Life After Death

Babies and children in the spirit world

This section discusses the experiences of children after death - in heaven. First some good news. There is absolutely no truth in the dogma that we are born with original sin. That then means that baptism itself is not required to “save” a child, and indeed we find these ceremonies have no intrinsic spiritual value. You cannot be reborn of spirit simply by being baptised, and it has no impact on where we go after death. From our own mediums we have relatively little by way of communication on the fate of children, but other sources have bits and pieces that can be pulled together to form a coherent picture.

Firstly those that are tasked with guiding and parenting spirit children are superbly qualified for the job, trained in any areas needed, and absolutely love their job. If you have lost a child just imagine what a gift that is to some individual in spirit who quite possibly never had the opportunity to raise a child on Earth. It will help ease your pain a little realising your baby will indeed be bought up in an atmosphere of total love and support. Children are largely without sin. The younger they are, the more true this is. This means they go to a special place that is indeed a heaven, so that they can be educated and slowly grow into adults. As best I can tell, their growth rate is about the same that it would be here.

Now you may be thinking that you will never get to see your baby again, but that is not true. Once there is a love bond between mother (or father…) and child, it is never broken. You will spend time in the spirit world regularly with your child, the only sad thing is you almost certainly will not recall these events until you arrive permanently in spirit yourself. Also, this love bond will bring the child around you, with its guardian, and it will therefore experience your life as you live it. Some have even become guardians of their own parents. However you need to dismiss folks who tell you your child can reincarnate. This never happens, although it often appears to be the case. The subject of these past life memories has been intensively investigated by me over the last 16 years. If you want to know more, please consider reading my book: Is Reincarnation an Illusion?

In researching material for this page, I was led to an enormous resource (430 pages) that I had never heard of before. This is “Life and Labor in the Spirit World” which was received by M. T. Shelhamer and first published in 1885. It is curious that the English is not of the style that was common at that time, and it is very easy to read. I have created a pdf of the chapters concerning children. Many of these references talk about the “Sleep State” that we unknowingly experience, and how it enables us to keep in touch with loved ones who have passed into spirit. Further references on the sleep state can be found on this page. In spite of the length of the material in “Life and Labor in the Spirit World” it does not match the extract from “Life Beyond the Veil”, Volume 5 in terms of the details of the educational games that children play. 

Author Title Date of Message
Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser Extract from Spirit World and Spirit Life. 1922
Mary Theresa Shelhamer Chapters 17, 18 and 19 from “Life and Labor in the Spirit World” 1885
Rev. George Vale Owen Chapters 6 and 7 from “Life Beyond the Veil” Volume 5 1921
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