Contemporary Messages

Religious Spirit Figures

These are messages from spirits who were of a religious orientation when on Earth.

Author Title Date of Message
Pope Gregory Pope Gregory. November 7th, 1915
Ignatius Loyola Loyola is a follower of the Master and an inhabitant of the Father’s Kingdom. August 8th, 1915
St Sebastian St. Sebastian interested in the work of the Master through Mr. Padgett. July 22nd, 1915
Joseph (OT) St. Francis in the spirit world. December 29th, 2002
Francis of Assisi St Francis of Assisi on motives. January 6th, 2003
Martin Luther Martin Luther, one time monk and reformer. July 6th, 1915
Martin Luther Luther denies the vicarious atonement, etc. Bible full of contradictions and errors. September 5th, 1915
Martin Luther Luther - What man should believe in trying the spirits. October 19th, 1915
Martin Luther Luther sees the necessity of correcting many of the principles of belief of his followers. May 16th, 1916
Martin Luther Luther describes the relationship that existed in his day between the laymen and the church officials. May 23rd, 1916
Martin Luther Martin Luther, reformer, is very anxious that the Truths that he now knows be made known to his followers. May 29th, 1916
Martin Luther Martin Luther on religious ceremonies. June 29th, 1916
Martin Luther Martin Luther discusses the popes who persecuted him. August 28th, 1916
Martin Luther Luther denies the efficacy of the eucharist to save man. January 31st, 1917
St George St George of the Dragon - Confirms the Master communicating through Mr. Padgett. July 22nd, 1915
St Clement St. Clement the Pope February 15th, 1916
St Celesia St Celesia the martyr. August 8th, 1915
St Salatia Saint Salatia is now in the Celestial Heavens and a follower of Jesus, but began in the spirit world in darkness and suffering because of a false love as a teacher. August 31st, 1915
Swedenborg A sub-menu on Swedenborg  
John Wesley John Wesley: The condition of man is such that it is of the utmost importance for them to learn the Truths. November 15th, 1918
John Wesley Great love of Jesus for Mr. Padgett. John Wesley said the glory and power was so wonderful they knelt in awe. December 14th, 1915.
John Wesley Confirmation by John Wesley. July 17th, 1915.
Chauncey Giles Chauncey Giles changes his belief about Jesus being God. February 28th, 1917
John Bunyan John Bunyan, the writer of Pilgrims Progress, now a Celestial Spirit, and a follower of Jesus. September 13th, 1915
Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson does not believe in the Divine Love; his home is in the Sixth Sphere.  
Mrs Mary Baker Eddy Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy’s testimony. December 17th, 1916
Mrs Mary Baker Eddy Mrs. Eddy did not know the truth that has been revealed in the messages that Padgett has received. June 13th, 1918.
St Augustine St. Augustine says that many of the teachings of the Bible cannot be relied upon. August 7th, 1915
John Calvin John Calvin interested in the work and the means whereby all men may receive the Divine Love. June 20th, 1916
Henry Ward Beecher Immortality. July 6th, 1915.
W____ Help given to a dark spirit who was once a pastor.  
Robert Colyer Robert Colyer the preacher gives his beliefs; denies the trinity. August 5th, 1915
Alexander Campbell Alexander Campbell did not understand the plan of man’s salvation when on earth. October 28th, 1915
Pastor Russell Preacher Pastor Russell finds that the teachings of a lifetime were false. July 31st, 1918
Pastor Russell Pastor Russell writes about his passing into the spirit world. November 6th, 1916
Bishop John Newman Methodist minister would like to tell his people on earth what he has learned to be the Truth about the soul. December 9th, 1915
George Whitefield Changed his erroneous beliefs that he taught on earth and is now in the Celestial Heavens. August 8th, 1915
George Whitefield The great world teacher will be the Master again come to earth in the form of his Divine Revelations. October 11th, 1917
Stainton Moses Stainton Moses, the medium whose book Mr. Padgett was reading, explains why his book “Spirit Teachings” did not contain the Truth of the “New Birth” as taught by Jesus. September 14th, 1918
Buddha The Buddha is very happy. November 7, 2005
Henry James Sr. Henry James Sr. experiences the New Birth. June 15th, 2006
Pelagius Pelagius is vindicated. August 24th, 2006
Anne Hutchinson A courageous American Colonial dissenter says peace will come. August 30th, 2006
Malcolm X Malcolm X loves all humanity. September 13th, 2006
Malcolm X Malcolm X’s regrets. November 18th, 2006
William Bradford Thoughts of a Pilgrim Leader. December 14th, 2006
John Paul II A pope calls for peace. January 1st, 2007
John Paul II God’s Love and the Pope. January 1st, 2007
Martin Luther King jr The Promised Land. January 12th, 2007
Jacobus Arminius A Dutch theologian finds the truth. March 21st, 2007
Jesus Meher Baba. July 7th, 2007
Charles Grandison Finney Predestination Untrue. January 13th, 2008
Martin Luther King Dr King reaffirms non-violence. January 20th, 2008
Oscar Romero Fighting for Justice. March 13th, 2008
Roger Williams A Colonial Dissenter. March 23/24th 2008
Cotton Mather Conscience in the Salem Witch Trials. March 24th 2008
Pope John XXIII A Beloved Pope Is Humble. May 11th, 2008
Pope John XXIII Confirmation by a Pope. May 20th, 2008
Francis of Assisi Francis of Assisi’s Soul Condition. July 30th, 2008
Thomas Aquinas Only the Truth Will Save Us. September 18th, 2008
Jonathan Edwards Experiences of a Colonial American Theologian. January 8th, 2009
Elizabeth Ashbridge Quakers. January 8th, 2009
Erasmus Erasmus and the Reformation. February 17th, 2009
Jerry Falwell A Minister’s Sorrow. April 5th, 2009
Ambrose A Church Father’s Truth. May 25th, 2009
John Chrysostom A Church Father’s Happiness May 25th, 2009
Pope Urban II The Experiences of Pope Urban II. August 17th, 2010
Pope Urban II The Experiences of Pope Urban II - (2). August 18th, 2010
Saladin A Muslim Leader’s Experiences. August 18th, 2010
the Baal Shem Tov Life Is Simple. October 28th, 2010
William Tyndale The Grace of Faith. January 28th, 2011
Oscar Romero Comfort from a Martyr to Truth. March 29th, 2013
Charles T. Russell Regarding the Jehovah’s Witnesses. August 2nd, 2013
Paramahansa Yogananda Controlling Your Emotions. November 15th, 2013
Pope Pius XII A Pope’s Mistake. January 26th, 2014
Sri Yukteswar Hindu guru speaks of the Love Divine. January 30th, 2014
Paramahansa Yogananda Are you willing to shine your light in times of darkness? September 6th, 2014
Joseph Smith The imaginings and ideas of men create falsehoods and misinterpretations 15th June, 2015
St. Francis How I became a Channel of God’s Love in the World January 28th, 2016
Mahatma Gandhi Talk on Compassion and Service 5th April, 2016
Paramahansa Yogananda Accept the Diversity that God Created May 13th, 2017
Yogananda Being A Channel of God’s Love November 21st, 2018
Yogananda Yogananda describes his journey through the Spheres November 22nd, 2018
Yogananda Pathways of Consciousness November 22nd, 2018
Paramahansa Yogananda Reincarnation and the Perception of It Proliferated by Many Yogis and Gurus Of The East January 31st, 2019
Osho Bhagwan God’s Love is the True Way to Liberation February 12th, 2019