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Spheres, Dimensions and Ascension

The Earth is currently in the middle of a major change. This is currently largely illustrated in the weather changes, which while certainly triggered by climate changes driven by our interference with the balance of nature, is only the tip of the iceberg. Those people – and there are a lot of them – who can sense “energy flows” know that a lot more is happening by way of new energies entering our world. Of course the majority of mankind will scoff at that, and sadly the majority of mankind is likely to be left behind in this major change. But first we need to define all these terms.


There are available today sources going back 200 or more years covering the quantity, character and fine details of the spheres that we humans pass over to after death. With this vast amount of collaborative sources one can be rather certain that we know what these are all about. There are seven “lower heaven” spheres. These are locations outside of the Kingdom of God, and which allow humans to progress spiritually until they are fit – if they so choose – to pass into the Kingdom of God. On this site alone there are a great many references describing these locations, and a summary of this information can be found in the booklet called “Getting the Hell out of Here”. These spheres are no part of the process called ascension and the longer term target of the Fifth Dimension – 5D. This is because we will be living humans having a material existence on Earth in 5D, as also 4D.


In the process of ascension of our base frequencies, the terms used for localities of varying consciousness are “dimensions.” Now when we talk frequency do not confuse this with the well known Schumann Resonance, which is a measure of the electromagnetic base frequency of the Earth. The frequency we are looking at determines consciousness, and in our case the increasing potential consciousness of the human mind.

Back to dimension. I know this is a common word in English, but its what these places have been termed. Now I need to point out that this Earth has never been through this process before. Other planets have, and I believe the most accurate source of information on what might happen is from benevolent and highly advanced Extraterrestrials – what I prefer to call my stellar friends. If humans who have passed over into the spheres comment, you should bear in mind that they do not know what they really know. This is because those utilising their minds cannot actually “know”, which ability is available to those that are using soul mind. If these humans are residents of the Kingdom of God – what we call Celestials – they at least have a knowledge of what they know and what they do not because of soul mind. But they are almost certainly not in a position – from personal experience – to describe the process simply because they have not lived through one of these events. So we have to rely on sources that are human but not from this Earth, and there are far fewer people willing to channel space people, for many reasons. So what I say here cannot be taken with any certainty. Its going to be wrong in some respect – but I hope not so wrong as to be misleading.

I tend to think the lowest density dimension relevant to humans is 3D – here on Earth. I have heard comment about 1D and 2D but I currently think that is probably not relevant to us, if it even exists at all. While I have not read anything about how the Earth was when the first humans incarnated, I suspect it was at least 4D. One of the indicators of that is how long lived these ancient sources claim such people were. That’s if those reports are correct of course. But we do know that for an extremely long time this world has not advanced beyond 3D. Apparently right now the base frequency for the consciousness of the humans on this Earth is 3.7. That is why we are 3D, we lie between 3.0 and 4.0 in frequency.

Certainly there have been, and continue to be individuals that exceed those, and even some I know of who were clearly 5D humans. According to one report there are today 28 humans in 5D. So the term dimension refers to the most common level of spiritual consciousness at a material location. There is no need to describe what happens on Earth in 3D, but its interesting that our absorption with material things has reached a crescendo where vast numbers of educated people do not believe that a God could exist, given how things operate on this planet. And its also obvious that with our global population over 8 billion that we are rapidly destroying this planet, defiling the oceans and the skies, and beginning to run out of some key resources especially fossil fuels which we rely on so heavily.

However there is a Prime Source – a Creator of all, who has in place immutable laws with which we are not familiar. But we are not the owners of this planet and we may not destroy it. That tipping point has been reached and the result is that every single human on this planet now faces a decision. They may not understand this in their minds, but their souls certainly do. The choice is – are you willing to put in the effort to grow spiritually from 3D to 4D and then 5D and thus save the planet or are you not willing?

Now one source states 75% of the 8 billion will not make that positive choice. They are simply unable at the mindal level to follow the desires of their own souls. And with that decision they must leave this planet. How will they leave? Many will die of causes associated with the events we see going on at the moment but which will escalate dramatically. And it has been said that others who are unwilling to change will be taken to another 3D planet. Our benevolent space brothers and sisters have the physical capacity very close to Earth to remove all 8 billion of us, if it were necessary. Sadly I can’t see many accepting any such offer however.

As an example of how the planet will react to our negative energies, hurricanes will be far worse, as we see even now in 2022, large earthquakes are escalating, we will almost certainly face the loss of the electricity grid permanently in the large countries like USA, Australia, Europe, Canada etc. This will probably be caused by start of a pole shift that happens when the Earth’s magnetic field collapses. The collapse of that magnetic field allows the sun’s energy to destroy electrical infrastructure, especially as we will soon reach the cyclical peak of sunspot activity in 2025. We can also expect volcanic eruptions. Our political, military, legal, legislative systems will collapse, as will global currency, commercial, entertainment and transport infrastructure. We could in effect go back 150 years in quite a short period of time.

So what about the other 25% who are expected to survive because they are willing to change completely the way we live on earth? This is where the ascension process begins to be very relevant. We can assume the 75% that depart vibrate well below the 3.7 up to and possibly above 3.7, since 3.7 is simply the average. But with them departing the Earth could literally jump to say 4.2 or 4.3 or maybe higher.


Now ascension is the term used to describe moving to a new range of consciousness. And while many are fixated on 5D, I would like to comment that one source that I found very credible states that the average period for a planet to move from one dimension to the next is 108 million years. So while I believe we could get to 5D faster than that, its very unlikely to be in a decade.


It is interesting to discover what changes from 3D to 4D. The minimum criterion to reach this vibration is that the human is non-judgemental and only loving. In short they will live within God’s Laws and begin to properly understand these. There is no violence in 4D. Children and women are not abused, there is no sex or human trafficking. No military or police are required. Individuals discover they have abilities that are scoffed at today: levitation, change the weather, bi-locate, heal much more powerfully than previously. You may even be able to materialise food and prepared meals. Our space brothers will offer us the opportunity to travel anywhere in the universe, they will also deliver the designs for zero-point energy generators and we will not use fossil fuels nor find it necessary to use the current green energy methods such as solar and wind. In the case of Australia we have been told the British Red Fox and rabbit will be removed. I have no idea how or what they will do with the removed animals. I guess the feral cats and pigs and such will be dealt with too along with cane toads. Some extinct species will be returned. Our space brothers and sisters have been keeping these on another 3D planet apparently. At 4D we can become if not actually invisible to those humans who are still 3D, certainly unattractive to them and their activities. So 4D communities can survive unmolested by 3D humans looking to survive their challenges.


5D is even more amazing but I think a bit theoretical to consider right now. At this point all humans will have “crystal” bodies, really silicon bodies where one electron has been added to the carbon atom to change to silicon. This renders the body literally immortal, and after 1000 years you would still look around 30 or 40. No meat will be eaten and no animals will consume flesh either. I have no idea how that is achieved. Anything you require will be manifested out of apparently thin air. In fact its already there and we simply bring it into our 5D realm. The highest dimension we can reach as a planet of living humans is 12D. At that level, indeed even quite some level below it, they travel in space ships powered by thought, or simply avoid space ships and travel by bilocation.