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This is a rather general classification. But for all that, there are some amazing titles here.

Our World in Transition, Messages from Jesus

by Al Fike

Change is coming to our world. A change so profound and powerful that every one of us needs to prepare for what is coming. This book, essentially written by Jesus through the mediumship of Albert J. Fike, is part prophecy and part spiritual teachings. Twenty lessons received over a six month period take us on a journey of understanding our true nature and the potential to forge a personal relationship with our Creator. Jesus teaches that without greater knowledge and clear understanding of deeper spiritual truth that humanity will suffer through these times of difficult transitions. He speaks of the power of love to heal us all and points to avenues of vast untapped resources that will assist in transforming ourselves and our world. A new world of spiritual and material harmony is coming as the old world crumbles and a new one emerges. You can buy the book here : Our World in Transition, Messages from Jesus. It can be read on-line here.

Living with the Divine Love

by Helge Mercker

A soul-journey on the Divine Love Path

As our world slides into greater disharmony and chaos, as our hearts cry out for healing and peace, for joy and love, for unity and understanding, we ever seek to find that state of grace in our search for the living waters of life, the living waters of love. I invite you, to read what I am sharing here of my experiences in following a path of love, of Divine Love. It is a discovery of soul and acknowledgment of the subtle transformative action that the Divine Love brings. A discovery of the relationship to our Creator, a discovery of Love so deep that I never dared to dream of it. Daily prayers and communion with God are the cornerstone of this life upon our pathway of Love Divine. It is a gentle path which does not need formalism or buildings or temples or preachers. No, it is simple, it is rather a way of life, a way of awakened living, a life of internal and eternal growth in Love, the Divine Love, an opening to God’s Truths and an awareness of God’s Presence, a purification and transformation of soul.

This is another book written by a serious practitioner of Divine Love, and contains personal anecdotes and experiences of the soul-transforming journey. Read it, read it closely, and put into practice what it recommends and you will also experience soul transformation, as I have indeed. Its not an overnight thing, but if you look back on ten or fifteen years soul growth you will be amazed. You can download a pdf here: Living with Divine Love and an ePub here: Living with the Divine Love and the print book at Lulu and a Kindle ebook at Amazon.

The Quiet Revolution of the Soul

by Al Fike

The soul is a subject that tends not to get much press, and when it does, many commentators frankly do not know the difference between the soul, the mind, the spirit energy and a human being. So its really great to have a commentary from someone who knows these differences, and knows the differences because of a personal journey of soul transformation. In other words, he is talking from experience.

We are supposed to grow our souls here on Earth, but unfortunately far too many teachers claim that all we have to do, is remember who we are. Sadly that is not the truth. The truth is that we have to do the hard yards. And there is a choice here, we can do the very hard yards, or the shorter somewhat hard yards. The choice is whether we ask God to help in this soul transformation, or whether we walk alone. A classic illustration of this harder choice is Buddhism, but its nearly impossible to find a coherent explanation of how we walk this easier path God-Assisted. This is such a book. Read it, read it closely, and put into practice what it recommends and you will also experience soul transformation, as I have indeed. Its not an overnight thing, but if you look back on ten or fifteen years soul growth you will be amazed. You can download a pdf here: The Quiet Revolution and an ePub here The Quiet Revolution and the print book and ebook at Amazon.

Jesus’ Gospel of God’s Love

by Eva Peck

Jesus’ Gospel of God’s Love presents a fresh, non-traditional look at the Bible and Christian orthodox teachings. It explores the history and nature of the Bible and the development of Christianity, nature of God, nature of humanity, the after-life, and the way to salvation. If the concepts presented in the book resonate with you, you have an exciting spiritual journey before you and a glorious destiny to work toward.

The book can be purchased on Amazon in print form and as a Kindle e-book. A free pdf is located here: JESUS GOSPEL OF GODS LOVE

New Birth - Pathway to the Kingdom of God

by Eva Peck

Eva Peck’s book, New Birth – Pathway to the Kingdom of God weaves together the Padgett messages with the Bible and covers aspects of the Divine Love journey from soul awakening to glorification in the Celestial Kingdom The book is available as a free PDF download from Eva’s website, as well as a Kindle version. It will soon be available for pre-ordering as a print version on Amazon.

