Messages 2001

Perfect Love = perfect results

July 15th, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Your Divine Love to come into my soul that I may be raised in my soul condition to make rapport with Your ministering angels. I want only the truth as You see appropriate to share with us to be what comes through this rapport. I want to do Your Will and I pray for faith in the Power of Your Love to help me accomplish this. I love You and I pray for protection from the lower spirits that may wish to do harm. Amen.


I am here, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother, John the Apostle of Jesus, and his true follower in the way to at-onement with the Soul of God. I am most pleased that you have given us this opportunity to write you in answer to your question of what percent of people who are not aware of the Divine Love actually receive It. At the heart of this, of course, is the question of what you may do to more effectively bring the truth to the world, and so I will answer in the best way that I can - as the Divine Love in my soul allows me to.

It is the truth that many souls who have no intellectual understanding of the way to receive Divine Love have received It. When I say “many,” and D__ asks “how many?” answer for him that it is more than he would think. Percentages of souls would be difficult to estimate because this number changes all the time, but I could safely say for D__’s benefit that not much less than half of these populations of non-Christians have actually received small portions of the Divine Love.

You may be surprised by this, because you are aware that once a soul has received a portion of the Divine Love, it will in the spirit life eventually seek to fulfill its longing, and if it is true that many will not seek the Way to at-onement with God, how can this be so? Well, I will say that in the great by-and-by, when the earth shall once again be the paradise that God intended it to be, and the souls of His children are once again in that state of purified natural love, the human soul will have less to “want” than it does at this time. Realize also that many more souls have yet to be born into their physical identity - a truth we are aware of here.

But what I wish to share more than “how many” souls receive the Divine Love is “how” souls receive the Divine Love. The soul is aware of its relationship to God. Prior to our birth, this real part of us is aware that we were created by a benevolent God, complete with those attributes that allow our perception of God. Upon incarnation into the material we then take on the characteristics of our earthly parents, not just in physical appearance, but in spiritual appearance as well. At that time we are “assigned” guardians whose purpose it is to guide our spiritual lives in a loving way, and I will say here that most every guardian is on the Celestial path. These may be relatives or not, but because they possess the Divine Love, they stand forth as the most qualified to lead a young soul to knowledge of the truth that God does exist and that He Loves.

In this relationship between the newly-born soul and guide, a bond is formed that is very difficult to break for it is integral to the still, small voice of the soul’s conscience, which amplifies the wisdom being shared by the guardian. It takes the free will of the mortal child to break this rapport and perhaps keep it severed through out its earth life.

Now, in the best case, the soul of the mortal has an angel on his or her shoulder, and their conscience can steer them in the good direction. What would happen, then, if the mortal confronts a difficult situation, where there is much disappointment and unhappiness? The soul would aspire in some way to be free of this negative situation, and the guardian spirit would be there to guide that aspiration to God. This works because, at this time, the earth life is not a predominantly happy one for most people; they are not content in their natural love, but rather suffer for the lack of it. In such times, the soul has only one way to turn, for it will not find solace in its natural condition.

Now I will address how you as mortals may be more instrumental in bringing the truth of the availability of God’s Divine Love to the awareness of your fellows on earth. The Divine Love is a force and influence that has no match in the world or in the spirit heavens; it is the most powerful influence due to its nature being of God. Through the human soul, the Divine Love, then, is a formidable presence, one that will bring into effect the highest laws working.

Do not underestimate the power of this Love to change your life. Recognize its presence as a thing of real existence that affects the material around you. On a purely practical level, you all can attest to the truth that you have much more harmony in your lives on a consistent basis than you did even a few years ago. What has changed? Not just the way you look at your world, but your very world, itself. If you can now extend the reality of this Love into your efforts, whatever they may be, you must know that the effect of this Love will be felt or perceived by others.

Anything done in love is perfect (enough). This is not a small statement of truth. Perfect love reaps perfect results. So, my dear brothers and sisters, however you say it, sing it, write it, build it, dream it - do so with love. You will not be disappointed. Follow your hearts and make the changes you want to - these are for the better because change is the Law, and so it must be to keep up with the needs of the many generations of children being born to a world that is different from the world of their parents.

Have faith in your goodness. Do not doubt the effectiveness of your love, in all its forms. You are being guided, of this you can be sure. I love you and express the love of the many Celestial friends who are ever protecting and watchful over you. We love you, and we are with you to bring in the new millennium.

John the Apostle and partaker of God’s Divine Love.