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Soul Mates

Dr Samuels has this to say:

“Human souls created by the Father, according to the messages, are duplex: They are male and female in composition, and, at the time of incarnation, divide into their two component parts. Each thereafter in the flesh is a complete soul as to itself. The soulmates may or may not meet and marry in the flesh, depending upon various conditions and circumstances which prevail at the time of their marriage; but such marriage is in no way a guarantee of happiness, for the different education, religious beliefs, family traditions, upbringing and other circumstances of each may often hinder rather than aid in their marital relations. On the other hand, souls which are not mates have a better chance of marital harmony if their marriage is based on similar interests, upbringing, education and general social condition on the plane of the material world. Soulmates, after death, eventually meet and stay together in real soulmate love, though not before a period of purification, and in accordance with their condition of soul.”

One issue is not addressed clearly. This is the issue of how much time may elapse between incarnations of soulmates. Is it hours, days, years or centuries? From known examples it seems in many cases it is within a few years, but a recent comment indicates it can be 2000 years!

In 2001 we have received further clarification about the issue of Celestial soul mates. It appears that Dr Stone and James Padgett did not receive an entirely accurate concept, and that the angels were unwilling to correct them, as they did not view this as material. Indeed in the latest message we are told that the whole issue of soulmates is less important than many other issues.

In 2008 we have received the information that Mary Magdalene is not Jesus’ soulmate, although this information is contained in earlier messages, and has been commonly believed in Divine Love circles for many years.

In 2012 we were very surprised to be told by a researcher that at the time of her death, Helen was separated from James Padgett. The exact nature of this is not yet certain, but there is a public notice of a separation occurring in September 1910 and a notice of divorce in October 10th, 1913. And in 2013 we have found a previously unpublished message from Helen where she talks about this. This information should illustrate vividly that soul mates may not get on while on earth. In fact its not even important that they meet, as so many people seem to obsess about.

Author Title Date of Message
Ann Rollins The relationship of soulmate love and love of God December 12th, 1914
Professor Joseph Salyards Prof. Salyards has progressed to the Third Sphere and has located his soulmate December 28th, 1914
Helen Padgett Helen Padgett advises that she has special skills in finding soulmates, and that James Padgett is her soulmate December 29th, 1914
John Padgett Mr. Padgett’s father tells of soulmate records. December 31st, 1914
Helen Padgett and Rose Helen writes about the true Love of the Father and introduces Judge Syrick’s Soulmate; Rose wrote to him for the first time while he is still on earth. January 9th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen describes an incident in her work of finding the soulmates of spirits. January 27th, 1915
Jesus Jesus explains natural love, divine love and soulmate love. March 4th, 1915
Professor Joseph Salyards Laws of the spirit world continued. May 3rd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the love-making scene between the Doctor and his soulmate, Mary October 8th, 1915
Caligula Caligula, a Roman Emperor and murderer of Christians, finds his soulmate. October 11th, 1915
Luke Incarnation of the soul - how soulmates come about. January 13th, 1916
Samuel Incarnation of the Soul. January 17th, 1916
John John explains the soulmate separations in the event that both do not obtain the Divine Love of the Father. May 26th, 1916
Mary Kennedy Mary says that her soulmate love for Leslie is like a consuming flame. December 13th, 1916
Nero Tells of his experience in the hells and his soulmate’s help. January 16th, 1917
George E. Luckett A confirmed bachelor decides he will try to get into the proper condition that will enable him to meet his soulmate. January 19th, 1917
Helen Padgett Helen explains Divine Love, natural love, soulmate love and other loves November 26th, 1918
Jesus Incarnate soul, by Jesus February 15th, 1920.
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy Helen and Mary write of their love for their soulmates on earth. February 16th, 1920
Mary Kennedy Mary says that we spirit soulmates do not make other engagements when we can be with our soulmates on earth. date not known
Judas Homosexuality and soul mates. August 30th, 2001
Judas Soulmates. September 24th, 2001
Judas Justified Violence and Soulmates. October 6th, 2001
Jesus Jesus on soulmates. October 11th, 2001
Elias The True Soulmate of Jesus February 11th, 2008
Jesus Jesus Incarnated as a Complete Soul and Has No Other Half or Soulmate January 27th, 2019
Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene is not Jesus’ Soulmate January 29th, 2019