True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 2

Jesus says his blood does not save men. Only the Divine Love or New Birth that he taught saves and redeems.

September 19th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I heard the discussion between you and the other man about my blood saving from sin, and I felt that you were not benefitted by what was said, because his faith is based on ignorance of the true plan of salvation and my mission on earth. But he is so firmly fixed in his belief that no argument that you might make would convince him that anything but my death and atonement could save from sin. So I do not think it would do any good to attempt to argue with any of these people in reference to the matter of my blood being the one thing that saves from sin and error. These people have this faith so firmly fixed that they see only my blood as a means of salvation.

They have received the Divine Love to a considerable degree and the Holy Spirit is with them in their worship and is in their hearts, but it does not come to them by reason of their belief in my atonement, but because they pray to the Father for its coming and making them a new being so far as their soul development is concerned. They do not know that only the flowing of this Divine Love into their hearts in answer to prayer is what gives them this New Birth. They think that my blood has something, or rather that it is the great and only cause of this New Birth and they will continue to think so. I would not let this matter deter you from attending their meetings because, as I have said, the (Holy) Spirit is present with them. Of course they will learn differently when they come to the spirit world and see that I am not God.

Keep steadfast in the faith that you now have and you will find that your soul development will become so great that you will be able to show by the powers that will be given you that you will be able to do the wonderful things which I and my disciples did while on earth.

Yes, I know that is what all the orthodox believe but that does not make it a fact, for no devil ever comes and teaches the things that I have written you and which I shall hereafter write. I want you to trust in me to the fullest and you will see all the wonders that will be worked before you shall come to the spirit world. I will not write more now.

So with the assurance that I am with you very often, and that I will guide you in the ways of truth, I will stop.

Your brother and friend,



This message is a composite of three, being published in Volume II on page 187 and Volume III on page 187 and again in Volume III on page 272. For more details see this page.