Life After Death

Reincarnation - True or False?

Amongst “new age” thinkers, reincarnation is almost taken for granted. This belief which had it’s origins in the Eastern religions, has spread across the world. The offer of a second chance has seemed to many orthodox Christians to be fairer than the concept of one chance, and you might miss out! Many have even discovered that the early Christians also toyed with reincarnation, until it was decided that it was not in accordance with the faith. There is a lot of apparently solid “evidence” of past lives that lends credence to these beliefs.

Some have even pointed to the Bible where they find “evidence” that Jesus referred to a past life. Until the Padgett and Samuels messages were delivered, there was no solid revelation to support the notion that reincarnation is false. In these messages, Jesus asserts that it is false, and offers physical evidence why it cannot be accomplished. That leaves only the question of why so many people report past lives, some of which can be validated. We are told that yes these lives are valid, but it was not the life of the mortal doing the remembering. It is a memory implanted by a spirit keen to advance these beliefs amongst mortals, or it is simply a memory “discovered” by a travelling mind. Our minds are way more powerful than is generally credited. What is certain is that many many spirits still believe in reincarnation - but none of these are Celestials! This is simply because those mortals who die believing in reincarnation, continue with that belief for many years. It follows that there would be many such spirits, and that few of these would be particularly advanced so soon after passing over.

I have long accepted that the source of past life information received by mortals is attendant spirits who have had those experiences. However, reading “Letters from the Light” indicates that spirits are able to recall past life information themselves. This suggests a more complex explanation is required. I currently suspect that it is partly a function of the way that mind is constructed, coupled with the fact that all thoughts continue to exist as realities, and can be studied. It is possible to trace a thought by context, owner, subject, etc. The mind it seems is probably not as personal as we consider, and there may be many aspects of mind that can be shared or accessed by others. In addition there is probably a Universal Mind, or perhaps what is called the Akashic Record that holds a memory of all that has been experienced by humans. I have now written a book on the subject, and as a result I have removed the free pdf that I used to offer here. That is partly because I may choose to seek a publisher, and I suspect offering it free electronically will be an issue. A review of the book is on this page.

Once you realise that the spirit heavens are a place of continuous progression, there is very little point in reincarnating to start from scratch again. Indeed this is what seems eventually to convince those spirits who do believe in reincarnation - they do not want to return to earth, as they realise how far they have progressed, and cannot see any sense in such a cycle. Those who believe we have had many, some say hundreds of past lives, should realise that the limited progression that mankind has achieved over the decades has been more material than spiritual. There is thus little evidence to show for the “value” of reincarnation in actually progressing mankind. Contrast that with Helen Padgett’s progression in spirit, and of reaching the status of a Christ Spirit in under a year, as also the feedback from James Padgett himself, indicating he too achieved this inside two years post death.

One should probably note that a belief in reincarnation is not a dangerous belief, in the sense of endangering ones spiritual progress, provided that the individual is not relying on a second chance to get things right. One cannot of course believe in eternal hell and reincarnation at the same time, but since hell is not eternal, this is probably a good thing. But many that we have come across who believe in reincarnation appear to have discarded any belief in there being any souls in darkness. That might not be such a good thing. As the bible clearly tells us, we will pay for our sins to the last farthing.

Recently a group of folks who also follow the Padgett Messages have suggested a number of things. Firstly, that the message from Jesus where he explains why it is physically impossible to reincarnate, is capable of being stretched to allow for the possibility that this may become possible in the future. Secondly, they also suggest that they are reincarnations of many of the apostles, including also the Master himself. So they claim there is now a flesh and blood Jesus walking the Earth, accompanied by Mary Magdalene and some others. However they do not teach that reincarnation is a method of progression, quite the contrary. They claim one must reach the 22nd Sphere to be capable of returning as a teacher.

I have after some ten years of pondering the issues surrounding this topic, written a book entitled: “Is Reincarnation an Illusion?” and quite recently revised it with additional interesting information.

Author Title Date of Message
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Jesus Jesus denies reincarnation. June 13th, 1916.
Helen Padgett Buddha no longer teaches reincarnation. August 1st, 1916
William Stanley A spirit who believed in reincarnation November 19th, 1916
Goliath The famous giant Goliath of the Philistines affirms that there is no reincarnation after death of the mortal body. November 25th, 1916
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the statement, that there is no reincarnation. November 25th, 1916
Lamlestia Lamlestia (an ancient spirit) discusses reincarnation and theosophy December 17th, 1916.
Elias (Elijah) Elias (Elijah) was not John the Baptist, neither was John a reincarnation of Elias. February 7th, 1917
Helen Padgett Helen comments on the book that Mr. Padgett was reading, “The Life Beyond Death” April 19th, 1919
Madam Blavatsky Madam Blavatsky returns. November 1st, 1922
Alan Ross Spirits In the Room. date not known
Helen Padgett Progressing and reaching Gold!  
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Aman Reincarnation has never occurred. October 26th, 2015
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