The Truth? a paranormal journey.

Written by Werner Voets

This is a novel, and it is a very good read, extremely well structured. In fact it is very clever how Werner weaves into the story the majority of issues that people raise when they come across channeled material. Not just clever, but enjoyable too, as he is a good writer. I certainly would recommend it, and as a bonus you get a pile of good “truth” material. If I were to compare it to Celestine Prophecy, its easier to read, more credible and with more take home value. Although its not made obvious in the book, the messages that Pepe receives are in fact edited versions of the messages that James Padgett received, and which are all on this site.

You can buy the book at Amazon here: Hard Copy and Kindle Version.

Correcting Time

by Fred Harris.

This is a wonderful book written by Fred Harris. It details the start of the Teaching Mission, and the growth of many small teacher groups across the world, where Celestial teachers teach their mortal students how to live a Christ like life. It is full of wonderful little anecdotes, of how the Celestials create “coincidences” when we work hand in glove with them. It is also absolutely chock full of “Stillness” the aspect that I personally always thought was a huge, and very strange omission from the Urantia Book. This is truly a great book, if you are wondering how humans can make a difference.

Published by Mind, Body & Spirit, Inc. ISBN 0-9667435-0-4. Available from Amazon

The Book on Mediums

by Allan Kardec

This was actually the very first spiritual book I read, and I have to say I did not like it much. However it is an absolutely amazing reference to all manner of spiritual occurrences. You can download a free pdf copy here: lmed_us.pdf

A Course in Miracles.

This is a beautiful book, with some exquisite prose. It is really intended as a book to open up your mind/soul to the possibilities that exist. It is not a book about the spirit world, per se. Nor is it a book about a religion, although one might think that from it’s followers. While I think that this is a beautiful book, I do not think it is without error. And in particular, I do not accept it came from Jesus. I have commented on this in the Note at the bottom on my page on mediumship. My concerns with this book is that it would ultimately lead you to consider that “God” and “the Universe” are one and the same. This suggests there is no separate supreme Divine being - Prime Source capable of recognising and interacting with each one of us. In my personal experience this is false, and serious limitation of this book. And anyone really familiar with the New Testament would know that Jesus called “God” “Abba” or Father surely indicating a deep personal relationship with a real Divine being.

Love Without End

by Glenda Green

This book contains the thoughts and conversations Glenda had with the spirit of Jesus, as she completed a painting of him. It is a fabulous book, both because it has so much Truth, but also because it has been told in a way that is unlikely to threaten any orthodox Christians. If you want to feel the real power of Love, read this book. It will also force you to consider the reality of the spirit realm. I hope and pray that this is the book to touch the hearts of mainstream Christians. The painting that Glenda has created is exactly in line with two descriptions we have of him, and added to that the meditation on page 160 is totally wonderful and will cause the Holy Spirit to bring Divine Love into the soul.

The Urantia Book.

2000 pages of very fine print. This is a massive work. It has four major sections, The Central and Super Universes, The Local Universe, The History of Urantia (Earth) and the Life and teachings of Jesus. It contains arguably, more material on Jesus than you will find elsewhere. I say arguably, because on this site we now have more material than in Urantia. This is book that almost defies description. Probably more than half of it contains material that can be found nowhere else. And there is a great ring of Truth about some of it. I have some particular issues with section four, but nevertheless many people will tell you that is the part they liked most. I have compared this book in some detail to the information in the Padgett Messages here.

God Calling

edited by A.J Russell

This is apparently a classic amongst orthodox Christians. It is not surprising why, based on the contents, but given that it is a channeled work, perhaps that is surprising. Full of love and devotion.

The Centre Within

Edited by Fred Harris and Byron Belitsos

This book combines the teachings of the Urantia Book, with teachings that have been received in the last ten years under the auspices of the Teaching Mission. This is a group of folks, dotted around the USA, who are receiving direct instruction from Celestial teachers. It is a beautiful book, and in many ways to my mind, soars above that of the Urantia Book, because it is more heart centred, and less intellectual.

