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The Great Experiment - how to physically experience God’s Love.

Have you got thirty minutes a day for the next three weeks? Is it worth about 10 hours work to demonstrate to you how to achieve at-onement with the Father? Is 10 hours much to ask to point you in the right direction? A direction that will serve you great happiness for all eternity! This is how to obtain “the peace that passeth all understanding.” Try the great experiment!

Three times a day, every day for the next three weeks, say the prayer as earnestly as you can. Focus on your soul crying out to the Father to send His Divine Love into your soul. The prayer is very beautiful, but it is the degree to which you can cry out from soul that will touch the Father. So you do not actually need any words at all, or simply make up your own prayer if you prefer. Many people have felt this love, but were not sure what caused it to happen. It happens because you really managed to send your love to God.

How will you know that something is happening? You will feel something come into you. For me this was very close to a pain in the middle of my chest. This has subsided in more recent times, to more of a warm feeling, but there are still times when I feel almost pain. Many others report a sensation of warmness, and a feeling of being held close. The explanation as to why I felt pain initially, was that my soul was unable to process the amount of Divine Love that came to it. On this web site, I explore many approaches to feeling bliss. It is probably best known as “the peace that knows no understanding”, and the sensation is just wonderful.

The Love of God cannot be defined, for it passes all understanding, but the result of that Love, when in the souls of men, can be seen and felt, in the exceeding beauty in the countenances of men, and in their wonderful happiness. From Ann Rollins.

Once you start to feel this, you have your answer. The Divine Love is there, all you have to do is keep on asking for more. How long? The rest of your mortal life, and all eternity when in spirit. That will get you to at-onement or through the Pearly Gates, and support you on every journey you take! But the benefits will flow into your life very rapidly, almost immediately. This Divine Love will truly change you forever. You will follow this path for all eternity.

Is this all? Yes and No. If you truly follow the spiritual path that will open up before you, you will live a good, loving and holy life. Sin will recede, and be something in the past. But you will have to keep up your prayers and keep your focus on the goal - the Celestial Heavens. However it will be relatively easy to do this, and the happiness and inner peace that you will experience on this earth life will also be great.

Please note that this experiment can be performed without any challenge to what you might currently believe. You do not even need to use the prayer suggested, but simply talk directly to the Creator, asking Him to send this gift. So even if you do not believe what we have to say on this web site, I implore you to try this experiment. Your life will change forever, I promise! What could be simpler?

Why does this work? Because the Divine Love is a real essence - the very essence of God. By giving us a little bit of Himself every time we ask, slowly, over the years, our souls will be altered from a mortal to an immortal soul. This is the real salvation.

Asking for Divine Love is going to be the most productive way of receiving this Love, but a recent message has indicated that a large number of people who do not understand this concept have still received the Divine Love, because God hears our soul aspirations, not the words our minds create.

A summary of the Divine Love and its effects is available in the form of a video show below:

You can also printout a copy of this presentation, if you would like to share it, or have it to hand. It is in the form of a pdf which is designed to be folded into a booklet: D.L. Booklet for printing

For just a simple sequential presentation, use this pdf instead:  Divine Love Booklet

And here is a recent message that explains extremely well the variation in how individuals may perceive this Divine Essence.

Author Title Date of Message
Seretta Kem Each Individual Experiences The Divine Love in a Unique Way March 30th, 2020