Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Abortion.

30th June, 1985.

Received by Amada Reza.


During the trance message of June 30, 1985, several questions were asked of the Master about abortion. In part, this was his reply:


“My dear brother, I want you to consider one very important factor in considering any answer, and that is that the right and the wrong of another person’s actions, and how these are weighed with the justice and absolute fairness of the laws of the universe, that there is no man or woman who may assert what is right or wrong for anyone. There is a great temptation, when one asks such a question, to assume there is one answer. And I will ask you to consider that in the conception of a child by a man and a woman, regardless of circumstances, that there are laws at work on a higher plane than what man may understand. But when the soul does incarnate, which is a variable but is most certain to happen by the 5th month, the soul then takes its place among the many in the universe that are overseen by the caring and loving spirit of our Heavenly Father. In this, God places no favor in His consideration of mother or child. He loves them both; He loves them equally, and His Mercy is infinite. And He will forgive those who, through their acts, refuse to take responsibility for the actions and results of their actions. I ask you to consider these things. I ask you to appeal to those who come to you with this question. Please consider that Love, consider that Mercy, and with that love in your souls, answer those questions…Yes, encourage them to accept the reality of the laws; encourage them with your love to embrace the opportunities that these laws working bring them. But never once turn your back on them; never once give them the thought that God will…”


Jesus adds that we should encourage them to bring themselves in harmony with those laws to allow them to ally themselves with the powers of the universe, but to encourage this with love, not rejection or through threatening them that God will reject them should they choose abortion.