Messages 1984 to 2000

Aristotle: On reincarnation

Seville, Spain

November 19, 1999

Received by Alfredo

(Translated from Spanish)


You have doubts as to reincarnation?

I know that this is something that never got clear in your mind. And that you even had problems believing in it.

As you have learned, many spirits, when they leave their carnal trappings, continue in the beliefs they had in earth life, and this so much that some are not even conscious of the truths that may be proclaimed to them.

As to your question of how it is possible that some persons feel that they have lived in another moment, and that there has been even presented evidence of the same. I must only tell you that the books you have been reading, are errors of the researchers themselves, for there is a logical explanation for all this.

When a spirit leaves his carnal trappings, as you have been told, he continues to manifest the beliefs he had during his human life. Analyze the fact, and it is evident that the majority of experiences reported in relation with reincarnation come from countries that have the mentioned faith as a dogma. This is the reason why the spirit, who continues to manifest that faith in this period as a spirit, even believes that he has reincarnated once again, without possessing full conscience of his new existence.

It is true that these same spirits influence men as to their own beliefs and experiences. The child, growing and developing in this belief, is a good instrument used by the spirit to transmit his experiences of his previous earth life. This child is nothing but a medium influenced by another spirit who beliefs in reincarnation, and who accomplishes to make the child belief, and even the spirit himself comes to belief that he has reincarnated. As you see, everything has its influence, and reasonable explanation, more reasonable for us who see it from our position, and unfortunately, the human mind is too primitive to achieve a more logical conclusion, for some believe in it, some show skepticism. but none comes to reason that which is evident.

With love from your brother Aristotle.