Rayson and Friends Volume I

This is a stunning spiritual book. It is a compilation of teachings primarily delivered by Rayson, from 1991 to 1993. The study group who channelled Rayson are followers of the Urantia Book, and thus if you are unfamiliar with that book, some things may take a while to understand. But I would recommend it without hesitation to everyone who is a serious student of spiritual issues. Here is a free pdf: Rayson & Friends Vol1

Rayson and Friends Volume II

This is an equally stunning book. It is a compilation of teachings primarily delivered by Rayson, from 1993 to 1994. The study group who channelled Rayson are followers of the Urantia Book, and thus if you are unfamiliar with that book, some things may take a while to understand. But I would recommend it without hesitation to everyone who is a serious student of spiritual issues. Here is a free pdf: Rayson & Friends Vol2

The Keys to thy Kingdom

by Rev. Caesar Augustus Davila, D.Th.

It is in some ways surprising that this book should have been written by a Catholic priest. But what Dr Davila describes in this book, is an extensive treatment of Divine Love, and how to follow that path. The publisher (Center for Yoga and Christianity) can be found on FaceBook, although for years I have not been able to trace them. I am taking the liberty of offering here a pdf copy, trusting that my sharing this book will not get me into trouble. I am now (May 2012) awaiting further information as to whether they are happy about my sharing this book, as I have just recently managed to make contact. But it is such an amazing book, that I feel it must be shared. Give it a time to download. Keys PDF

If you find the Great Experiment needs any further support, this would be a suitable third party reference.

Beyond the Himalayas


If the time is right for you, this is a fabulous book. It is part travelogue across Tibet, and part a reporting of the amazing abilities of the masters found there. It is also a dialogue about Truth, and how to find it. I was astounded to discover that these masters are not Buddhists, having long ago moved beyond mere religion, and also do not believe in reincarnation. The quotes from the New Testament are fabulous, and leave one in no doubt that not only was Jesus a real master, but that it’s also likely it’s the Tibetan masters who understand him best of all, and continue to be taught by him. While the words “Divine Love” are rarely used, it is very clear that these masters do indeed tap into the Divine Love. A pdf is available: Beyond the Himalayas

The Yoga of the Christ


This is the continuation of the journey through Tibet begun in “Beyond the Himalayas”. It is a fabulous book, continuing in grand style from the previous book. A pdf is available: The Yoga of the Christ

It is now possible to obtain both of these fabulous books by Dr MacDonald-Bayne in one cover. Christ in Tibet

Autobiography of a Yogi

by Paramhansa Yogananda

It is now some months since I read this book, and I can’t understand how I forgot to review it. It is in short a wonderful book. Sure, if you accept that reincarnation is false, as I do, there will be things that are hard to fathom or explain. But in this book we certainly learn about Divine Love in action, and the sort of powers that advanced yogi possess, no doubt an outcome of substantial soul growth in Divine Love. It follows on nicely from the books by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne. There are many quotations from Yogananda floating around on the web, and these do support the notion that not only did he receive Divine Love, but that he was aware of this fact. So it was really no surprise when a year or so ago his guru came though to explain that both of them had been aware of this fabulous energy source, and its power to advance the soul. 

In 2019 Yogananda started channeling through my good friend Jimbeau Walsh. He has confirmed he did know of the Divine Love and he has proven this by sharing his original Kriya Yoga, which as best I can discern, The Self Realisation Foundation has lost. Many of Jimbeau’s messages can be found on the web site SoulTruth. It would seem Yogananda is determined to share a great deal through Jimbeau.

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

by Baird T Spalding.

