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Who or What Is God?

The messages linked below explore concepts of God.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Jesus is not God, but was sent by the Father to lead men to His favor and Love. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. September 24th, 1914.
Jesus Jesus is not God or to be worshiped as God. January 24th, 1915.
Jesus On his Father’s Nature as my God and your God. January 31st, 1915
Jesus Jesus comments on the discourse of the preacher on God. November 21st, 1915.
Professor Salyards Who and what is God? November 22nd, 1915.
Jesus The personality of God. November 22nd, 1915.
Luke Who and what is God? November 22nd, 1915.
Ann Rollins Who and What is God? February 18th, 1916
Ann Rollins Who and What is God? - continued. February 25th, 1916
Jesus God hates sin but not the sinner. September 17th, 1916.
Jesus Who and What is God? May 25th, 1917
Jesus God and His personality. April 7th, 1919.
Jesus Jesus on New Thought. The importance of mankind knowing the truth of the New Birth. June 15th, 1919
Dr Daniel G Samuels. Jesus and his relationship to God. date not known
Judas What men must do to see God and realize that He is a Personal God, with all the attributes that belong only to a Supreme, Infinite Being. date not known
Jesus David expresses his concept of God in his psalms January 2nd, 1959
Jesus God is not a Father - Mother God July 28th, 1955 and March 13th, 1959

The Trinity

For those raised in the orthodox Christian fold, the Trinity is central to the concept of God. In these messages we are told that this is not a Truth. God the Father is the Creator. The Holy Spirit is a vehicle, and a part of the Father, that the Father uses to manifest His Love, and is not a separate being with intelligence. Finally Jesus repeatedly asserts he is not God. He is divine, in as much as having accepted the transformation of his mortal soul into an immortal soul, he has the Divine Love within him, and is at-one with the Father. Thus he has an attribute of the Father - the Divine Love, but this does not, he says, make him god. There are many other Celestial Angels in the same state, although Jesus is closest to the Father, having progressed further than any other mortal.

It is probably true that Jesus is so much more spiritually advanced than we are, that one might almost consider him a god, but yet Jesus says he is not to be worshipped. And he continues to treat us as brother and sister.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Here the Master, in his first writing, tells who he really was. September 28th, 1914.
Jesus Worship of Jesus as part of the Godhead is wrong and sinful - how much Jesus deplores this erroneous belief of mankind. December 25th, 1914.
Jesus The Master is anxious that mankind should stop worshipping him as God. December 25th, 1914.
Jesus Jesus is not God or to be worshiped as God. Explains his mission. January 24th, 1914.
Jesus Personal message. Holy Ghost not God. Jesus still doing the Fathers work. April 9th, 1915.
Jesus The Holy Spirit is not God. June 9th, 1915.
Robert Colyer Robert Colyer the preacher gives his beliefs; denies the trinity. August 5th, 1915.
Hugh Latimer Jesus came and told him he was not God. August 13th, 1915
Jesus Jesus denies that he is God, or that his blood washes away mens sins. September 12th, 1915
Jesus Jesus is not God, but an elder brother. Sin has no existence except as it is created by mankind and man must pay the penalties. December 25th, 1915.
Jesus What it is that makes a man Divine? March 15th, 1916
Judas The greatest sin is against the Holy Spirit that conveys the Divine Love into the soul. October 21st, 1916.
Luke. The mystery of the Godhead, three in one is a myth. There is no mystery that men should not know. November 5th, 1916
Bishop Newman Bishop Newman affirms Lukes writing. Regrets that he did not teach the Truth when on earth. November 5th, 1916
Chauncey Giles Chauncey Giles changes his belief about Jesus being God. February 28th, 1917
Jesus Jesus says those who worship him as they do in the churches commit blasphemy. May 6th, 1917
John What Is the Holy Spirit and how It works. June 14th, 1917
Jesus Difference between Gods Spirit and the Holy Spirit. May 10th, 1920