Messages 2009

Elizabeth Ashbridge - a Colonial American Quaker.

January 8th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Elizabeth Ashbridge [a Colonial American Quaker].

My Quaker beliefs served me well. Quakers generally don’t go through the severe crisis that greets orthodox Christians on this side, and that is because their beliefs are closer to the truth.


Elizabeth Ashbridge (1713–1755) was an 18th century Quaker minister born in Cheshire, England. Elizabeth was born in 1713 in the town of Middlewich in Cheshire, England to Thomas and Mary Sampson. Thomas was a surgeon on sea vessels and Mary was a pious follower of the Church of England. Mary was widowed in a previous marriage, and Elizabeth had a step brother and step sister as a result.

When Elizabeth turned 14, she married a miserly stocking weaver several years her elder without parental consent. She left with him only to become a widow herself five months later. This marriage drove a wedge between herself and her father, who refused to accept her back in her childhood home. So Elizabeth was sent to Dublin, Ireland, where she lived for the next five years with some Quaker relatives of her mother. Her subsequent journey to America was full of adventure. (Source: Wikipedia)