In 1894, Baird T Spalding and ten other companions (All American Scientists) spent three and half years studying a group of Yogi Masters. Eventually six volumes of books were completed, but only the first three detail their actual experiences. I suspect if I had not read The Autobiography of a Yogi, as also the volumes by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, I would likely have considered these tales too fanciful. Baird Spalding eventually committed 50 years of his remaining life to disseminate the teachings. The only curious note is that it would seem that after 50 years he had not reached the level of mastery demonstrated by the Indian Masters. Which once again is an issue with all these books. While the master can tell us, it still seems we find it hard to follow. But these are what powers they demonstrated:

1) Bilocate, i.e. move the whole body somewhere else, and bring it back, or anywhere else. This included having up to four copies of their human body.

2) Leave a body somewhere in “suspended animation” and go somewhere else with “another” physical body.

3) Materialise out of absolutely nothing, anything they need. Includes food, clothing and housing.

4) Walk on water.

5) Walk through fire.

6) Heal pretty much any condition.

7) Have bodies that were very much younger than their age.

8 ) Lived hundreds of years.

9) Could project images of the past onto a wall, complete with sound. What we might call unlimited free to air on a plasma screen. But over 100 years ago.

10) Interacted with dead guys who turn up in the physical - this includes Jesus who turned up, saved them from some immediate danger, delivered a sermon and sat down and ate with them.

11) Communicate by thought with others of their type over unlimited distance.

12) Read our minds.

13) Create out of nothing, a small statuette (materialise the clay for it, and mold it by hand) Then breathe life into it, so it moves around at its own will. Then remove the life from it.

14) Alter the weather in a small location.

15) Utilise Universe Energy for heating a room or house.

16) Cause water to ice spontaneously. And possibly some other things I have missed.

17) (Added Feb 2022) Yes I missed big time HOW they had a physical manifestation of Jesus himself, because no clue was given in those books as to how that occurred. But I have just learned it was because of the soul development of one or more of the yogi’s present, that they had the gift of what we have called “Direct Voice.” Which was what Jesus himself had on Earth when he caused the transfiguration to occur.

The last three volumes are really only the sayings or talks given by Baird Spalding, while touring the USA. While also good, these seemed to me to lack something, and the talks he recorded originally given by the Masters have far more depth to them, in my opinion. These books are either going to be rejected by you as complete nonsense, or you will awaken to the potential of every human. This to my mind is what every follower of Padgett should aspire towards.

I have now created an ePub of the first four volumes of this work. It is available here. A pdf which sadly does not have the index that exists in the ePub - because the books themselves have no index - is available here.

The Last Enemy

by Jack Bentley

As is often the case for me, this book arrived to answer a specific question that I was looking for. In my case the issue of “meta-humans” and how they get to be the way they are has been exercising my mind and soul.

A book with that title, did not go anywhere near answering my question, but I think that this book came close for me. Of course Jack Bentley is not a meta-human, but he has discovered some very interesting stuff. The title of this book is presumably the question he is searching for, and does not really answer in this book. Not that I was bothered about that, because I have already found out some of the ingredients that lead us to bypass death, as seems to have occurred to Enoch and Elias. The exact process by which we can be reborn of spirit, and thus bypass death is well set out in the Urantia Book, and also explained using different concepts in the Padgett Messages.

Spirit was determined to reach Jack, buried as he was initially in stifling theology, and the things that he has experienced rank as some of the most amazing I have ever heard about. Fortunately he was open to the notion that the voice he could hear had his best interests at heart.

Along the way Jack sets out his experiences with touch healing, and these explanations are wonderful too. His drawing of the design of the chakras stuck a chord deep inside me, and led to a major revelation - that just as Father downloads his Divine Love into us, to nourish our souls, so too can Gaia upload energy to nourish the physical body.

This is a truly wonderful book, and a very easy read. I thoroughly recommend it. It is available from Amazon

The Guiding Light

Within by Lytske

This must rank of one of the most amazing spiritual books of our time.It is a set of 365 messages from an Indwelling Spirit. It is both informative, and a specially designed program of learning. If you would like to develop your ability to hear your Indwelling Spirit, then this is the instruction manual. It is only available from the publisher. It is possible to sample the messages, and those can be found on the publishers web site.

The Choice

by Joseph Babinsky.

