesus could not form rapport with me - importance - many writings to be received - the reasons for my condition - material things - worry - advice - things will come - with me in my reading about the various religions - comments - reformers -the truths could not be taught by them - the new religion - comments - what the future religion will be - new birth - Helen Nov. 6, 1917
Jesus the necessity of continuing the writings - many messages to be written - many high spirits desire to communicate - messages Nov. 26, 1917
Jesus my condition better - I received a long message from a beautiful spirit (Mrs. Stone) - encouragement Dec. 10, 1917
Jesus pleased that I was reading the messages - advice - pray to the Father - Nita - encouragement - material things Dec. 11, 1917
Jesus not in condition to receive his message - many to be written - effect of war - world’s knowledge of a future life - the only things that show the destiny of the soul - Bible - advice - in my prayers Dec. 16, 1917
Jesus I in better condition - my rapport with the soul of the Father - advice - corroborates what Luke wrote - my selection from the mass of mankind - must not fail - encouragement - no vicar on earth - not God - the Pope - how he can represent God - infallibility - will write in detail as to the Catholic Church - the worship of Jesus as God Dec. 26, 1917
Jesus ready to write - my condition not fit - advice - personal Jan. 1, 1918
Jesus a comforting message on the love - advice - possession of divinity - promises - beliefs - sacrifice - vicarious atonement - what the modus of the transformation - my condition and rapport - why he does not write - with me much today - my work - encouragement Jan. 6, 1918
Jesus I in better condition - the reason - disappointed in not being able to deliver his messages - intellectual interest in work not sufficient - rapport - advice - many messages to write Feb. 19, 1918
Jesus in good condition - with me at Sunday’s meeting (Billy?)- his want of knowledge of what the judgment is - was trying to impress my thoughts - comments on the preacher and the judgment - the good he is doing - how men are constituted - the teachings of the Bible - will write on the judgment - advice Feb. 23, 1918
Jesus message on: The Great Day of Judgment Feb. 25, 1918
Jesus desires to write as to the way in which, “Christ may be in you” - the teachings of the preachers - their errors - the indiscriminate use of the words “Jesus” and “Christ” Mar. 3, 1918
Jesus sorry I am not in condition to write - advice Mar. 4, 1918
Jesus rapport not sufficient to write - with me today - has important subject on which he desires to write - must finish his message on “Who and What God is” - many messages to be written Mar. 18, 1918
Jesus desired to write but could not - will come again - will be with me at the church Mar. 23, 1918
Jesus expected to write tonight - was interrupted - I now in condition - will soon write - my physical condition improved - advice - prayed with me Apr. 15, 1918
Jesus with me at church - wants to write on the subject of “What God has to do with the War” - may be surprised at what he may say - desires to finish his message on God - will continue to pray with me - necessary that my soul get in rapport Apr. 18, 1918
Jesus desired Luke to write - can now make the rapport - with me at church meeting - I felt his presence - approves of what Luke wrote - Gordon not satisfied with the truths of his intellectual convictions - his condition - with me each night - praying - advice - must believe in the realities of the writings Apr. 25, 1918
Jesus I not in condition to write - advice - waiting to write - as to the prophecy in Matt. 24 - explanation - many matters to be disclosed - my work May 20, 1918
Jesus wants to comfort me over the loss of Nita - describes her condition - will soon go to her & tell her of the Father’s love - my work June 23, 1918
Jesus personal - encouragement - comfort as to Nita’s death - compares her happiness on earth and what she now has - her progress - with me a great deal - Helen with me - remember my work - must not lose faith - the matter as to means will be accomplished - advice July 8, 1918
Jesus long time since he wrote - my condition - many truths to be revealed - time passing - John’s message on rapport - advice to me as to - the kind of prayer - longing quicker than thought - why I was selected - the qualities I possess - have used others before me - failures - why - law - a phase personal to me - my progress depends upon myself - my two friends - their work - our close association with the spirits Oct. 25, 1918
Jesus wants the preacher to read his message on the soul - desires to write - our work - personal Jan. 12, 1919
Jesus Advice - about the accident - rapport Feb. 3, 1919
Jesus with me and wants me to feel his presence & love - advice - the divine love - nothing in the world of so much importance Feb. 26, 1919
Jesus about Mrs. Kates & her mediumship - selects her as one of his disciples Mar. 30, 1919
Jesus comments on lecture by Dr. Swain Apr. 7, 1919
Jesus comments on lecture by Dr. Swain Apr. 8, 1919
Jesus with me at New Thought convention - comments on their doctrines - on the wrong track in their search for God - God not within - God is unknown and unseen except to the soul transformed by the divine love June 15, 1919
Jesus appreciates the condition that I have been in during the past two months - has tried to help - speaks of Ella - she is a medium - the independent voice - will help me in the work - advice Oct. 16, 1919
Jesus wants to tell an important truth - many sayings in Bible not true - contrary to what he received from the Father - many sayings written by men who did not know - Moses & prophets no knowledge of the divine love - disciples never taught that salvation depended upon belief in him as the mere Jesus - what they knew - the false sayings can only be corrected by their incompatibility with what he writes - cannot progress - sin, etc. - disciples did not understand all the truth - influenced by the Old Testament manuscripts Oct. 18, 1919
Jesus my condition - advice Feb. 9, 1920
Jesus my condition - advice - messages Feb. 14, 1920
Jesus writes on the Incarnate Soul Feb. 15, 1920
Jesus am Jesus who writes Feb. 21, 1920
Jesus my condition - my work - the law of rapport - advice - many truths yet to be revealed - advice Mar. 7, 1920
Jesus interested in the origin of the soul - will continue it in his message on the Incarnate Soul - the origin of the soul not due to emanation or traducianism - or creation except as explained - try to get in condition, etc. Mar. 13, 1920
Jesus writing on the two destinies of man in the spirit world - comments on Dr. Pierce’s sermon on religion Mar. 21, 1920
Jesus in much better condition - advice Apr. 13, 1920
Jesus my condition - advice - must bring writings to a close Apr. 19, 1920
Jesus in better condition than for a long time - comments on sermon of Unitarian preacher - also on the Presbyterian preacher’s sermon on Samuel, “his demand upon the people to behold him and then bring any charge of unrighteousness.” Samuel present at church May 2, 1920
Jesus writes on the “condition of the people who think they have received the divine love when they have not.” The Holy Spirit May 10, 1920
Jesus many messages to be written - can come only through my mediumship - Mr. Morgan’s work - myriads of spirits present when he gives his talk - he is mistaken when he thinks he can start the work - I will not receive all the truths of the Infinite - the revelation of truth will never have a finality - my condition delays the work June 1, 1920
Jesus message on Immortality June 2, 1920
Jesus always anxious to write - with me as Dr. & I discussed spiritual things - many spirit friends with you - my condition - rapport July 19, 1920
Jesus comments on the preacher’s sermon on God - “His great gift is the divine love, and these things of the material he leaves to his ministering spirits to bestow.” - my work Sept. 19, 1920
Jesus (Added) Jesus Approving and emphasising what Judas has written. March 21, 1922

There are no more messages recorded from Jesus, and James Padgett passed into spirit on March 17th, 1923.