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The Incarnation of the Soul

This page assumes that you already know the difference between the soul and the mind, as a human has both. They are not the same. If you do not yet understand this, this page will help.

A summary of the content below follows. Souls in their pre-existence are pure and have no mind as we know it. The idea that they can participate in “planning” is a human concept. The soul is secure in its knowledge of the existence of God as also its soul mate, because souls are created in pairs.

Souls have NO GENDER. They don’t need gender as they will never procreate. They cannot, having been created by God as God alone is the creator of all souls. But each soul has a “starter pack” for its personality and gifts. Typically a more masculine personality does incarnate in a male foetus, and vice versa. But this does not always happen, and indeed souls have differing quantities of what we may call maleness and femaleness and thus in life we see both females and males whose maleness and femaleness vary. So it can happen - albeit rarely - that both soul mates incarnate into the same gender. This does not matter to the souls. And since we typically do not find out - in spirit - who our soul mate is until we reach the Fourth Heaven, by that time the mindal aspects of that spirit have changed sufficiently for this to not matter. The soul mate concept is purely for our eternal life.

At some point the first of the soul pair will decide to incarnate. This planet has its own store of souls, so those of us in that pre-incarnation sphere cannot choose another planet. Typically the remaining soul mate will incarnate fairly soon thereafter, often into a human circle that has some overlap with the other soul mate. But this is not a certainty, and we have heard of it happening 2000 years apart. From this it is very clear that it is not necessary for a soul mate to meet on Earth, the purpose of incarnating into roughly similar material circumstances is that it helps later if their life experiences were somewhat similar.

The soul can, and does, “inspect” the soul condition of its parents and choose those parents but has no interest and probably no ability to discern material circumstances. If this were not so, there would be an imbalance with souls either choosing or not choosing better material circumstances. The choosing of the parents is the result of the soul perceiving God’s Will for it because that soul has within it a purpose and a destiny to be fulfilled. Of course on this planet that rarely happens. Our very spiritually backward planet gets in the way.

The timing of the incarnation into the foetus varies. The soul has a one-time chance to pick a foetus that will survive to term, so it does test the foetus before making that critical decision. Hence the actual date can be from 3 months to 4 or even later, but is most often completed by the 4th month. The event is often signalled by what is called “the quickening.” A foetus that has no soul cannot pass into the Spirit World. That does not mean abortion can be “preferable” in that early period. It is a life-form and such decisions cannot be taken lightly.

The soul has a location within the physical body and spirit body, although it is non-material. It can however travel leaving the physical body behind, while the spirit body remains around the soul as the protection for the soul. The approximate location is behind the heart, and either slightly above or below in the solar plexus. However as you grow your soul it can enlarge such that it extends beyond the chest area. The soul has a close connection to the physical heart, and possibly has a connection to the heart chakra although that has not been confirmed by our sources.

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