This is a great read. It’s really quite phenomenal how one person can go from being an evangelical pastor, to the condition of being a mystic, in one life. Although of course that is precisely the path that the late M Scott Peck outlined in his fabulous book “The Path less Traveled.” But few manage it. Joseph is surely a fearless seeker after truth!

One of the strengths of this book is I feel Joseph’s coverage of doubt. Yes we should indeed be proud that we have had, or currently have, doubts. Doubt is one of the really powerful things that will lead us to real truth. Doubt is a sign that we are alive, and questioning, and progressive.

The Choice is now available both as a paperback book and an eBook. The links are: Paperback at Lulu or Kindle e-Book at Amazon

A Search in Secret India

by Dr. Paul Brunton

Published initially in 1935. Republished more recently.

Really good readable book. Its a pity I did not read this before I read “Autobiography of a Yogi” as I think that this writer has hit the nail on the head with his comment that Indian authors have a tendency to mix myth with fact. The last and certainly the most impressive Yogi he meets is reluctant to say much. But absolutely amazing in what he does say. In point of fact his message regarding meditation is 100% the same as what is the basis of Eckhart Tolle’s bestselling book : “The Power of Now.” The point is that if you become a “watcher” the ego is defeated, and the soul is in control of your life.

I recommend this absolutely to anyone planning to read any thing about Indian or Tibetan yogi. And yes, he sees things that no one can explain.

A Search for The Truth

by Ruth Montgomery

Published initially in 1967. Reprinted frequently in 1967 and 1968 and then through another publisher in 1982. It’s always interesting to pick up a book that traces someone’s personal journey towards truth. This copy is very tattered, and annotated. A few other people have clearly enjoyed it before I found it. Ruth is a journalist, and brings a very critical mind to this journey. Along the way she meets the usual frauds, but she also finds the real folks who can do all sorts of amazing things. There is little to criticise here. Sure, she has not yet learned how to discern between spirits who really know, as opposed to those who think they know, but she has learned that all types can be communicated with. It’s a good read, and covers a lot of ground.

Born to Heal

by Ruth Montgomery

Published initially in 1976, but first mentioned in passing in “Search for the Truth”, this is a book about the most amazing healer to have walked this planet. And that I think includes Jesus of Nazareth. It would not be fair to compare this anonymous individual to Jesus in any other respect, but given that he spent his whole life healing, and that he healed the most amazing conditions, I think that statement is warranted. (It seems that although the healer is anonymous in this book, his name was William E. Gray) I think that this book could just be the most impressive book I have ever read. So what is so amazing?

Firstly this individual was so connected to spirit, over his entire lifetime, that he learnt exactly what he was doing and why. And thus he has set out a conceptual framework as to why we suffer from disease and even mental illness, and what to do to remove these conditions permanently. The framework makes a great deal of sense to me, as I have an electrical engineering background, and I am also a remote healer, so I have felt these “life energy currents”

Were there any cases he could not solve? Well not mentioned specifically but if individuals did not return for the proper course of treatments, he predicted that their condition would return. In his own mind, he permanently resolved 9 out of 10 cases. It is interesting that he found that a longstanding case of arthritis would take many treatments to reverse. But he never comments that “wear and tear” cannot be reversed, which is what we have been led to understand. And he certainly healed some folks very advanced in years.

One of the fascinating concepts here is that we each have different magnetic fields, and that healers, to be most effective, should align with the patient. He also suggests that our basic sign - fire, earth, water or air indicates the compatibility of our magnetic fields to a partner, and that its either energising or debilitating if you have the wrong life partner at an energy level. He indicates while there are 12 groups, actually there are 36 distinct frequencies of life energy.

This book is based on research by Ruth Montgomery, and she refers to a much earlier book called “Know your Magnetic Field“ that was written by this individual’s nurse, and in close collaboration with the healer himself. But she neglects to mention that she pretty much has extracted all of that book as source material for her book. Which means of course by obtaining that earlier book, you can get a good insight into the material. There is a free pdf: Know your magnetic field by William Gray

I have also created a free Kindle format e-book: Know Your Magnetic Field