Life After Death

The Sleep State

The sleep state is something that has not been directly covered in any of our messages until it wasw addressed by John the Beloved in 2019. However, in passing, both Dr. Stone and James Padgett were taken out of body to visit their soulmates. So there is evidence that we can and do travel into the Spirit Spheres while asleep. Both however did not recall the experience, and that too is quite common. Other sources have rather more, but even with this additional detail, we have not had any clarification of what spiritual Laws might be applying to activities that we do not generally recall.

That was until I specifically asked if the Law of Compensation applies to any activities we might get up to, in an unconscious state, and the answer is no. I also asked if the experience we would have, as sleep travelers would be identical to those that are “dead” and again the answer is no. Not that we would not experience a degree of happiness in the upper spheres, or a degree of disharmony in the lower planes of the First Sphere, but the Law of Attraction clearly does not work precisely as it would on a permanent resident of those Spheres.

In the references below, it is stated that those in the sleep state may behave in a more spiritual way, than they do on earth, and in another message the information is conveyed that only on earth do we have reproductive capability. So it is not possible to have sexual intercourse, and in the sleep state one can expect individuals to behave better than they do in the conscious state. There is no unbridled licentiousness.

I have had an energy interchange during the sleep state, that was reminiscent of an orgasm, except it was far more powerful. It was triggered by some sort of energy interchange, chest to chest. I did wake immediately, and confirmed that it had not happened in this physical dimension. I understand that this is something that replaces the orgasm that we have here on earth, and so we will not lose the ability to experience a special interpersonal relationship. And it will not be gender-specific, because there is no gender difference once we leave Earth.

Author Title Date of Message
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Aphraar Extract from The Life Elysian 1905
Aphraar Extract from The Life Elysian This extract concerns an interchange with his father, who is still alive, and himself, and we learn how a soul conducts itself in the sleep state as compared with it’s waking state. There is also an attempt to recall the conversation from the sleep state to the waking. 1905
Aphraar Extract from The Gate of Heaven. This extract includes a diagram purporting to show the spatial relationships of the various locations in the Spirit Spheres. 1931
Helen Padgett The wonders, benefits and blessings wrought by the Divine Love of God. June 8th, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy intends to take the spirit of Dr. Stone out of the body to show him where she is living in the same way that Helen did with Mr. Padgett. July 3rd, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy succeeds in bringing her soulmate, Leslie, into the third sphere, although upon his return he did not remember the travel he made into the spirit world. December 13th, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary says that the visit that Leslie made into the spirit world was one of the happiest nights of her life. not known
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